May 11, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby, BC

We did a meditation, travelling to the ET space station positioned near Saturn.  Four out of five of us experienced ET beings on that station.  While debriefing on the meditation, Lois observed the pet cat staring intently in the field west of our group.  Lois grabbed the tri-field meter, went there and began getting signals.  Later during a debriefing, Lois reported that the ETs had created a “chamber”, she and Doug were standing inside it.  Lois reported that she experienced intense activity inside the chamber and has never felt that level of intensity before.

Here are the photos of small craft, and devices zipping thru the field from last night… see attached.

No photos of the beings however, though lots of interaction with beings who very near (both Lois and Doug saw the beings and the ET craft, one  8 foot celestial light being (with a round knob of a head, on top of rounded shoulders), several small ETs on the ground at Lois’ feet (same species as the Atacama humanoid), and three small ET beings floating in the air in the middle of the tree (different than those on the ground) , also a large ET craft floating to the right of the tree).

photos? ,… a small disc zipped behind Lois, energy was arcing from her right hand, the photo shows a CSETI tri-circle near her right handy, Doug took the picture of Lois inside the energy vortex (with two probes zipping thru?) … eventually Lois got the message from the ETs, “We have to go now, before our [ET] presence here is traced.”  i.e. detected by humans and  conventional satellites overhead.

The camera was a Pentax Optio (a cheap point-and-shoot camera)
in “Night” mode – ISO 800 with flash on
It was pitch dark and I had to hold the camera still while the shutter was open for about 10 seconds.
Doug and Victoria saw a variety of light phenomena around “Camel’s Hump”  – an unusual  local hill/geological formation known for ET craft sightings.
Cheers, Deb Warren
Lois was reporting energy arcing from her hand at this moment.  The camera is on the highest ISO (800) and a flash was used in the pitch dark environment.  It is interesting that the ‘energy’ shape is another version of the CSETI logo.
LoisRightHandFeelsArcEnergy_CSETI_tri-circle_light-All   LoisRightHandFeelsArcEnergy_CSETI_tri-circle_light (2)   CSETILogo_500
This orb picture happened when Lois and Doug sensed beings near by:
TwoBigOrbsNearLois (2)
PHOTOS: sample problems when the shutter is held open for  a few seconds
Looks like a UFO disc flitting behind Lois?  On closer inspection she has moved the Tri-field meter while the shutter is open.  Very hard to control all the conditions when doing this sort of thing.  Nice orbs though.
SmallDiscZipsBehindLois_DougPoints (2)
Very cool pic taken by Doug — Lois in an energy vortex?  Although the light streams at the bottom of the pic are intriguing, we have to discount this photo because he moved the camera while shutter was open.  He was learning how to use the camera.
Lois_in_EnergyVortex_twoProbesZippingThru_pic_taken_by_Doug (2)

Nov 10, 2012 Global CE 5 – Lumby BC

Earlier in the afternoon, I conducted my first Skype presentation/ET Contact experience with a new group of four people located in Fort Nelson, BC. (about 1500 km from my location)  The presentation and online meditation went well.  Everyone entered an altered state and found themselves in orbit around Earth, but not much contact with ETs was experienced.  They are an experienced group of meditators who meet regularly, and so they will continue ET contact on their own.  As it was minus 17 degrees centigrade outside in Fort Nelson, they wanted to save the skywatch experience for another date.  As I meditated with them, I felt myself sitting in their circle.  If I had mentioned this during the med then they may have been able to detect the presence of my astral body.  Next time I do this, I will make a point of mentioning it.
In the evening, the “Vernon, BC Canada” group on Nov 10th was just Lois and I for one hour, then Doug joined us at 7:30 pm … I am always grateful when only a few of us ‘hard core’ types attend because I believe the ‘hard core’ people will generate a more intense experience…Lois and I worked hard at being ready for a physical manifestation of ETs, who would appear very near to us in physical form.  Almost immediately at the start of our first meditation, when her eyes closed, Lois saw a flash of light and then felt her eardrum being physically moved with tones and clicks, like a kind of Morse code (she has been a psychic and medium for most of her life, and had never experienced anything like this).  She was able to see the energy signature, and get visuals through her inner-sight, of the upper torso of one large 15ft tall female standing inside the yurt. Name? Serette! (a Nefertiti-like being with an elongated skull vault, and a torso longer in proportion when compared to her legs, also long slender arms with a noticeably longer wrist section on the hands, and an elaborate decoration covering her neck and shoulders) … Serette is a specialist in diplomatic skills, currently mediating some border difficulty for humans between Chinese military in the Pradesh region.  Lois thought that this link might be relevant:   Serette was invited to Earth by the Galactic Command Centre near Sirius.

