Targeted Individual: Emery Smith

Just posted on Emery Smith Facebook page Apr 27, 2018

David Wilcock link – April 27, 2018: tells story about Emery’s loss of dog, Beowolf on Jan 13, 2018:

The text ….

On Saturday, January 13th, just over two weeks after the previous attack that we publicized, Emery’s other dog Beowulf was struck and killed by a truck.

This happened while he was changing a flat tire on the side of the road. The rampaging truck came very, very close to hitting him.

A very brief statement was made about this on Emery’s Facebook page on January 21st, without going into any significant details.



If Beowulf’s body hadn’t absorbed the impact and knocked him out of the way, Emery would have been severely injured or killed.

For this same reason we have chosen to see Beowulf’s death as a heroic act — protecting his friend by standing in the way of danger.

Even though Emery was safely changing his tire eight feet off the side of the road, this vehicle had steered far over the line on an insane collision course, at full speed.

The driver never even slowed down — making this a blatant hit and run. Beowulf was hit in the face and body, and had multiple missing teeth.

The speed and power of the impact literally hurled Beowulf across an entire four-lane interstate highway in Southern California.

The dog was choking on his own blood, and Emery had to intubate him to keep his breathing going.

I have seen some disturbing pictures from that night and Emery is definitely not making any of this up. I will not add any more horror than necessary here.

I also spoke with him on the phone in the initial phases of the trauma, and no one can fabricate that level of emotional intensity.

Every minute in a call like that seems like hours. You go numb as you struggle to listen and grasp the full implications at the same time.

The whole thing was shocking and sad, but absolutely real. Emery still has Raven, but Beowulf is gone forever.

Emery and Beowulf

Beowulf and Raven 2017


Very shortly after the impact, Emery was approached by what appeared to be local sheriffs and animal control officers.

As you will soon see, these men acted like violent psychopaths, not at all like upstanding public servants.

It took a while for us to determine that these may not have been real law enforcement officers, but possibly criminals wearing fake uniforms, which is a felony.

It is entirely possible for intelligence operatives to impersonate police officers if they are performing a specific mission.

Anyone can buy all sorts of official-looking uniforms and gear online if they are dumb enough to commit this type of a crime.

We only came to this conclusion after Emery had extensive discussions with local California Highway Patrol officers.

They confirmed that sheriffs have no jurisdiction to work on the interstates. This entire incident is under investigation.

The alleged sheriff was therefore breaking the law by stopping and engaging with Emery after this terrible accident.

It is also possible that they were all real officers, but extremely corrupt and willing to accept bribes and do “dirty work.”



Emery was very harshly confronted by these men. Normally you would not expect severe verbal abuse after your dog was struck and severely injured in a hit-and-run.

They insisted his suffering dog was “already dead” and forced him to sign papers releasing all legal ownership rights to them.

One of these is entitled an “Animal Relinquishment Form.” Emery still has the pink copy, which he showed me and photographed.

The other form is white and says “County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control Order to Comply.”

He was so distraught and shocked by the verbal abuse and pressure they put on him, in the midst of this severe trauma, that he signed the documents without reading them.

They wanted to take his dog away. He fought valiantly against it, not realizing that he had already signed away his rights in the document.

We have not been able to find one shred of official documentation about this visit, other than the two forms Emery kept with him.

This further established the likelihood that it may have been an elaborate setup.



An agent-type man in a suit emerged from an SUV, beat him as the alleged officers watched, and said, “You WILL keep your f-ing mouth shut.”

I know. It sounds crazy. Either way, this is what actually happened. And Beowulf is now dead.

This is not at all what we would expect to transpire in a typical accident scene, right after a man’s dog was nearly killed in a hit-and-run.

It seemed obvious that the warning to “keep his mouth shut” was directly targeting Emery’s appearances on Cosmic Disclosure and elsewhere.

This type of tragedy makes perfect sense if you can simply accept that the Deep State is real, and does not want Emery to talk about his past.

Emery was kicked repeatedly between his legs. Whoever did this was very careful not to leave bruises we could appropriately photograph.

