Dr. Steven Greer – Third Phase of Moon Interview, July 25, 2014


Published July 25, 2014  by Blake Cousins.

Excellent interview (1.5 hours).  First time I have heard Dr. Greer go public with a lot of this information.  He presented a lot of this information at Joshua Tree CSETI training last week.  In this interview, he responds to issues such as:

  1. Govt. controlled by an alien race?  NO!
  2. MJ12 Majestic, Majesty … a committee … now called the SIG Panel Group
  3. Pre-positioned disinformation … manipulate people with fear and give them something to hate, anything that is different from them.  Set the populace against each other so that power over the society can be centralized.  The UFO sub-culture is now the chief vector to brainwash the public.  We are now being encouraged to ‘hate’ another star system????
  4. Strategic Studies Institute … a 1996 document create a global abduction cult with ‘stage craft’.
  5. Bennewitz case (Richard Doty ) … near Sandia / Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico.
  6. Abductions and livestock mutilation events are done by covert human ops not ETs.
  7. Large network of ETs observing us, we have to stop murdering each other.
  8. “Grays” being robot bio-nano clones, made in Pine Gap, Australia (reported by a physicist who worked there).
  9. The most advanced technology are from companies such as SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, E systems, Raytheon in underground bases in deep black projects, near Edwards AFB The Cube underground base) , Nellis AFB.  This technology can create “talking to God” experiences for a person and the target will pass lie detector tests.  In Sedona, AZ, he sighted a man-made anti-grav probably heading toward underground base at Provo, Utah, (Dugway Proving Ground).
  10. Humans were NEVER a ‘slave’ species intended to mine gold, resonant field frequencies can materialize any material that and ETs may need, and these are the same technologies that are needed to travel across space and time.
  11. ‘False Flag’ alien invasion is not just one event, this is an ongoing disinfo campaign.
  12. Big media / TV news taking ‘dictation from the right hand of the king’.
  13. Missile silos in Minot, ND were shut down and at the same time, missile bases in Soviet Union were being shut down, the ET message to both nations, “Do not blow up this planet.  If you launch, we can stop you.”
  14. Meeting last year (2013) with 120 world leaders, off the coast of Australia (in the Coral Sea): 10-20% of the attendees were very enlightened.  But about 50% of the people were very hostile to Dr. Greer’s presence. Their ‘hate stares’ were painful.
  15. Belgium sightings of triangle craft in the 1990s … disappeared by collapsing in on itself, triangle craft became a throbbing red-orange sphere.  Disinfo/black ops will send in man-made craft (ARVs) to confuse human observers and thus ‘control the narrative’, the reports get piggy-backed on top of each other.  Also, can be holographic projections.
  16. March 1997 Phoenix lights in Arizona were a CE5 that happened upon Dr. Greer’s request, after the ET craft was seen, the Airforce then dropped actual flares, again to confuse observers… no point in everyone arguing about it, it was designed to divert observers attention.
  17. As of October 1954, humans had mastered gravity control … discussed in a document from the “The Vault” that Dr. Greer has seen.
  18. Replace the corrupt system with something new?  Lots of people need to be willing to “stick their necks out”.
  19. Retired CIA Director, Bill Colby was going to hand off a zero point generator to Dr. Greer’s group along with $50 million, the week Colby was going to meet with a member of Greer’s team, Colby was found dead.  Many people are sympathetic
  20. Systems are chaotic then  there is a breakthrough and everything suddenly becomes coherent… that same pattern can impact progress on this issue.  Will reach a certain point and then tilt or tip.  The corrupt systems will collapse under their own weight.  In the meantime we need to do something proactive and constructive.  The world is in a global emergency.
  21. Deceptive Indication and Warning  INW  or False INW  … false flag operation [a pop culture term]
  22. If Dr. Greer receives a working prototype of a zero point device, in a few days, he will  get it in front a technical team that will verify the device’s capability.  Then the device has to be reproduced and demonstrate the same capability … The Star Challenge, $100,000 award.
  23. Atacama humanoid (six inches tall), the science institute in Spain has confirmed that the tissue on the soles of the feet indicate that the being did walk.  Corroborates the radiologist report [Sirius Film Documentary] on bone development.
  24. References his discussions with friend Ingo Swann.
  25. Environmental collapse or thermo nuclear war–ETs will intervene, but a lessor calamity?  Our society and culture must ‘grow up’.  We need to own our own stuff and make the necessary changes ourselves.
  26. We only achieve the things that we believe we can.  Each of us needs to develop our own aspect of Universal Mind and then apply it in the world, then change will happen quickly.  Come together in the right spirit.

Of course, he regularly discusses these issues during CSETI week-long trainings, and at this point I have completed eleven trainings, thus I have heard this content many times.  Nice to see him going public with this info.

Thanks to Gabriel in Alberta, Canada for forwarding the link.


One comment on “Dr. Steven Greer – Third Phase of Moon Interview, July 25, 2014

  1. Don keeping says:

    Really interested in all of this stuff I have a pretty good idea that the American military are so far ahead in technology and have the machinery to take them way beyond our solar system and that it is secret that only a few know outside there circle and that group called majestic 12. If the milatary can do that why is America spending billions on out dated space ships that can’t even barely make it to the moon. I think that if that if that technology it should be shared with everyone not just for making weapons just think of what peaceful space travel and science could do, but when you have a bunch of greedy power hungry people in controlling and doing everything and anything they can to keep it all hidden away and I don’t think it’s right , I mean I’m sure there are things that need to be kept secret but come on why waist so much money on the way we go to space when there is a better faster safer way of exploring it all. It’s just my opinion thanks Don

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