Lois stepped outside for more wood to put in the stove, then upon her return commented on the ‘density’ inside the yurt … many, many layers of ET beings were with us.  As soon as she identified the being named Serrette, the Tri-field meter began signalling, as if to say “correct” each time Lois made a point, just like the meters do when Dr. Greer is speaking (the meter continued to signal right up to the end at 8:30 pm).  Throughout the evening Lois reported seeing a quantum flux light all around us.  I saw only one stream of light come down in a streak between us.
I then began describing the CSETI protocol for having a ‘gift’ ready to give the ETs as a diplomatic exchange should they arrive in the physical.  The gift (that I always have with me) is a new green silk scarf: made by an animal (a silkworm), in conjunction with a plant (mulberry tree), woven by the hand of humans, and the color green, representing the color of ‘growth’ when light from our star, the sun, interacts with chlorophyll on this planet … I think it is a nice representation of all life on our planet.  In any case, at one point I brought out the scarf to show Lois and Doug, then draped it over an empty chair that was in the circle with us.  The scarf was draped as though it were around the neck of an ET being sitting in the chair.  Both Doug and Lois said they felt a major energy shift when I did this …. more calm, more beauty?
The three of us went into individual meditations. Doug was grooving on the energy but did not have anything to report–he just loved getting his monthly CE5 tune-up.  Lois had had a very lucid dream about 6 weeks previously, about being attended to by a ‘gray’ ET being at her bedside who was ready to take her on a trip.  At the time, she felt it was ‘very real’.  This ET being came to visit her again during our Global CE5.  Lois reported the following as a communication from the ‘gray’ ET being … the feeling of ‘density’ that she reported earlier is preparation for ET beings to go into the physical, this preparation is especially necessary for ETs like Serette, the gray ETs however are more adapted to going into the physical and do not need to prepare the ‘density’ as much.  Lois agreed that this gray being did not look like the typical ‘gray’ that populates most of the negative ET propaganda.  While she was reporting this I kept getting images of the “Skinny-Bob” ET allegedly reported in archival footage and now on Youtube:
We finished by holding hands at the end, and Doug reported that there was a golden energy inside the area of the green silk scarf that was still draped on the chair, an ET being had arrived to receive the ‘gift’ trans-dimensionally.  We were done for the evening ending at 8:30 pm.
The next morning I had an intense lucid experience, I was still in bed but awake, my eyes closed, I found myself staring at a blue tulip in garden dirt, then a golden flash of light lit up my field of view, at the same time my right ear drum buzzed, then I began to get a scanning feeling go up and down my body for maybe 10 seconds.  I felt completely recharged and refreshed.  I got up and got on with my day.  I have had the ‘scanning’ experience many times since 1993 (when I first became interested in UFOs), but this was the first time I was fully conscious while it was going on.
Cheers, Deb

Oct 13, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC

We were three people inside the yurt starting at 7:00 pm.  The tri-field meter was turned on and silent in the middle of the group.  There had been no discernible signals inside the yurt.  As soon as Victoria mentioned her meditation, and her vision of beings accompanied by blue lights, the meter began signalling in the usual “ET voice” chatter and continued for most of the evening.

Doug, Victoria and I are all experienced meditators, and so we just went into trance and reported what was happening.  Doug was immediately transported to a platform with a clear dome, he was viewing stars and planets from a position in space (that he did not recognize).  On this platform he was interacting with beings but had difficulty summarizing the content of their communication.   As soon as Victoria or myself began reporting what was happening, he was “pulled back” each time to our location, where he could see what was being described by us.  When V. spoke of a light blue being, he saw a blue crystal hanging overtop the group, hung inside a kind of web.  When I spoke about a golden spinning disc surrounding our group, he was able to see this as well.

Victoria and I seemed to be receiving a third eye chakra procedure for most of the evening.  We both felt definite pressure in this area for an extended period.  I felt like a transdimensional apparatus was attached to my forehead.

Towards the end, the tri-field meter seemed to drone continuously like it was picking up a machine signal.  At 9:00 pm we ended the event and went home.