This was another major clue that this was an intentional operation and not just a tragic misunderstanding, or an encounter with nasty cops.

The “officers” then confiscated his dog against his will. Beowulf was still alive but in obvious distress, with agonized breathing.



When Emery checked back in the morning with the local shelter, where he determined that Beowulf had been dropped off, the dog had been euthanized.

When we tried to obtain the body for evidence the next day, we discovered it had been incinerated — again without our permission.

I would have written about this sooner, but we were all genuinely shocked. It has taken time to process all of this in the midst of a very stressful move.

Alliance insiders told us it was far too dangerous to stay in California. There were too many operatives on call in the area for these sorts of “dirty tricks.”

This includes people from the MS-13 Mexican gangs, which have been secretly colluding with the Deep State for years now.



After Emery was beaten and threatened, the “officers” then immediately called in an apparent Uber.

It was there very quickly. Too quickly.

They told Emery he had to leave immediately and abandon his rental car on the side of the road.

They would not give him time to finish changing his tire, which was all he needed to do to get back on the road. Nor would they help him change it.

They said it was “not legal” for him to stay there with his vehicle broken down so close to the interstate, as he could be hit by a car. Again.

They demanded that he leave the car there. Right now. After the beating he had just taken, it was obvious that they would not take no for an answer.

Emery did not know if they were really even police officers. He couldn’t be sure whether they would have murdered him, just like his dog, if he did not comply.

Therefore, in his haze of trauma and pain, he did what they asked, got into the car and abandoned his property, along with everything inside of it.



California Highway Patrol disputed the legality of this detail as well. Emery should have been allowed to finish changing his tire with police protection.

Strangest of all is that the California Highway Patrol office was only 300 yards away — within visible distance.

The alleged Uber drove him back to the hotel. Alone. The alleged officers took off with his dying dog. Emery was inconsolable.

Most likely, the rental car was then immediately stolen. It was gone when he went back the next morning.

The vehicle still had a majority of all of Emery’s worldly possessions in it — which were all stolen as well. They didn’t even give him time to recover them, or say goodbye to Beowulf.

He had already lost almost everything when his house in New Mexico was burglarized a few months earlier.

The rental company soon demanded that he pay full price for the vehicle, 35,000 dollars, immediately — even though he had taken out full coverage.

They accused him of stealing the car himself, and said the coverage did not apply because he had abandoned the vehicle. They didn’t care that an alleged sheriff had ordered him to do it.

Investigators were threatening Emery with immediate arrest for the theft of the vehicle.

Eventually the vehicle was found abandoned, and he was off the hook. However, all of his belongings were missing. We went through about a week of sheer hell before anyone found it.



CHP itself believes this was some kind of an elaborate criminal setup, possibly involving the MS-13 Mexican criminal cartel.

Officers told us there are gangs that will actually go to lengths this extreme simply to steal a car in Southern California. They run these scams consistently, as if it was a day job.

This incident seems to be a little more than just a typical car theft. We got the stolen car back. My theory about what may have happened is as follows:

1. An initial team drives past Emery and shoots his tire out with a small-caliber weapon with a silencer, such as a .22.

2. Soon after he pulls off to change the tire, a second operative in a truck veers off the road and attempts to strike and kill him and/or his dog.

3. A third crew arrives within minutes — or possibly the same guys from the first step.

One of them had animal-control officer clothes in case the dog was hit. Or they may have intentionally planned to hit the dog all along.

4. He is severely verbally abused while in a deeply traumatized state. They trick him into signing over all legal rights to his dog.

5. A straight-ahead intelligence agent, not even dressing as anyone else, then beats him and threatens him to keep his mouth shut. The warning was obvious.

6. The apparent Uber they called was not actually an Uber, but owned by another one of their associates, so there were no actual witnesses.

7. They then stole the car right after he left and called in the loss to the rental company, knowing this would further disrupt Emery’s plans.



Here is the punchline: We were literally within days of shooting more Cosmic Disclosure episodes for our second taping when this event took place.

