The CSETI Experience: ET Contact Tour 2013 … A birds-eye view from 30,000 feet

For the past year, I have been planning to do the ET Contact Tour through BC and Alberta scheduled for the months of May to August.  Here is the tally of locations and attendance (some locations had more than one event):  Naramata-in the spring (50), Lumby (3) (5), Lavington (5), 100Mile House (13) (7), Aldergrove (10), Sedona, AZ (3) (7) (3), Mara (4), Johnson’s Landing (4), West Vancouver (4), Edmonton (10), Calgary (4) (10), Osoyoos (6), Winfield (2) (2), White Lake Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory (2), Vernon (4) (13), Maple Ridge (17), Sydney (13), East Vancouver ( 5 ), Oyama (5), Naramata-in the fall (40 expected).

I, at least, am surprised by the numbers.  I am further surprised that requests came from as far away as Winnipeg (in the Province of Manitoba 1900 km away), maybe next year I will be willing to travel 2000 km to the East.  The provinces of British Columbia and Alberta represent 1% of the Earth’s land surface.  If I as one person can provide effective CSETI coverage of such an area, then the 6000 members of should easily be able to extend their reach to the remaining population areas of the planet (btw I have even done one contact event by Skype for a group that was 1500 km away (in November  2012), I strongly recommend that everyone try this at least once).

I spent $3000 advertising the tour in Issues Magazine (circ. 30,000) and Common Ground (circ. 75,000).  Furthermore, I was willing to travel anywhere in British Columbia and Alberta, providing The CSETI Experience free of charge to groups with as few as 2 or 3 people.  I persist in thinking of this as ‘my service to humanity’ but in reality enlightened self interest may have been involved.  I would prefer to have the experience locally, rather than driving 1 – 3 days to other lcoales.  I have attended 10 Steven Greer trainings, and usually take about 3 trips to James Gilliland’s ECETI ranch each summer – and so rather than spending the money abroad I thought it more fruitful to try to dial-up the local experience.  By the end of September 2013, I will have presented to about 200 people, each experiencing their first skywatch, or as Steven Greer likes to call it —  ‘field’ experience.   Since starting in March 2010, this brings my total to 800 people attending presentations, with first skywatch attendance at 650 people.

I could have given $7000 to Greer’s SIRIUS venture — I chose not to.  In addition to the advertising money, I spent about $4000 on travel expenses.  For what it’s worth, I think we will not get “free energy” technology until humanity first develops the spiritual maturity to handle it.  Therefore our major challenge is about developing consciousness rather than developing more consumer choices with regards to energy consumption.  Greer is trying to raise $6 to $10 million to lure scientists/engineers/technologists away from their regular jobs to develop free energy, devices that he plans to then give away to the citizens of the world (assuming that as soon as the Chinese get one, they will reverse engineer the technology and produce the devices more cheaply than anyone else).   I am satisfied that my money was better spent on improving consciousness.

When I received a request for an event, I asked if the person was willing to volunteer to be a host.  If so, then he/she had to arrange the logistics of time, location and who to invite.  I recommended that they focus on people they knew, to ensure the ‘coherency’ of the group.  When the coherency was high – i.e. the people knew each other, they meditated together, they knew what the terms “chakra” and  ‘merkabah’ meant and were perhaps willing to chant the CSETI mantra, “I’m na ma” – then contacting extra-terrestrials was a rich and varied experience, with two or more people observing the same objective phenomena throughout the entire two hours of the ‘field’ exercise.  If the coherency was low, as when the host was a dynamic, charismatic person who invited all their friends, but most of these friends had never meditated, did not know the meaning of “chakra” or “false flag” operation, and their only real exposure to the ET question was the odd movie or episode of “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel, then The CSETI Experience was mostly about fending off hapless mosquitoes, with each meditation followed by silence when everyone was asked, “Is there anything you would like to share?”  I am happy to serve both groups (and everyone in between).  Ultimately, I have faith, that it is completely necessary to respond to all requests from people who desire ET contact.  In addition, I received about 20 requests from individuals who wanted to attend but were too reticent to host an event — these people were referred to the community map on, and directed to find members in their region.  Although there was one event in Vancouver at the end of August that was open to all.  I believe a number of these individuals managed to contact Terry Tibando in Vancouver and join his group.