Lois (who lives very near to Victoria) was not able to attend the Oct 15th event, but a few days later she sent a question by email asking if anyone was having contact with blue light beings, as she was experiencing contact with them at that point…I told her about Victoria’s meditation vision and CE-5 experience.  Lois felt it was a confirmation of the ongoing contact that is happening in their neighbourhood.

Cheers, Deb

Sept 16, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC – photos of 12 ft Arcturan at Mt. Shasta, and Lois’ floating strawberry

see four attached photos … I hope Kosta will be able to send them.
  • Mt. Shasta CSETI training 2012 – 12 ft Arcturan
  • Mt. Shasta CSETI training 2012 – 12 ft Arcturan-white outline of being
  • Lumby, B.C. CE5 Sept 2012 – Lois and floating strawberry
  • Lumby, B.C. CE5 Sept 2012 – Lois and floating strawberry-outline of strawberry
At the August CSETI training at Mt Shasta, I took a photograph that had an anomalous image.  At that moment Dr. Greer and Emery Smith reported being merged with an ET, a 12ft Arcturan.   I stood on a chair and was pointing the camera downward from the tripod.  Dr. Greer and Emery are in the foreground.  The shutter was open for 30 seconds. I took a few hundred photos during the week and this is the only one with an anomalous image.  I believe that CSETI will not be able to formally recognize this image because it was not a controlled environment.  People were moving around, trying to look at the Tri-field meters in the middle of the circle and they were moving the meters around as well.  And so the image is open to much justified criticism.  And yet, my “inner knowingness” confirms that it is an image of a trans dimensional version of the 12ft Arcturan.   When I returned home in late August, I showed this image to everyone in the Lumby group.  When showing the image, some people were unable to identify the ET image and so I have copied the image and drawn a white outline of the being.   My camera is a Canon Mark IV 5D … it is able to take photos at an ISO of 25,500 … meaning in pitch dark, I can get photos that look like they were taken in twilight.  I am sharing this image now because we had relevant followup activity during Sept 15th global CE5.
On Sept 15th, four of us met at the usual location (east of Lumby, BC): Lois, Victoria, Doug and myself.  It was a clear warm night and so Lois and Doug decided to lay flat on the ground and watch the sky.
Lois and Victoria reported that their recent use of the CSETI mantra has advanced their meditation practice significantly.  Essentially, they are entering deep meditation almost the instant they begin using the mantra.  Victoria in particular, says that she has to be careful not to think of the mantra while driving.  I decided to play the  2 minute version of mantra and put it on continuous replay.  And so we were listening to it for the duration of the CE5 event.  It was lovely.
About 10 minutes after we began the group meditation, Lois reported that the 12ft Arcturan was behind me.  I held up the Tri-field meter and got a reading whenever I held the meter at a location inside the field, it stopped signalling every time I moved it out of the field.  Lois and Victoria were very connected to the being and able to receive the following information: the name he designated for himself is “Trush”, we used this name to refer to him, he was a healer and he was performing a healing on me, the purpose for the healing was to refine my abilities to be able to see ETs in the same manner that Lois and Victoria do.
Doug was able to detect beings and felt he was in contact, but most of the rest of the evening was spent with Lois interacting with three 3 foot tall ETs.  She was able to see the energy of the first one, as it sat on top of her.  She grabbed the Tri-field meter and it signalled with the typical ET chatter every time she placed the meter inside the ET’s field.  No one else saw the energies of the ET but we all heard the Tri-field meter signals.  The ET then wanted to us to cooperate to see if we could get a photo.  A few minutes later another two ETs of the same species showed up to assist Lois with this task and she was able to detect their presence, with both her intuitive inner sight and with the Tri-field meter.  Again, she was the only one able to ‘see’ the ETs.
Ordinarily I do not take pictures of the local group because I am too focused on creating coherency in the group during the CE5 but I always bring my camera just in case.  In this moment Lois directed me to get my camera and set it up, and I did so.  I took about 12 photos of Lois laying flat on the ground.  Eventually we realized we had to use the following protocol:  while the entire group entered a meditative state, we asked permission to have an image of the being, Lois would connect with the ET, and wait for the ET to signal then I would take the photo.  When Lois received the signal from the ET, she would tell me and I would use the remote control device to open the shutter, so that there was not any touching of the camera that would cause a ‘shaky’ image.  The shutter was always open for 30 seconds, and while it was open the Tri-field meter signalled very loudly with the usual ET-type chatter (i.e. not the monotone droning when it gets a signal from a machine).  I have never seen the meter signal like this before when taking a photo, and I have had the camera for one year.  Lois was very careful to be completely still while the shutter was open.  Of the 12 photos, only one had an anomaly (see attached images) …the image looks like a floating strawberry on the right side of the photo.  In all the other photos the red light of the Tri-field meter could be easily traced to its source, whereas the floating ‘strawberry’ seems to be completely on its own.  The Tri-field meter was the only source of light, and Lois had it positioned in such a manner that it should not have shone in that direction at all.
For me the most astonishing thing was the way in which we (and the ETs) cooperated as a group to get a photo of an anomalous ‘floating strawberry’.
We started at 7: 30 pm and finished around 10:00 pm.
Cheers, Deb Warren
_MG_1024_Shasta2012_Arcturan_web (2) _MG_1024_Shasta2012_Arcturan_webWithOutline3 (2)  _MG_1101_Lumby2012_Lois-&-FloatingStrawberry_webOutline (2) _MG_1101_Lumby2012_Lois-&-FloatingStrawberry_web (2)