In fact, Emery was already late for leaving, and that was why he had all of his stuff in the car.

The theft of the rental car forced us to delay the next Gaia shoot by almost two weeks as Emery cleaned up the mess.

The rental car company put a freeze on any and all other car rentals while the theft was under investigation, effectively grounding him.

We did decide to soldier forward anyway.  Emery cleaned it up, got another rental car after the first one was found, and made the drive from California to Colorado.

We then taped a whole series of fascinating episodes where Corey and Emery compared notes on their experiences in “the programs.”

As is always the case in this arena, sadly enough, there will be skeptics claiming we made all of this up.

We have documentation and multiple witnesses to support everything I am attesting. And Beowulf is dead.

I am not publishing the documents at this time in case the animal control officers involved were genuine, and could attempt to sue us for any number of things.

These types of Deep State plans can be very intricate and multi-layered, and you have to be very careful about how you handle them.



Emery and I first disclosed this tragic event at the end of our joint talk at the Conscious Life Expo in mid-February.

It was very brave for Emery to step up on that stage with me, right in Los Angeles, just four weeks after the tragic murder of his dog.

We may release a video excerpt of the part where he describes the incident fairly soon. We had not planned to discuss it on stage beforehand.

I wasn’t sure if he would even come on stage, and had prepared the talk to be able to run without him in case he changed his mind.


Just a week and a half ago, on April 11th, 2018, while still struggling to find a place to live, Emery was hit yet again by a car.

The circumstances had an extremely bizarre feel to them, as usual.



This time the vehicle was going 45 miles per hour and struck him from behind at full speed, after he had been standing still at a red light for 20 seconds.

The most bizarre aspect of this story was that the same exact make and type of vehicle — a Kia sedan — hit Emery in both occasions.

The first vehicle was a black Kia Optima, and the second one was a light gray Kia Spectra. Those were the only differences.

EmerySmith Oct 2017 collision

Even more outrageous is that both kids said they had just purchased the Kia and driven it off of the lot right before the accident.

In the second case, this was obviously a used-car purchase.

This could therefore be an example of the Deep State “showing off”, by creating ponderous synchronicities that would only further frustrate skeptics and frighten believers.

Thankfully, this latest accident caused no serious injury, only some back and neck pain, and Emery had full coverage on the rental car.

The damage to Emery’s vehicle was surprisingly minimal, whereas the front end of the Kia got smashed up, as you can see here:

EmerySmith April 2018 collision.jpg


The kid who did this seemed dazed and unaware. He didn’t even hit the brakes. There were no skid-marks prior to the point of impact in both crashes.

In last year’s collision with Emery’s Range Rover, the driver had actually accelerated before the impact, rather than braking.

Neither of these young drivers had any idea why they had failed to avoid colliding with Emery.

They both seemed to have been dazed, and completely unaware that they were heading into a collision before it happened.

Does this sound normal to you?



‘ TI ‘ – Targeted Individuals, Emery Smith and … thousands around the world

Victurus Libertas on targeted individuals …. links below the photo.


TI is the term used all over the Internet for “targeted individuals” who are being harassed by govt. officials, according to Dr. John Hall (of San Antonio, Texas) who has worked with a private investigator (PI) on behalf of a woman who was being targeted in a horrific manner.  The PI stated that this program is perpetrated by retired FBI and CIA who have access to advanced mind control technologies to torment and torture average citizens.  Why is access to advanced technology?  The intelligence agencies are conducting experiments in social engineering.  The recent events surrounding Emery Smith’s disclosures, car accidents, beatings and his murdered Mastiff dog, Beowolf (Jan 13, 2018) are typical examples of what the TI community must endure.

In October 2017, I became fascinated with these reports, and the two videos below had thousands of views.  Months later, I found out that a person that I know, Emery Smith was also being targeted for the last five years with: assassination attempts, a successful business destroyed, bankrupted, house robbed, poisoned with a dart, several cars destroyed, one dog kidnapped, another dog murdered … and then ending up homeless and foodless in Dec 2017.

