CE 5 Dates: First Saturday

CE5 refers to Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind  where we — the humans — invite contact.

Our local “Global” CE-5 ET Contact event in Vernon, has converted to the schedule announced by Dr. Steven Greer in 2015.  We meet the first Saturday night of every month … about 1000 teams around the world participate.  Please join us!

Or check in with the ET Contact Network to see if there is a group near you.

Sample member map from the network: http://www.etcontactnetwork.com/

Member map

CSETI members in British Columbia and Washington State … be sure to  include your email so that people can contact you.


3 comments on “CE 5 Dates: First Saturday

  1. mark says:

    Dr Greer is suggesting the 1st Saturday of the month….starting Nov. 7th

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