Labs privatized as of 2007: Bechtel oversees 17 top secret U.S. National Labs.



The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World by Sally Denton (2016).

Insider testimony from Emery Smith, keeps referring to the 300 corporations that run the world.  Having read this book, I would guess that maybe 50 of those corporations are based outside the US, the remaining 250 are probably contractors of Bechtel.

I have completed 12 CSETI week long trainings with Dr. Steven Greer.  On each one, there would be one meditation dedicated to praying for peace –praying that these corporations disclose UFO technology for the benefit of all.  Dr. Greer named the corporations and the individuals … Bechtel is definitely on his list.

This book makes it clear that Bechtel should be a household name, as recognizable as “Google”, “Apple” or “Netflix”, even though it is the largest privately own corporation, and the most secret.  As a ‘private’ corporation it does not have to publicly report to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), and so it operates effectively in the shadows.

Starting with the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River (on the cover photo above) in Nevada (in the 1930s), the Bechtel family has made a practice of bidding on only government projects.   Starting in 2007, it achieved 94% privatization of the National Laboratories in the US, many of them responsible for developing nuclear weapons.  Now that these formerly govt. agencies are under the aegis of a private corporation, no more FOIA requests will be granted on their activities … how convenient.

Bechtel contracts are cost-plus 10%.  They add a 30% management fee.  Budget overruns are the norm.  Few other companies can compete with them.  In the 1980s they sold chemical plants to Saddam Hussein, then when the war started they sell to the US military, when the war comes to a close, they sold the clean up of the chemical plants … all with US tax payer dollars.  Nice contracts  … if you can get them.

Fortunately, my college library had a copy of this book published in 2016, and probably put on the shelf at that time.  Sadly, I was the first person to sign it out in May of 2018 — no one reads books anymore.  Many thanks to Catherine Austin Fitts for recommending this book. Of course, her baliwick is the $40 Trillion that has left the US economy since 1998 and been diverted into the ‘space’ economy.  A few sentences in this book allude to  that possibility but you still need to read through lines and ponder the implications.    Much is inferred with regard to the space economy — it is a little like reading tea leaves.  Here are some tantalizing (if depressing) excerpts:

P 156


p 157 … a world awash in plutonium …  Bechtel was the poster child for GOCO (government owned, contractor operated) mechanism dating back to the Manhattan Project … the company would be awash in government money.


p 233 … more powerful than the US Army


p 256 Privatize the Apocalypsep256_Bechtel_TheProfiteers0002

p 257 Privatize the Apocalypse


p 258 Privatize the Apocalypse


p 259 Privatize the Apocalypse


p 260 Privatize the Apocalypse


p 261 Privatize the Apocalypse


p 295 The Exxon of Space … with projects as disparate as commercializing space …


For any activist seeking to make corporations accountable, this book is a must read.

In addition, I strongly recommend that you access this video presentation:

Scientists Under Attack: Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money (original title: is a 2010 German documentary by Bertram Verhaag.  Again I got it from my municipal library in the Okanagan BC Canada.

Vimeo has it here:

Here is another small excerpt about privatization by military corporations of the University of California at Berkeley:

Excerpt on Vimeo:

or Goggle drive:










Catherine Austin Fitts … by Jan. 20, 2021 … be ready to rock-n-roll


I strongly recommend that everyone consider subscribing to the news service Solari Report produced by Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF).

I ordinarily would never post recordings from a subscription website, I believe that people should pay for high quality content.  However, Fitts and Farrell both suggested that these recordings be circulated … they sound that worried.  Farrell just stated flatly, “The shooting war has started.”

Dr. Steven Greer lives on one hundred acres, powered by a large solar array.  He tells everyone to make sure that they are living on land that can be farmed.  For 30 years he has seen a catastrophe coming and in May 2017, he stated that there was a 95% probability that it would happen because the advanced technology has not been released to avert disaster.

Since the financial collapse in 2008, Fitts has been famous for responding, ” … the US dollar is not going to collapse because you do not understand the control systems that are supporting it — not a collapse … instead it is going to be a slow-burn, but you need to be ready to rock-n-roll.”  But as of April 2018, she has changed her tune, “You may need to be ready to rock n roll NOW, but definitely be ready by Jan 20, 2021 [i.e. inauguration day for the next U.S> Federal election].” Listen to the 1st Quarter wrap up below to find out why.

Most recent interviews … CAF is calm and carrying on, but is giving the rest of reasons to worry.