Aug 18 , 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC … Deb sees ‘celestial’ light pop in front of Dr. Greer during Mt. Shasta training

Report #1 for Lumby (east of Vernon), BC Canada by Lois:
Due to last minute changes in plans we “did not” cancel the August 18th contact night in Lumby – but instead threw it together at the last minute.  There was five people in attendance – Lois (host), Lou, Janet, Wendy, and Doug.  We had a very quiet night which was surprising for all the activity we have had in the Vernon,Lumby and Cherryville area in the last two weeks.

We gathered at 9:15 and had our main event as we were setting up the chairs, and air mattresses.  Traveling from South west to North East in the sky was a bright light.  All four of us watched it.  It was too high to be a plane and too low to be a satellite.  We watched it go right to the horizon in the North East where it stopped for a few minutes before going on.  All of us commented on how there was no sound to indicate it was a plane.  It was also traveling faster than a satellite.  

Doug and Lois saw a similar light on the night of August 12 when watching the meteor shower.  Lois’ friend also reported seeing a light just like that on the same night.

We started a meditation and grounding at 9:15, and by the time we were done the clouds were clearing away.  The connection was not as deep as it usually is at the Lumby location, and I speculate that one of the new members was a little bit frightened by the idea of ET contact.  However it was very enjoyable to just be gathered on our air mattresses looking at the sky.

After our break (about 10:15 pm) we did a meditation to go on board the ships.  Lois was the one doing the meditation – as as she was watching the sky there was several meteors over head and some dancing star activity.  By the time the meditation was concluded the sky had clouded over and we all felt it was concluded at that time.

Deb referred Lois to two sites on satellites and Iridium flares so we can get some tracking and maybe charts.  Some of the events we are experiencing are close to Iridium flare activity and we want to make certain of what they are.

Also:  On August 17 I (Lois) had a interesting event take place on the Lumby property.  After waking up around dawn – a little before 5 am, I spotted a being through the window of our loft bedroom.  It suddenly appeared in the middle of the main drive way to the cabin, about 4 feet tall , dressed in white from head to toe.  I have not seen a ET before that was dressed as such (most of the time clothing is not involved).  I moved to get my glasses  but by that time the being was out of site in the trees to the west.  This was the first night Robert – my husband was on night shift.  In hindsight the purpose of the event seemed to be an attempt of initial contact – it was over too quickly.  Most of my experiences happen on a psychic or spiritual level.  This was a fully formed physical being.