Canadian Actor, Stephen Shellen with Dr. John Hall on Victurus Libertas … the original report had thousands of views.

When Dr. john Hall was interviewed on Coast to Coast, the next day he had 6000 emails from all over the world.

Recently, I just found this link on Catherine Austin Fitts website, Solari Report.  It is a letter to President Trump on his inauguration day, Jan 20, 2017.  The letter from Everyday Concerned Citizens is worth reading but more import peruse the list of people who are signatories to the letter.

In this Youtube at the 5 minute mark they talk about ‘bio-robotizing’   “We are going to find out what bio-robotizing is all about so that we can hit your motor cortex and take it over, we can hit your sensory cortex and take it over, all of this is now legal …”

Suddenly, drivers who accelerate their vehicles into a stationary vehicle, and then cannot remember what happened … seems more plausible … at least in 47 US states, just as Emery Smith has reported.

When Doug Parker advised me of the most recent car accident directed at Emery Smith, here was my response:

These attacks on Emery are a ‘psychological operation’ not just on him, but are also meant to make us feel hopeless as well … we cannot let them prevail.
Here is a great Wikipedia quote from Annie Besant (who lived 100 years ago):
  Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act.  


On a side note, YouTube shut down Jim and & Andie on Victurus Libertas on March 2, 2018 for mysterious reasons.  They originally had 70,000 subscribers but they had to bring up their site from scratch.   The links to targeted individuals were the first to be re-posted.  The controversial shut down of their site is covered on bit chute:


Emery Smith “Cosmic Disclosure” with David Wilcock

Starting Dec 12, 2017, Emery Smith began disclosing to David Wilcock, his insider knowledge of cloning programs at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA … starting in 1991 followed by ten more years  in classified programs.  The first episode has been released on YouTube:

EmerySmith Dec 12_2017

As of Jan 2018, there are a total of 15 episodes to be released but you must create an account here to see them all (i.e. 99 cents for the first month):

I strongly you recommend that you consider a brief membership just to see this content.  I am personally not interested in any of the other content on Gaia TV.

April 17, 2018 Episode on Subterranean Secrets had been put on Youtube:

April 21, 2018  sample below of 4 hour interview with Jordan Sather (Webinar $33 US  … Emery talks about ‘trading’ with ETs, who do not trade for cash.

My message sent to many CE5 groups in Canada on Dec 28, 2017….

I attended six CSETI week-long training sessions with Emery Smith between 2009 and 2012.  I absolutely believe EVERYTHING he has to say.

This is what REAL UFO disclosure looks like … Emery Smith disclosing to David Wilcock.  If the citizens of the US can gain access to the Sandia National Laboratories, they can verify everything he has to say — this makes his testimony different than that from other insider/whistle-blowers.  Emery was in Greer’s movie Sirius in 2013 (which is now freely available … see link below) — he was the guy-with-the-gun in the movie, serving as personal security for Dr. Greer, but also as a Vice President on the Board of Directors for Greer’s CSETI organization..

Emery Smith is the one in the middle:


He was also the guy who took the photo of the small ET light-being on the beach at Boca Grande, Florida, USA in 2010:

And he took these two photos, Wiltshire, UK (2010):



And he took this photo, Chateaubriant, France (2010):

ET Craft_France2010_ CSETI training_1280

And he took this photo, Boca Grande, Florida, USA (2010):×272.png


And he took this photo, Marco Island, Florida, USA (April 2012):


At 2011 CSETI training in Crestone, Colorado …. during meditation, Doug Parker (from New Zealand) had asked for a J shape in the sky … later, Emery got this image:

THE J Arrives Crestone - CO June2011

And also this photo of ET Craft rising at CSETI Crestone, Colorado training in 2011:


March 19, 2018 – Jimmy Church Radio – Fade to Black

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Thank you.