The quality of the experience was highly variable.  Here were the main highlights for me:

Sedona, AZ – June 26, 2013

I was in Sedona, Arizona attending a Sacred Journey workshop offered by Dr. Sharon Forrest during the last week of June.  Myself and two others did the Quick and Dirty meditation at the end of a long day with the intention of contacting ETs.  One woman had a continuation of a healing that had begun the night before.  The healing started with the pressure of two hands pressing down on her shoulders.  She was being rocked back and forth visibly as her spine was being worked on.  In her mind’s eye, she could see the ET working on her, the same that had appeared the night before.   A sac drooped off the back of the head of the ET, like an appendage (like a sleeping in a night cap?).   The other woman came out of the meditation and for the first time in her life saw a large orb with the naked eye.  It persisted in her view for many minutes.  About the size of a melon, the orb was associated with the left side of my jaw.  When she channeled a message from the orb, she repeated these words, “We want to connect with her [meaning me].”   She turned to look at the woman receiving a healing, and saw (again for the first time in her life), a large rectangle, floating in mid-air behind the woman’s back.  Then she turned to look at a vacant area of the porch where she saw a large portal doorway.  She took a few steps inside but decided she was not ready to go further.  We ended the contact and went to sleep.  In her sleep-time, she was able to explore the portal enter the labyrinth behind it.

West Vancouver – July 11, 2013 (see attached photos of balanced Tibetan dorje)

During the presentation, I played the radar detector signals from the Joshua Tree 2008 CSETI Training.  The three young women all acknowledged they received an activation of their subtle energies just from listening to the recording.  I then stated that my radar detector had never sounded off unless Dr. Greer was present.  In unison, all three women said, “Well it’s going off tonight.”  I was doubtful even though the three young women were VERY plugged-in to ET consciousness (all three have had a variety of experiences including having completed a 2 week Vipassana silent meditation retreat, mantra toning, using the merkaba, etc.)  I also demonstrated the use of my Tibetan dorje, bell and the pink quartz crystal globe.  I do not usually have time to do this with beginners but these three women had a lot of previous experience with these items.  The hostess indicated the location of her dorje stored in the hallway.

Later, on the beach in West Vancouver, in preparation for the second meditation I was demonstrating the mantra while drawing the merkabah. I was using my forefinger to draw the merkabah in concert with saying the mantra, just as Dr. Greer does the same… two of the women were able to see the form drawn, suspended in the middle of the air and this (transdimensional?) image persisted for several minutes. Another first for me (and for the three women as well).  It was a portent of what happened next.

My radar detector went off for a full 2 minutes…like an insistent phone ringing… significantly the sound happened at the start of the second mediation, just when we had finished chanting the CSETI mantra, just finished creating the merkabah (formed in our mind’s eye into a golden ET ship that surrounded us).  We were about to ‘hyper-jump’ to the ET space station in orbit around Saturn.  After the inistal excitement, I was confused.  I asked, “Are we supposed to stop the med and listen to the device, as soon as I had this thought the device signal stopped, and so I continued with the med. I have used this detector in the middle of every group since 2010.  This is the ONLY time the radar detector has ever given an anomalous signal when Dr. Greer was not present.

Usually I am too blasé about ET contact, I just fail to get excited.  But finally, I too was totally excited while the detector went off. I kept shouting, “This is AWESOME!!!”  In fact, we were all shouting.   The municipal staircase down the bluff had been closed for repairs but we snuck down anyway, hoping that there would be no one at the bottom.  Our group was alone on the beach just below multi-million dollar waterfront homes perched on the bluffs above us.  I was surprised that the neighbors didn’t call the cops in response to all our excited yelling.  In any case, being so far away from the road, it is extremely unlikely there was a conventional source of radar waves or police speed gun lasers (fyi, my radar detector is a battery operated Escort S2, set to pick four different kinds of signals).