May 10, 2018: US Constitution provision for State Militias Catherine Austin Fitts interview with law professor Dr. Edwin Vieira (who has four degrees from Harvard University)

April 21, 2018: Catherine Austin Fitts with Greg Hunter – Enormous Level of Ignorance & Lawlessness in America

2018 –  April — 1st Quarter wrap up … discussion with Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Part 1:

Part 2:

List of Topics:

Part 1 Topics:

Wrap Up Chapters

1. Marketing the “Rape of Russia” to North America

2. Rising Interest Rates & Stocks Wild Ride

3. The Squeeze: Large Military Budgets, Treasury Borrowing & Inflation Spook the Markets

4. US Tax Reform & Capital Repatriation

5. The Evolution of Currency: Cash Control, Petro-Yuan, Central Bank Blockchain & Cryptos

6. Trade Wars

7. Ziocon Flu, Swamp Wars & Purges

8. The Pension Fund “Crisis”

9. Putin & Xi Jinping – Here to Stay

10. The Eurocentric Struggle

Part 2 topics:

11. The Obama Portraits & In-Your-Face Culture Shock

12. The Whipping Machine: Rising Frustration with Zionism, Malicious Prosecution & Predatory Practices

13. Atmosphere Ionization: Weather Warfare, Disaster Capitalism, 5G & the Poisoning of the Planet

14. Innovation: The US Drops Out of the 10 Most Innovative Countries

15. There Goes the Neighborhood: Microsoft Buys Linux

16. The Hack of Independent Media: If You Can’t Beat Them, Cheat Them!

17. Putin & Trump Promise Magic & Mysterious Weapons – is the Rod of God the Real Deal?

18. Trump: We Should Have a Space Corp

19. Corporations Grab the Equity from Re-engineering Health Care

20. The War on Children Catches Up to the Pentagon
“In space, the United States is going to do Colonel Glen proud. We are finally going to lead again. You see what’s happening? You see the rockets going up left and right. You haven’t seen that for a long time. Very soon we’re going to Mars. You wouldn’t have been going to Mars if my opponent won. You wouldn’t even been thinking about it. A new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war fighting domain just like the land, air and sea. We may even have a Space Force – develop another one. Space Force. We have the Air Force, we will have the Space Force.” ~ President Donald Trump, March 2018

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Hypnosis and Mind Control … best book according to Catherine Austin Fitts



by Carla Emery (1998) Secret, Don’t Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism

This book recommended by Catherine Austin Fitts as the BEST book for understanding hypnosis and mind control.

Difficult to find in Canada, I used Abe’s Books.  Looks as though seems okay.



When the student is ready, the teacher arrives. I am definitely ready for the teaching in this book, however you may not be. I got my copy from Abe’s Books in the US. They are difficult to find. My college library could not find a copy at any library in Canada.

Catherine Austin Fitts has said repeatedly that this is the best book on hypnotism … and mind control, but that is all she will say. I now agree with her — I have never seen anything like it. Cathy O’Brien, Niara Isley, etc. …. do not come close to this level of scholarship.

Dr. Steven Greer has self-reported being targeted with psychotronic technology that created torture experiences each night at the same time as he was going to sleep.  This encyclopedia does an excellent job explaining the vast amount of research that preceded this technology, as well as documented how that research has been completely suppressed.

I don’t care how much you think you already know about Ewan Cameron, MK-Ultra, etc., the level of detail available in this text will walk you through an actual six week hypnotism — that creates an artificial split personality, where the original personality is left a total amnesiac — doesn’t even remember the six week ‘induction’ period. If you want a deep understanding of deep state actors and their ‘super-soldier’ private mercenary-military then you MUST read this book. Begs the question — how many people in govt. and corporations have been similarly compromised? However, if you want to be able to get a good night sleep ever again … then wait until you know you are ready. I will not have any trouble getting sleep … I inhabit this stuff inside my dreams.

Carla Emery (probably not her real name) is best known for The Encyclopedia of Country Living: An Old Fashioned Recipe Book. From 1991 to 1994, this unlikely ‘mind-control’ author worked as a housekeeper in the Magnolia district of Seattle while she was writing the country living book. Then spent the following years in hiding while writing the encyclopedia on hypnotism … many she interviewed told her “they will kill you if they find out what you are doing.”

Her story? In 1969, she was married to man, who collaborated with a ‘technician’ to turn her into an obedient mind-controlled sex slave over a period of six weeks. Sodium amytal was used to keep her in a coma, while she was being hypnotically programmed. At the end, electro-shock treatments were used to ‘condition’ her. She eventually escaped from these two ‘operators’ and went into hiding. She met people in the 1990s who were able to guide her to ‘unsealing’ her ‘hypno-programming’. During this process, she discovered that she had developed ESP abilities to identify when other ‘operators’ were using mind control to access her … for reasons unknown to her. She was able to detect these people, and yet compartmentalize her own thoughts so that these ‘operators’ did not know how she was protecting herself.