ET craft – in transdimensional from France 2010 CSETI training

This photo was taken by Emery Smith at the CSETI training in France (2010).  For some reason it was inserted at minute 5 in this Sirius Witness testimony.   The purple form floating above the corn field is the ET craft in a trans-dimensional form.  Emery would have seen the craft, or received some signal indicating that it was present, and then he would have taken the photo.  To my knowledge no one else saw this form when it appeared.

ET Craft_France 2010 CSETI training by Emery Smith

I was present at this training in Brittany, France (near Chateaubriant).  In July, on the continent, the sun is still setting at 9:30 pm.  Just as the sun was setting, I was staring at the same corn field with the trees in the background.  Suddenly, I saw six? diamond points of light shower down between us and the trees. I yelped, and a few others turned around to see the last few…. it was an ET craft coming in trans-dimensionally.  About 20 minutes later someone else yelped and in the same direction I saw what looked like a gray metal flag with a long white ribbon-like tail trailing behind, also coming down between us and the trees.  I assumed it was another ET craft, a gray disc that was going trans-dimensional but the reflective metal of the disc was still partially lit by the twilight, a few others saw it as well.  Both of these craft were coming in so fast that they must have been entering the ground, then re-emerging later, that was the reason for going trans-dimensional.

Dr. Greer was doing a puja ceremony on this night, and the ETs like to come in for the ceremony.  The implication is that this ceremony, a prayer for universal peace, may have originated off-planet long before humanity existed.  The ETs are always excited to see it happening and they like to join us.

Emery Smith has taken so many wonderful photos, I hope they will be released someday soon.

Cheers, Deb

Trans-dimensional Photographs [of ETs] from Emery Smith

Transdimensional Photography, AKA: TDP    By: Emery Smith    19March2012

NOTE from Deb:  Emery does regular meditations, including the mantra meditation of Dr. Greer.  His ‘connection’ to ETs is the foundation of his ability to get significant photographs.  Photographers should always be in a meditative trance and be ‘inviting’ the ETs to appear on their photographs.

First off, lets shut off all three-dimensional thinking. Turn on your multidimensional switch and pick up your digital SLR camera. That’s your first couple of steps. Follow this with awareness, you must be aware, be conscious. You probably thought the first thing I would be telling you is that you need to have your ISO set at 3200 or higher, well that’s later on, first we must turn on your setting to prepare you. The camera is just a conduit for the messages to come through, they could be put there in the photo, or from within the camera, or the camera could be used to help them bend light to get this message across, which in this case, is in the form of a photograph.

My name is Emery and I have been asked to write a protocol and give some helpful tips to what I call “Transdimensional Photography” or “TDP”. Our eyes capture about 24-30 frames a second when relayed to our brain. Have you ever seen a slow motion video, for most photographers they have, watching a bullet pierce an apple at 3000 feet per second, pretty extraordinary right. Well we could never see a bullet with our human eyes, but with technology we can slow it down and see it, imagine what else is out there that we don’t see because our eyes are just not engineered that way to see everything around us. Every MIT Professor know we have an even greater capability than that, which is public information, they have already developed a camera that captures one trillion frames per second. They say it is used for capturing photons in action, you know particles of energy in the form of light, and that is basically what we do in the field using our digital SLRs. I mention photons because a photon is particle of light and it is photons that are responsible for our images. Photon energy is also what is released when any or most encounters happen, this could be visually and non visually, and I will get into that in a moment, which is then recorded sometimes in your camera and on your photograph. I would also like to point out that photons are electromagnetic and emit frequencies. This being said, a high energy of light like gamma rays, x-rays, and ultraviolet rays cannot be seen by the eye without special filters or technology, but they still emit a very high amount energy from the photons. Than you have the visible spectrum red through violet, violet being the highest energy in the spectrum and red the lowest. We see many colors throughout the spectrum in our documented classified pictures, which also gives great significance to what is actually happening at the exact time during the CE-5. Lower frequencies of energy such as infrared, microwave, and radio are right below the color red and give off the weakest amount photonic energy. We too give off photons of energy, we are a body of light, our DNA has light, our pineal gland can store light, so what I am getting at is everything is light we are all the light, we are all one, we are just at different frequencies in this light cascade. If you could however be on the same frequency, as lets say a multidimensional being, you could ask through your own light if you may take a picture. You could also ask in you mind, “If there is anything you would like me to share with the group as I take this picture feel free to do so, because we are ready”. It is the acknowledgement of that ET, that craft, or that multicosmical-interdimensional being of light that sets the stage for contact, after all your sharing the same light. Seems like your ready, lets begin.

