Forum Borealis – critique of Cory Goode & Blue Avian marketing campaign

In May 2017, Dr. Steven Greer presented at Contact in the Desert conference, and told audience they had to make “The Choice” … future peaceful contact with ETs, or the current war-machine marketing campaign being promoted by Cory Goode, William Tompkins and David Wilcock, along with their occult sponsor Roger Ramsaur.   Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt was interviewed on Forum Borealis … he delivered another far-ranging critique of Goode’s “Blue Avian / time traveler” story.  Here is the link to that critique:

I highly recommend you access the other critiques from Dark Journalist as well:


Plus three Bill Ryan interviews [the founder of Project Avalon, the alternative forum he founded when he split from Ms. Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot]:


On a side note, I need to post this link to an FB YouTube and so am including the content here.  “Al the pal” at Forum Borealis interviewed Joseph P. Farrell on education issues here:

and mentioned the article below from Gnosis magazine (published in 1986) … no other way to post it on FB YouTube other than by listing here:

Priests Professors & Gurus by Joscelyn Godwin – Gnosis 1986 . pdf

Priests Professors & Gurus by Joscelyn Godwin – Gnosis 1986




Secret Space Program Conference: Amsterdam 2011

Just found these three YouTube recordings on Secret Space Program in 2011 in Amsterdam.  I very much enjoyed the content from the same conference in 2014 & 2015 and can highly recommend them both:

Here is Richard Dolan in 2011 showing the monolith on Phobos, a moon of Mars .. a moon by the way that is estimated to be an artificial body:

Mars Phobos Monolith

Peter Levenda content: Nazi’s, Kennedy assassination, NASA, CIA, UFOs and in 1952, rich Americans channeling ET group “The Nine” … I have just finished a bunch of books from Peter Levenda.  Turns out Levenda spoke at the Secret Space Program in Amsterdam in 2011.  This YouTube is a pretty good summary of his info:

P.S. Much of the info for Star Trek… was a result of Gene Roddenberry accessing info from “The Nine”

Levenda The Nine

Richard Hoagland (radio interview promoting SSP):

Here is Hoagland’s topic but I cannot find it posted anywhere on the Internet.  It seems to have been scrubbed. … Richard Hoagland topic: 9/11, “Where did the Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood

… but Joseph P Farrell has written on the same topic in his book Hidden Finance and has similar high praise for Dr. Judy Wood:


Pursuing his investigations of high financial fraud, international banking, hidden systems of finance, black budgets and breakaway civilizations, author and researcher Joseph P. Farrell investigates the theory that there were not two levels to the 9/11 event, but three. He says that the twin towers were downed by the force of an exotic energy weapon, one similar to the Tesla energy weapon suggested by Dr. Judy Wood, and ties together the tangled web of missing money, secret technology and involvement of portions of the Saudi royal family. Farrell unravels the many layers behind the 9-11 attack, layers that include the Deutschebank, the Bush family, the German industrialist Carl Duisberg, Saudi Arabian princes and the energy weapons developed by Nikola Tesla before WWII. It is Farrell at his best—uncovering the massive financial fraud, special operations and hidden technology of the breakaway civilization.


Timothy Good: the basics but he is pushing the “bad ET” agenda and that we should be afraid:

An SSP 2011 panel discussion:

Another SSP link on this website:


Secret Space Program 2015 (SSP)

I spent Oct 31st and Nov 1st (2015) watching the Secret Space Program (SSP) Conference in Austin, Texas.

The 2014 videos are free (see link below). Last year, Dr. Greer was mentioned by the speakers 7 or 8 times at the conference. I recommend the following speakers from 2014: Mark McLandish, Mike Schratt, Catherin Austin Fitts … McLandish’s images of ARV and discussion of engineering of electro-gravitics is the best I have ever seen.

The 2015 conference is available on vimeo for about $60. Interesting that no one mentioned Dr. Greer at all at this 2015 conference. I can’t help wondering if Jim Mars and Linda Moulton Howe somehow made this a condition of their participation?

In any case, for the 2015 conference I recommend the following speakers.

  • Dr. Paul Laviolette (everything he says corresponds to what Dr. Greer has been saying),
  • Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Walter Bosley for his discussion (and images) of Aero flying machines (possible electro-gravitics … not balloons) in the 1850s, Sonoma, Ca, built by German immigrants.

The Sunday night Round Table is also worth watching:

  • Laviolette fired from patent office for promoting a conference with just one paper on cold fusion, he won his court case and changed the law, it is now illegal to discriminate against someone based on their scientific beliefs.
  • Austin-Fitts… the financial sector removed all constraints when the ET Space Station in orbit around Saturn was photographed by the Cassini probe in 2004 … Trillions of dollars being taken off-planet.

Warning: most of the remaining speakers freely discussed … “the scary aliens are going to invade us and do even scarier things” … definitely NOT compatible with CSETI perspectives, and it is interesting that this year was so-o-o-o different than 2014, in 2014 the speakers did NOT discuss the “scary alien” thing. I like to keep track of these various narratives because when I am training new groups, there is always someone in the group who wants to talk about it.

2014 SSP conference free videos:

2015 SSP15 videos on vimeo available on demand.  You have to pay $60 US but it is worth it:



SSP2015: Walter Bosley, German Aero flying machines in Sonoma, California in 1850s, airships of the 1890s, then discs …all manmade?

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015_2

SSP2015: Paul Laviolette – anomalous lights on Ceres (dwarf planet in the asteroid belt)

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015

SSP2015: Paul Laviolette – lights on Ceres similar to lights of a city?


SSP2015: Catherine Austin Fitts – questions still unanswered about the “space” economy