The three women also had BIG first-time experiences during this same meditation.  The hostess was still recovering five days later.  On the ET space station in orbit around Saturn, she saw the big, very-buff lion-beings (8 ft tall) on the hangar deck.  She saw energy extend from her heart, and at the same time it was coming from the lion-being.  The energy met in the middle and co-mingled.  She called five days later to debrief further… I told her about the Arcturan lion-beings protecting Dr. Greer (and subsequently photographed by Emery Smith).  One of the other women saw for the first time, a large trans-dimensional lattice work structure descend near us, and the third woman encountered Enki (and Enlil?)   at the space station, she was so overcome she was crying and sobbing convulsively during the med and when she returned, she shivered uncontrollably from a feeling of cold (a hypothermic reaction ?…. from direct contact with trans-dimensional technology as Dr. Greer has suggested?).  I had to wrap her up in blankets, an Alpaca wool toque, even though it was the middle of summer here (air temperature at 25°C / 70°F), she warmed up eventually, and was ecstatic about the experience.

First time a group of beginners were out so late, until midnight.  They easily could have stayed another two hours but I had to be up early in the morning.  We arrived back at the car and the time was 12:12  A Global Unity Moment? … so cool!

The women got together on the following weekend and discovered they all had heightened senses.  The hostess actually had her own dorje (i.e. ), and the other spontaneously suggested that they try balancing it on a rock, something they had never tried before.  Within about 30 seconds they succeeded, having never done anything like this previously.  Furthermore, when the hostess looked at her dorje she could see energy forms around it as if it was “self centering”?  They took pictures of the balanced dorje, and sent them to me (see attached photos).

WestVan_BalancedDorje_2_July11_2013     WestVan_BalanceDorje_1_July11_2013

Unfortunately, my radar detector got rained on in Calgary on August 5th.  It worked sporadically afterward and then died.  I will have to get the newer S3 model now.  But it did signal one more time, at the Osoyoos event on Aug 8th, again with another woman who was very connected to ET consciousness.  It happened briefly while she was having a particularly intense emotional connection with an ET, and was feeling an energy compression of the right side of her head and body.  The sound may have stopped because she was becoming overwhelmed by the experience.  When I turned the radar detector off, I was never able to turn it on again.

Calgary – August 5, 2013 at approximately 9:15 pm

Bobbing red-green-purple light 30 degrees in the sky then it careens in the neighborhoods below Nosehill Park

One woman, R, who was present during the presentation stated that in the 1970s, she was taken on an ET craft and journeyed to Venus.  She had not had much involvement with ETs after that, but was surprised to hear that after my presentation we were going outside to Nosehill Park to do a skywatch and invite the ETs to come in and interact with us.  She was delighted with the prospect of doing this, not knowing that it was even possible to do this.  On one of the summits of Nosehill Park, I led my Quick and Dirty meditation (about 15 minutes) travel up off the planet in our light bodies, directly above our location on Earth, feel the love we have for the Earth, then allow ourselves to feel the love ETs have for Earth, then watch the ET s ships pop into view, ask to be invited on board, wait for the invitation, accept the invitation then interact with the beings on the ship and invite them back to our location on the surface of the Earth, then return our light bodies to our physical bodies.  When R opened her eyes, immediately in front of her, in the direction of the Calgary airport, about 30 degrees above the horizon she saw a large light that was changing colors continuously– from red, to green and then purple then back again to green.  She watched it for about 15-20 seconds, then brought it to our attention (the three other people in the group) … then all four of us observed the following for about 2 minutes.  The light began to bob up and down in an unusual manner, as if to say “Here I am.  Now watch me.”  At first I thought it could be some kind of night-kite that held colored lights that changed continually, but the magnitude of the bobbing was too great even for a kite.  And we had not observed any kite flying as we approached the park.  Then this light went careening down, flying among the trees and above the rooftops of the neighbourhoods below the park – the speed and distance with which it travelled was also too great for a kite.  It zipped back in forth in several directions, even though there was a steady breeze.  We all watched it for the entire 2 minutes, losing sight of it at times and then re-sighting it.  This happened right at the beginning of the skywatch and was the most anomalous thing that happened.  We just kept welcoming the light to approach us again but it did not.  Later, one other person in the group took my night vision binoculars with the infra-red beam turned on (the beam goes out 1500 feet) and while watching bats in the field sited a large round orb moving through the field.  Everyone was happy to have seen the bobbing light, and it was my first experience of seeing something like this.  I felt that it was primarily meant for the woman, R, and the ET craft was from the same beings she met in the 1970s.  They were inviting her to re-connect with him.  She seemed excited at the prospect.