The encyclopedia is chock-full with sidebars …. 1973 US Air-force Vietnam veterans were reporting waking up in a hospital not able to remember the previous six weeks. They had been told that they had just been treated for suicidal tendencies. One study was done on those with high security classifications … when recruited they had two common characteristics: high intelligence and imaginary friends in childhood. One sidebar from this time period specifically refers to super-soldiers …. while Emery Smith refers to a lot of genetic engineering aspects of super-soldiers, it is clear that the first step to creating a ‘super-soldier’ is to hypnotize them, most likely with an alternate personality that actually has the ‘super’ abilities … fyi the way, Sandia National Lab insider Emery Smith speaks indicates that he may be fighting ‘programming’… speaking quickly, in short sound bites, with occasional garbled language, he has to speak quickly to get the ideas out … Carla herself commented that she did the same when she first started talking about her ‘sealed hypno-programmed’ status. [synchronicity alert: Carla EMERY … EMERY Smith … I am currently tracking syncs].

Oh, here is another ‘fun’ fact from 1963:

p 167
Kennedy told an aide, “The CIA will have to be dealt with.” Two weeks later, he was assassinated in Dallas. …. Jacqueline Kennedy might have made trouble but a post-assassination series of electro-shock “treatments” calmed her ….

So YOU want full disclosure? This book will give you a very good idea of what we are up against.
Sincerely, Deb

Secret Space Program 2015 (SSP)

I spent Oct 31st and Nov 1st (2015) watching the Secret Space Program (SSP) Conference in Austin, Texas.

The 2014 videos are free (see link below). Last year, Dr. Greer was mentioned by the speakers 7 or 8 times at the conference. I recommend the following speakers from 2014: Mark McLandish, Mike Schratt, Catherin Austin Fitts … McLandish’s images of ARV and discussion of engineering of electro-gravitics is the best I have ever seen.

The 2015 conference is available on vimeo for about $60. Interesting that no one mentioned Dr. Greer at all at this 2015 conference. I can’t help wondering if Jim Mars and Linda Moulton Howe somehow made this a condition of their participation?

In any case, for the 2015 conference I recommend the following speakers.

  • Dr. Paul Laviolette (everything he says corresponds to what Dr. Greer has been saying),
  • Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Walter Bosley for his discussion (and images) of Aero flying machines (possible electro-gravitics … not balloons) in the 1850s, Sonoma, Ca, built by German immigrants.

The Sunday night Round Table is also worth watching:

  • Laviolette fired from patent office for promoting a conference with just one paper on cold fusion, he won his court case and changed the law, it is now illegal to discriminate against someone based on their scientific beliefs.
  • Austin-Fitts… the financial sector removed all constraints when the ET Space Station in orbit around Saturn was photographed by the Cassini probe in 2004 … Trillions of dollars being taken off-planet.

Warning: most of the remaining speakers freely discussed … “the scary aliens are going to invade us and do even scarier things” … definitely NOT compatible with CSETI perspectives, and it is interesting that this year was so-o-o-o different than 2014, in 2014 the speakers did NOT discuss the “scary alien” thing. I like to keep track of these various narratives because when I am training new groups, there is always someone in the group who wants to talk about it.

2014 SSP conference free videos:

2015 SSP15 videos on vimeo available on demand.  You have to pay $60 US but it is worth it:



SSP2015: Walter Bosley, German Aero flying machines in Sonoma, California in 1850s, airships of the 1890s, then discs …all manmade?

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015_2

SSP2015: Paul Laviolette – anomalous lights on Ceres (dwarf planet in the asteroid belt)

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015

SSP2015: Paul Laviolette – lights on Ceres similar to lights of a city?


SSP2015: Catherine Austin Fitts – questions still unanswered about the “space” economy


Catherine Austin Fitts… a third report of ET Space Station near Saturn

Catherine Austin Fitts is well known in many circles, especially for coining the term “break away” civilization … referring to the elites who are reserving very advanced technology for themselves and refusing to disclose it so that the rest of us can transform the way we live on the earth.

She is best known for being the Secretary of Housing in the Bush (41) Administration (1989-1992), the discovery that large swaths of her dept. budget were being taken away and directed toward covert “black” unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs).  She became a whistle-blower, was sent into the “wilderness”, suffered murder attempts, etc.  These are the best interviews I have seen her give.  She is particularly good at talking about the so-called imminent economic collapse … not a collapse but “a slow burn, never-the-less we need to be ready to rock-n-roll”.  Plus, this online guy Dark Journalist is a great interviewer.

These two YouTubes are worth watching in the entirety.

From 2014: The UFO Economy

From 2013: Dancing with the Breakaway Civilization

During the 2013 Youtube, at the 49 minute mark she talks about ET ships 70,000 miles long getting power from the rings of Saturn … from one of her military witnesses.  Planet sized ET craft travelling through our solar system?  Nice! This is the third report I have seen about a large ET presence around Saturn.  See my blog for the other two reports:

I am not happy about her reference to the sci-fi schlock film “They Live” seems to be an under handed reference to “aliens are mind controlling the elites and thus, us”.  But officially, she seems to be on the fence, admitting early and often, “I just don’t know”.  I can respect that.