Report #2: Deb Warren was at Mt Shasta CSETI training on Aug 17th.  Dr. Greer has given permission to add this to the Aug 18th Global-CE5 report.  He also reported this event on the August 24th World Puja broadcast.
     On Friday Aug 17th at 11:30 pm, the whole group at the Mt Shasta location was on a break.  Most people were inside the circle talking to each other when Dr. Greer went to take a bio-break.  He first noticed a soft white light in the area, he then turned to return to the group, as he stepped forward with his right foot, a large white light exploded in front of him, like a very bright camera flash.  He said stepping with his right foot symbolized “stepping into the future” (the left foot symbolizing the past).  He reported that a celestial ET being was the source of the light.   So the event was a positive indicator for the future .. stepping into the celestial light? 
     While several people saw the light in their peripheral vision, I happened to be looking in the exact direction when it happened.  I saw a brilliant golden light, roughly 4 feet in diameter, shaped concentrically or like a large spiral galaxy.  That location of the field site is normally too dark to see anything, but the flash lit up Dr. Greer from just above his knees to the top of his head, and I knew there was no way he would be using a camera flash (as these are not permitted on CSETI trainings).  The light had shape and was definitely in front of him, obscuring a 4 foot area of his body.  I was very excited to see such a large and obvious manifestation of physical light, and immediately ran over to him to see what had happened, soon joined by Dr. Jan Bravo and others.  I couldn’t help yelling out loud, “OMG, what was that?”  It was also cool that from my perspective, the color of the light was gold.   Dr. Greer reported that this sort of thing happens to him all the time, but rarely is it witnessed by anyone else.  For me, a CSETI training always boil down to “a few seconds of amazing”– this was it, this trip. I’ll be back next year!
Cheers, Deb Warren 

July 21, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC

Hi Kosta:
I was at the eceti ranch in Trout Lake, WA on July 21st, after attending a work-related conference in Portland, OR.  The local group here in Vernon, B.C. Canada had a great event without me.  Here is their report.
Cheers, Deb
Hello Everyone:On July 21st Deb was in the U.S. and not able to join in with our group.  We started at 9 pm and had five people who attended.  L who hosted the group, D, L – D’s friend, and two new people Mr. C and Ms. C.L (host) started out by telling the group about [ET related events in her home] the week prior to the 21st.  L had been in contact with a very high spirited and curious group of smaller ET’s.  Although L did not see them visually – they were very noisy.  It reminded her of the movie “batteries included”.  Many things around the cabin were being moved, and played with.  At night you could hear their foot steps and for several days in a row they let the cats out by opening the cat door or the patio door.  Both L and her husband were experiencing interesting and detailed dreams during this time – but there are too many details to describe in this report.  At one point L asked, “Why were they here?” and got back the answer that they were repairing the ship.L was hopeful that during our CE-5 night on July 21st we would experience their presence again.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen.  L is not sure but it would appear that the repairs are finished and they moved on.

L started with a meditation but it was apparent that we needed to wait for it to get darker before activity would start.  As we were a smaller group we had some really interesting conversations while we waited – the result was actually an intense burst of activity near the end of the evening.  L reminded everyone that when Deb is running the circle she would bring us back on track.  L would also like to add that we should have started closer to 10 pm.

Some of the things we experienced were:  just before it got dark there was (fairy?) lights appearing around us; sightings of many craft – moving fast across the sky; several meteors; strobe like light effects; a sense of ET’s being present; pulsating stars; and what Mr. C described as lights in the sky playing with us (this lasted several minutes).

The evening concluded with a bang.  We all witnessed an amazing sight in the western sky.  D being the person facing that direction caught the entire event, and as it progressed, his reaction and the light that it gave off got the rest of us to see it too.  What happened is something we have seen previously on video from the Ambassador trainings [i.e. DVD-Countdown to Transformation] and heard about from Deb.  A star suddenly grew in size and intensity so that it caught all of our attention.  It appeared at that point to rotate – like a spot light so there was this flash of light.  Then it began to move horizontally, as it moved the light dimmed and eventually it disappeared.  It took about 6 or 7 seconds but was undeniable a intelligence communicating with us.  D said “It was saying pay attention!” because at the time we were just talking and not really looking around.  All of us said “Thank YOU” when it was over.
We wrapped up at 11:20 shortly after that OMG event.  :o)