Osoyoos – Aug 8, 2013

The hostess and her husband talk to each other the day after

During the event, the hostess felt a slight pressure in the crook of her hand between the thumb and the pointing finger (i.e index finger).  She assumed it was a mosquito, except that the sensation was there for a long time and yet the bug did not bite her.  She did not mention any of this during the event.  The next day she was speaking with her husband, asking what he thought of the event.  He mentioned that he was puzzled by a pressure that he felt on his hand, in the crook between the thumb and the index finer.  They both recognized that an ET had touched them in the same manner.  They wondered aloud why the ETs had not done more to make their presence known, and then they answered their own question.  “Because we would have been scared shit-less if they had done more.”  They both laughed at their awareness of how frightened they would have been.

Maple Ridge – Aug 14, 2013

ET beings located around and inside the group, continuously verified by 2 or 3 people for two hours, via their “siddhi” abilities of celestial vision.

The hostess had arranged an event for 17 people and could have had 30 people attending.  She has been hosting a meditation/discussion group for many years, and all the people who came to this event knew her quite well as well as most of the other people attending.  Everyone was experienced at meditations, and they were familiar with the term “chakra”.  Most were also aware of the term, “merkabah”.  I was advised that a young man, J, would be attending and that he had recently experienced a “kundalini awakening”.  In addition, there were two other young men, N and P who were able to to see energies. About half of the group reported having some kind of UFO experience previously.

We went out to the deck for the field experience at 9 pm.  It was drizzling rain, but at 8:45 pm we had asked the ETs to stop the rain.  Beforehand people were busy turning lights off in the house and when the last person came out, sat down, it stopped raining completely.  Almost immediately the three young men (sitting at different locations in the group circle) reported a variety of ET beings and ET craft in very close quarters.  Their reports given throughout the evening included:

  • Small ET beings (12 inches tall) walking along the roof of the house, their ship stationary over the roof
  • A 4 foot being in the middle of our circle.
  • J reported a 13 foot being standing behind the hostess.  N reported that he had connection to this being.
  • P reported multiple sightings of several ET ships stationary in the sky near us, golden disc shapes, some in a static position at 45 degree angles.  Some as close as 50 feet away in front of nearby trees.
  • J reported “inner knowingness” of a large ship that landed in a field on the other side of the cedar hedge surrounding us.  He then heard the footsteps of the beings as they walked around the hedge, and into a position about 10 feet away where they could observe our group.  He ‘saw’ six of them observing our group.
  • J asked one woman if she felt pressure on one of her knees.  “Why yes,” she responded, somewhat surprised.  J then said he could see a small ET sitting on her knee.  I asked her, “Which knee?”  “The left knee, ” she said.  J confirmed that as the location of the ET sitting on her knee.  As she was speaking I saw a faint golden light exit from her throat chakra or thymus chakra (i.e. high heart chakra), and i told the group that I had seen this light.  The hostess responded immediately that she had seen a green light existing the woman’s throat chakra and asked me if I had seen the color green, I told her the light appeared a faint golden white light to me, not the color green.

