Global CE 5 March 5 -2011- Winfield BC Canada

Hi Corina:
Kosta usually requests a report of the results for the Global CE 5 …. I have written an example.  Let me know if you approve of the report and feel free to change anything.  I have used your initials C.S., feel free to change this as well.
On the previous Sunday afternoon, I met with my friend, C.S, to discuss ET contact issues and show her the magnetometer app on my new Android phone, after about an hour it became clear that we had both gotten ‘messages’ to do the protocols that very afternoon, and so we went to our contact site.  When C.S. felt the presence of ETs, the magnetometer pulsed perceptibly, the horses in the field across from us suddenly became agitated, running to another area of the field. In addition, a coyote gave up tracking some deer and ran out of the field. C.S. had just asked the ETs for a ‘sign’, asking them to “make the horses move when the ET craft arrived”.
We were inside the car because it was cold outside, at one point C.S opened the door and detected the smell of an unusual floral fragrance (it is still winter here in Canada, so no natural source of flower smell at this time of year).  After about, 1.5 hours, C.S. saw the outline of two ET beings walk directly in front of our car (about 12 inches from the car).  During this time, I mostly felt a loving connection to the ETs, accompanied by some energetic effects (i.e. my body temperature rose) as if I was receiving a ‘download’.  Eventually we got the sense that the encounter had concluded and so we left.  As I was driving away I began discussing the Global CE 5 event, and at the same time C.S. got a high pitched ringing sound in her ear.  She said this was confirmation that we were supposed to follow up on the Global CE 5 event. We agreed to do this on Friday March 4, because this date fit our schedules.
On Friday March 4th, we arrived at the contact site around 7:30 pm, and observed that the magnetometer was pulsing.  We both had a sense that the ETs had already arrived.  This contact site is on a country road which is on a hill above the lake.  Only three other vehicles were observed on the road during the time we were there.  In addition, three commercial jet aircraft flew at low altitude directly above us.  These would have been the only sources of moving-light in our field of view.  Throughout the encounter, C.S. observed scintillating pinpoints of light in the field on the right side of the car.  I saw a few pinpoints of light on one occasion in the same field.  About 30 minutes after we arrived, C.S. observed an orange light that pulsed horizontally, 75 feet in front of the car about 15 feet up in the air.  About one hour later I saw light reflect off a golden metal surface in the same area (about 1 foot in height, and 2-3 feet across).  There was no conventional source of moving-light at that point because a low hanging cloud had fogged us in, and sleet/snow was falling.  Again, I mostly felt a loving connection with the ETs throughout the event.  I found this easy to achieve when listening to Dr. Greer’s meditation CD.  Due to concern over driving conditions we left around 9:30 pm.
Deb warren

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