 I prefer Nikon, I have been an amateur wildlife photographer for seventeen years and before that my family was big on pictures. My work has been purchased by Discovery Channel, National Geographic and a few others, and shown worldwide both still and video, however none of that prepared me for my last three years of Interdimensional Photographer with Dr. Steven Greer on his expeditions, this was no longer point and shoot. Directional light, light waves, scintillating lights, light rods, light probes, light quakes, and invisible light, to name a few, where quite honestly new to me to photograph. A light would go off in the center of the circle, a 45 degree span of the circle observed this, however I did not see a thing. I realized it was time to get creative, it was time to listen, it was time to meditate, but at the same time be aware of the science of light. If you have multiple cameras it is important to have them spread out to cover the site. One thing I learned very quickly is that they are everywhere, all around us at any given moment. You must bond with your team and listen very attentively, to not only what your experiencing, but to also listen and feel what they are experiencing, because if you do so, you can X-Y-Target photograph. You are one axis and the other person is on the other axis, you’re locked on and follow where they meet, that is the target, time to photograph. It is important  to watch what everyone on the team is looking at, listen to instruction and direction. You must remember this is definitely not about you, there is no ego, your on a team and they are expecting you to document, and as photographers we owe it to them, the planet, and the multiverse to do so, how exciting!

     The first thing is to set your correct time and date for that location, wherever that may be on the planet. If you have a GPS function turn it on, if you don’t you can buy an adapter, which records that info as well to the picture. ISO controls can be set anywhere from 400-6400 if your camera allows, I shoot at 3200, most of the time. The settings we are going to discuss now are during a new moon environment- outdoors.  You must have a tripod, unless you’re a retired Special Forces sniper, I was on the rifle team and was awarded the Expert badge, so was my father and his father, however I still use a tripod. You will need to invest in a remote control shutter activation device. They are under $10 and need to be wireless, you may use a wired one but you still must be perfectly still because the vibration can travel up the cord and distort your picture. We want to reduce all vibration and human contact to the camera if possible. That means looking down at your tripod to make sure its not between your neighbor’s chair, legs, or feet. Exposure time should be kept from 3-5 second range as we said earlier a lot of the bright flashes of light come in so fast the human eye can not pick it up. Leaving the shutter open for longer than that could cause more pixilated pictures with camera anomalies. Longer exposures also catch star travel and planet travel, which also may distort the object that you may be intending to get.  You will need to take daylight pictures of the site before you start your CE-5, as a reference for later on, of course always note where your directions are, North, South, East and West. This is a time saver and lifesaver when you are back home editing or recreating a follow up scene documentation of a being or craft landing. If you choose to take longer exposures make an announcement that your shutter is open so persons do not stand up and walk in front or across your cameras field of view.

