John Warner IV: The real deal on Chris Mellon and UFO disclosure from US Govt

Finally something worth publishing … sorry for the long delay in posting. This is the first meaningful development in the last two years. Thank you Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist.

GREAT interview with John Warner IV … he really dials in what the govt. disclosure will be, “We will tell them something but be as close to nothing as we get.” John Warner the IV is son of the late Senator John Warner and is the cousin of Chris Mellon. JW4 says Chris Mellon is still with the Pentagon. JW4 has tried to speak with with his cousin about being completely transparent, and CM refused — CM was going to stay with his govt. role, and continue to serve the National Security State. I believe I have heard Steven Greer speaking of his conversations with JW4 as well.

Dark Journalist: Truth UFO Disclosure & Mellon Family Secrets! Exclusive Interview John W. Warner IV ( May 28, 2021)

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is absolutely the best perspective on what to think about the upcoming disclosure from the US govt. They will tell as little as possible. The details will only be released over the next 50 years. Both Chris Mellow and Luiz Elizondo are following a scripted template that conforms to the govt. agenda … they BOTH still work for the US govt.


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