June 16, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC

Due to heavy rain during the day, we located inside the yurt.  Seven people attended (6 women and 1 man).  We started at 9:00 pm
Lois and Vicki are the hosts at this site.  Both live on the property.  At about 8:00 pm Lois was walking back to her cabin from Vicki’s house.  On the path, she saw three short Asian-women, 5 feet tall, bobbed black hair, all three looking exactly the same — clones.  Lois recognized them immediately as three “healers” who had appeared to her (and others) in a healing in 2003.  They “blipped’ in momentarily, then faded, sending the message that they would be interacting with our group for the duration of the evening.  On June 27th, Lois sent me this message and gave permission to include in this report:
“At the CE-5 contact night in June [June16th] I asked the healers who were there to help me with my lower back, and to focus on the secondary effects my injury has created, with the goal being I could do more exercise activities like hiking.  I felt them put a gadget like I described on each side of my mid to lower back, then it was like they charged them up for the rest of the night.
      I didn’t tell anyone what they did to my back during the meditation because I was waiting to see if there was going to be a result.   Last night I slept through the night for the first time in over 6 years.  No getting up to go pee 5 times, no need to rearrange my position because of pain.  What dream did I wake up remembering?  I was hiking all night in my dreams and lucidly thinking “wow I am doing so good – no pain and I can breath!”.
     Yes of course this is just one night and there are other things I have changed too – but I am hopeful that it means I can get this to happen more often.  :o)”
We began the CE5 at 9:00 pm, Lois discussed the vision of the three “clones”, and the fact that they would provide healing to anyone who wished to receive it.  The yurt has no source of electricity and no electrical appliances.  The Tri-field meter detected at ET ship about 2 feet above our heads, the entire circumference of the yurt.  Also, there was a similar reading about 1 foot down for about half the circumference.  I had brought my Tibetan bell, dorje/varja and rose quartz globe, as I wanted to discuss Dr. Greer’s use of his objects during a CSETI training.  Lois agreed to energetically charge my dorje.  She reported that it was functioning like a chalice and source energies were flowing into the infinite space of the ‘chalice’.
To begin creating coherency in the group, Vicki then provided a grounding meditation.
One week previous, another member of the group had gotten a message in meditation that we were to begin with a Prayer for Peace for Earth… as Dr. Greer usually starts the skywatch with a Puja ceremony, I agreed this was entirely appropriate.  I guided the meditation with a few brief statements of my vision of peace for Earth and then invited everyone present to make their own comments.  All but one person, made a brief statement.  The general theme of the comments was that this prayer was about universal peace not just for our planet alone.
During this prayer, one woman, P, began to experience severe muscle spasms in her upper left arm.  She was so agitated that she rose and stood outside the circle intending to “ground” herself as a way of reducing the pain.  When we finished the prayer, she sat down and almost immediately was in tears due to the pain.  Over the next 30 minutes, she explained the following:
“She was interacting with an ET that was attempting to provide healing to her arm but the energies were going through her arm too quickly.  She needed this healing because of the work she needed to do the next day (replacing stock in a retail setting).  This species was blue in color and 8 feet tall.  They had a fearsome look with two horns and many teeth.  They transfer healing energy through their claws (like the claws of a bear).  She had interacted with these beings before and recognized them.  There was no gender apparent.  With a desire to procreate they would intend to become a certain gender, and then partner with another who chose the complementary gender.  Once the child was born, the adults returned to an androgynous state.  This species did not frequently visit the Galactic Command centre (near the constellation of Orion).  They had a marginalized status for some reason.”
Everyone in the group immediately focused on communicating with the ET being asking them to slow the healing energies down for P.  The severe pain began to decline by the end of the 30 minutes had reduced to almost nothing.  We also focused on getting P, to communicate telepathically with these beings.  She initially reported that she was not able to do this.  We asked her to focus, and soon we were asking many questions and she was able to provide answers.  She reported that she was merging with the ET.  The Tri-field meter was sitting on a table in the middle of the group and it was very active and noisy as P was answering questions.  We asked for a convenient name to call them.  P stated the name “Chuwans”.  Myself and the one fellow present, D, confirmed the pronunciation.  We agreed at the time the name was “Chuwans” and not “Chuwands”.  (A few days later I realized that the ET being was trying to be humorous and was suggesting the name “Chew-ons”, because humans are instinctively afraid at the first sight of their fearsome-looking teeth.  I later reported this change in spelling to the group.)   When P stopped answering questions the Tri-field meter went silent.  By the end of the evening P was calm and no longer in pain.
Once P had settled in after her initial spasms, three other people reported muscle spasms at their spine: Lois, Vicki and S.  Vicki said it was like energy was being released from her spine.  The only man present, D, reported a healing occurring at his 3rd eye chakra.  His partner, L, reported feeling giddy and having a need to move her arms about flamboyantly, as if signalling a ‘ta-da’ in some kind of dance.
We had a break, then did my “Quick and Dirty” meditation (15 minutes).  S met some ETs in a lego-ship and invited them back.  Lois did not come with group, but instead entered the ship that was immediately above our heads inside the yurt.  She said the ETs beings were occupying themselves there with their version of “playing cards”.  She did however watch our group as we went off planet to meet other ET species.
We finished around 11:15 pm.  That’s all for now,
Cheers, Deb Warren