I have seen many photographs of people claiming they have an ET on their 2.5 inch display just to find out the next day it was Bob in a ski mask on the HD screen of the Apple display. These are all normal mistakes while taking photos for the first time of Extraterrestrials and their beautiful craft, its very exciting experience and its very easy to get caught up in the moment, I for one was very guilty of this in the beginning, it’s a humbling experience. You should always have a lens cloth, prepare for dust, dirt, rain, and snow, yes ice. I do recall one night atop mount Shasta the temperature reading was 14 degrees and a beautiful golden ship appeared I snapped the pic and Voila! I had captured what seemed to be a Unidentified Frozen Object, it looked like a fuzzy starburst. There had been ice completely covering my lens and the picture was distorted. A plastic cover for your camera should also be purchased for the surprise of inclement weather, a good back up however would be a plastic grocery bag, it’s free and its lightweight and can double as a trash receptacle. Batteries, batteries, and more batteries, always have at least one back up battery, no excuses. Equipment energy shrinkage is quite common on these expeditions, it falls under WSFM, be prepared. Lens covers are great whether they are clear or UV, I prefer clear for night. I do not recommend tinted. I do however recommend a infrared filter if your budget allows, you would use this during the day and could capture some amazing craft giving off low frequency light, that without the filter you could not see. You will need a low intensity red lit head lamp, these are also very inexpensive $10 or so, this allows the photographer to free up his hands without having to call on your neighbor to help hold a light, it distracts the entire group, you must be silent and stealthy. Make sure it has an easy to get to on/off switch and that it feels very comfortable and can be worn over a hat. If your camera requires tools you need to have all the tools available on you to fix things in the field. I always carry a small waterproof box with mini screwdrivers and a multifunction tool, you will also find my SD cards and batteries in there as well. Remember you’re a one being operation with your camera, you should not have to disturb anyone else. I also see people show up with brand new million dollar cameras right out of the box without ever reading the instructions, my favorite was a middle aged woman who said no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get this stupid beach picture off her display, the reason is because it was a sticker that came with the camera that covered the display, she had never used the camera before.

A CSETI expedition is very serious, I’m flattered you bought the most expensive camera money can buy, it shows dedication, however, to ask me five minutes before we sit down on the first night how to operate it…. well lets just say I will help you take the stickers off for now. It is important to take a class if you never used an Digital SLR. You can not learn that type of camera in one week, in the dark much less the daylight, without some training, even the most experienced photographers need to learn placement of the new buttons to make quick adjustments in the field just by feel alone, I know I do and you should to. This also helps when your shooting something through the view finder you don’t want to move the camera away from your face and look down at it just to turn your ISO higher or exposure lower, know your camera, keep your eye on the shot before you loose it. Prepare as much as you can in camera setting before you get to the field, doing so ensures a less stressful and more enjoyable time.

My favorite is “How do I turn off my display?” this is quite simple if you know your camera, at night with someone else’s camera it could be quite time consuming and a task. You always want the display off before you go out at night into the field. The photons that come off that display on a dark moonlit night quite frankly rivals some space shuttle luminosity lift offs. It blinds everyone first of all, it also gives a false sense that something had just flashed, If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am referring to the display light that most Digital SLR cameras emit after a pictures is recorded. There is also a front focus light before and after a picture is taken and this also illuminates. This light can all be shut off in your main menu; your displays need to be off as well. If you have a camera that has a light that will not shut off a small piece of blue painter tape works well doubled up over the light. Extra memory cards are also a must, more GB, the better, if your camera has high MP well your going to need more space to store it. A 16g SD card does it for me per expedition when using my Nikon D70, D80, D90, and D7000.  My new Nikon D800 needs a higher capacity such as a class 10 32GB SD card. This is because a class 10 32GB SD card has a faster transfer rate 10MB transfer rate and a 45MB record rate. This is helpful for high megapixel cameras. Shooting in RAW or JPEG is also something you need to think about. RAW files are of the highest quality for editing, but also the slowest and most space consuming. I stick with large JPEG files, because I don’t have time to use a program and not everyone can read RAW, believe it or not.

When I email my colleagues and or VIPs its important they can download and view immediately. RAW is also not as sharp as JPEG and for what I shoot I need it sharp, crystal clear, it also seems to be lower in contrast which gives the picture a flatter washed out look. Yes you could always shoot in Raw and convert to JPEG. Than comes editing and adding contrast and all that jazz but now it even takes even more time and I have manipulated the picture, which is not taken kindly to some scientist or the general public, especially when your trying to prove something. JPEG higher contrast, sharper, and readable-any computer can read it, very reliable for TDP. It does not matter if your running 6.1MP camera or 36.3MP camera they all take pictures and they all work for TDP. My favorite pictures were taken with a 6.1MP to 12.6MP camera as of today, which could change tomorrow.