The reports continued on like this for the entire two hours.  In the beginning, a First Nations woman (i.e. Native American), M, offered to sing a song of gratitude.  She did so … it was a beautiful, gentle and sweet song in her native language.  M told us about her participation in a star being contact event hosted in the Province of Ontario, where she was charged with holding the door flap open, while an ET being approached very close to her — this event was held in a First Nation community.

I managed to do the Quick and Dirty meditation, in an effort to create coherency in the group, even though ET beings were detected in close quarters.  At the end of the evening, as I was packing my stuff into the RV, it started to rain.  The rain had stopped for the entire period of our event.

East Vancouver – Aug 17, 2013

ET merged with Deb, Diane sits in chair, she merges with same ET, and receives a healing

Including me, there were five us meeting inside the office of a medical marijuana dispensary in East Vancouver.  Our hostess was one of the operators of the dispensary.  During the presentation, I was demonstrating the electro-magnetic signal detection of the Tri-field meter.  I got a signal from my own top two charkras but when I moved from the chair there was no signal at these chakras.  I then held the meter at the chakra positions of the empty chair.  Again it signaled at the chakra positions where no one was sitting.

The hostess was willing to make this an “open” event and invite everyone to attend, and so I had invited Diane to come.  I had met Diane the previous Thursday night at an “healing” event hosted by naturopath Dr. Sharon Forrest ND Ph.D, CCht .  Diane was intrigued by comments about ETs made by myself and Dr. Sharon, and so I invited Diane to this event in East Vancouver.  Diane has had a life-long ability to see energies.  In fact her abilities seem to be on par with Dr. Greer’s.   I asked her to sit in my ’empty’ chair.  She did so and was immediately able to ‘see’ (via her celestial vision) a four foot tall, thin-limbed being, sitting there, merged with her and laughing at her.  The skin of the being was brown, the color of mud.  She then reported that she had sciatica in her left leg, had been feeling some pain and asked if the being was capable of doing healing.  I reported that this often happened.  She reported that the being seemed to be performing a healing about ten minutes later she stood up and reported that the sciatica pain was gone.  After my usual Quick and Dirty first meditation we did the debriefing.  Diane was last to report, and had the most significant visualizations.  The Trifield meter had been silent during the reports from the other people, but it began signalling as soon as Diane started speaking.  Then it would go silent when others spoke, then it would start up again when she started to speak.  This is the first time I have observed this behaviour where the signal was solely associated with one person speaking.

A signal from the Trifield meter also happened to my empty chair at the Crestone, Colorado (2011).  I told Dr. Greer that people needed to take turns sitting in the chair and merging with the ET being that was there.  He stated that this was not possible, as there was not enough time for everyone to do this.  During the break however, others were using their meters and still getting a reading from the ‘heart chakra’ position of the empty chair, and then I invited Doug Parker (from New Zealand) to sit in the chair, and he reported that it was one of the more powerful experiences he has had on a CSETI training, lots of energy going through him (read Doug’s report).

The mud-brown color of the being ‘seen’ by Diane is also interesting.  During the Global CE5 on Aug 10th, Lois had invited her psychic/medium mentor, Claudette, to attend our event.  After the Quick and Dirty meditation, Claudette reported a brown ET walking up the embankment toward me, then standing behind me.  The being was definitely associated with me for some reason.


Much gratitude to everyone who participated in these events.  I will contact you all next year in May 2014, and begin planning for the next ET Contact Tour.  In the meantime, have fun everyone!

Cheers, Deb Warren (Aug 2013)


2 comments on “The CSETI Experience: ET Contact Tour 2013 … A birds-eye view from 30,000 feet

  1. robert says:

    I’m extremely interested in your works. I’ve had my own personal experiences that I cannot explain. If I could share my view with someone who would understand if appreciate it.

  2. robert says:

    I’m an Alberta resident, Calgary to be specific. I’ve come across startling experiences that have made me wonder, wonder why these strange phenomenon I call keep happening to me. I can’t explain but I know now that I’m not alone. We’re not alone.

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