Newfoundland, Canada – first CE5 event, July 9, 2016

Lois Gueret organized the first CE5 event in Newfoundland, Canada. Her email to me:

Deb: This happened because you have been and still are such a strong advocate for ETI and the peaceful exchange that can take place.  Enjoy and share as you like..  If I do get pictures to include then I will also pass them along.


July 9th 2016 marks the first ET contact night on the Avalon Peninsula that I am aware of. Although I took licence and did my own rendition, we followed the CE-5 protocols. This was my first time moderating a CE-5 night with everyone being new to the method.

We met in my back yard, in a secluded area where we could see the ocean and had a good view of the night sky. We had a comfortable group of 8 including me. We had a psychic from Ontario visiting us and he did an opening meditation to unify the group and set up sacred space. All of us felt connected afterwards.

Weather-wise it was average for this time of year in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. We had a good sunny day, and just as it was getting dark the temperature dropped and there was a light cloud cover blocking the stars and view. This remained the entire evening. The cloud cover was very thin and when I asked spirit I heard this was due to it being unsafe for any physical appearances at this time. I am unsure as to the military presence in Newfoundland as I am new here, my guess is that we would have gotten attention if a craft was visible to us in the sky. I really felt disappointed by that, this is the first time I have been in this particular situation. Later on after discussing the cloud cover with some members of the group it was thought that the cloud cover could have also been there because not everyone was ready for a craft sighting.

We shared our prior experiences prior to starting and of course there was a lot of us who have had encounters. There were photos taken during and some of them showed some interesting pictures. I am waiting to see if anyone wants to include the pictures. Interesting activity was with the tri-field meter and the Geiger counter. As expected both were sounding off activity as we had experiences explained and felt there was contact being established.

During the last meditation however when I had a really vivid experience of trans dimensional beings joining with us, both meters were loud and persistent. They both stopped as soon as the meditation stopped.

Our visiting psychic from Ontario had a vivid experience in the meditation:

“My experience with the group for CE5 was interesting. The meditation we were doing was a bit difficult for me, I have done meditations many times, and as she was guiding us up, in my own mind I was already there LoL so I kept having to bring myself back down to match the visuals as they were being given :p It was a very mind expanding exercise, and as soon as we got to the cosmos in our own minds I was immediately drawn through these multi colored clouds and to what looked like an asteroid. Upon approaching the asteroid, I was immediately drawn into an opening, As I entered, I grew smaller, and the space I was in got bigger, the walls were dripping with all I can describe as oozing slime, it was greenish with tinges of red. There was no smell or dampness which I thought was unusual, and even though the walls were dripping, the floor was smooth and clean. I wandered for quite some time with no sign of anything, all of a sudden it was like this invisible wall parted and I was drawn though to a room whose insides looked very much the same as the outside of the asteroid. There were these bug like creatures, they looked like Prey [sic] Mantises or grasshoppers kind of. My first thought was ‘Jimmeny Cricket whoooa!’ it was like they were looking at me from close up, I could see their eyes were patterned with a kind of cross etching, and were very deep and black. It was like we were talking but not saying anything. I got the feeling that they were just trying to figure out who I was and why I was there.” After a while I was drawn back out of the ship, and was guided back down through meditation. Again, I know the drill, so was moving down a bit faster, but once we opened our eyes, I remembered everything. Wish I could have grabbed some of that green slime for April Fools day but maybe next time 🙂 Thank you very much Lois for the awesome experience!”

Two people felt physical contact with ET’s. We agreed that it was children and one was a ET guide. Meditations were successful even for those who have sensory perceptions of smell and knowing. I saw several beings in the group. Ones making physical contact with a female member and another standing with our visiting psychic from Ontario. Another female who is a local medium had an exciting experience of being off the planet quickly:

“Just couldn’t wait”, to get up there and interact and is looking forward to this being a part of her spiritual adventures in the future.”

A few people experienced what I call fairy lights. I think a few of the photos show these. At one point near the end there was a discussion about seeing lightening briefly and no thunder followed. One woman in the group received an important message from her contact in the meditation:

“I asked why the ETs would want to interact with us, come to Earth, or even help us. They talked about networking. On Earth, if you are well connected, you are apt to gain more opportunities than someone who is not. The ET likened this to their relationship with humans in that, when the Earth becomes un-livable, we humans will have more success in survival if we have connections with extraterrestrial beings. But that didn’t exactly answer for THEIR motivations. I was told that to us (humans), some reference Mother Nature, thinking on a single planetary level. But to them it’s the whole Universe that is Mother Nature. I’m sure they have their own name for it, as in religion the name assigned to a higher power differs cross-culturally. The ET I communicated with compared it to Caucasian, African American, Native, Middle Eastern, etc., but to them it’s just on a larger scale: Human, ET, etc…. On Earth we look out for each other because we may look different, but we’re still the same. It’s the same with humans respecting and looking out for animals, trees, etc. We’re all part of a whole.”

Another woman who was on the left of me also felt she received a download too – here is her recount of what happened for her during the visualization:

“My experience with the CE5 night was more than interesting, there really isn’t a word to describe what I went thru, exhilarating, maybe. During meditation I visited a craft that was round and gold, disc – like, with a child like figure I knew to be an ET. This child was of the same type of light as the inside of the craft. Very bright, very ethereal. Seconds later in front of me was a tall slim craft, looking like a very thin, like it was made of titanium, a dark slate color. It was very tall, almost spire like. It looked far too narrow to enter. There was no visible door but suddenly I was inside this craft and it was HUGE. All white, white light, beings tall & short EVERYWHERE, doing, I have no idea what they were doing but they were all busy. There were different levels with beings on each level moving about, doing. These beings had humanoid features – the shape of a head 2 arms 2 legs almond shaped ‘ eyes’ no mouths or noses but communicating quite clearly. I heard a very high pitched sound that lasted only seconds then I heard ” All the information you need, you will have as you need it ” At one point, after meditations, I looked toward our ‘psychic’ guest and saw lights very soft orb lights. There was another point where I felt like we were actually inside of something, all the while seeing the actual environment we were in. I was snapping pictures throughout the night of the cloudy sky. When I got home I started going thru some of these photos on the camera screen (I have misplaced the chords [sic] that connect with the computer) And on a several of these black looking pictures, all I could see were orbs when I opened the pictures with zoom. I am exceptionally interested in many more CE 5 nights to come. Thank you Thank you Thank you Lois and all who attended!”

A few did not have the experience they had set an intention for, but I feel that as we work together as a group this is going to change. The next CE-5 meeting is on Saturday August 6th, same time at my house in CBS.

Valemont, B.C. (Canada) June 6, 2014 CE5 video of Light Ship by Chris Harder

The Sirius Disclosure ET Contact Network is definitely working ( ).  Chris Harder of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) is listed on the network and he got the following video on June 6, 2014 between 12:15 and 12:45 a.m. while engaged in a CE5 (inviting contact with ETs) in Valemont, British Columbia (a small town on the western edge of the Canadian Rockies).  He said there was no sound and the craft was 150-200 feet above him.  It is an oblong disc shape, goes past the rooftop very quickly and then in front of a cloud, then it dips down in front of a mountain.  As you can tell from the video there was no sound, and Chris reports that he did not hear any sound at all.  Chris has only done CE5 with groups in his area.  He has never attended a Dr. Greer training.  Astonishing !!!

Chris Harder video of ET Light Ship June 6, 2014

One person on my local team is critical.  Her husband has just bought a Parrot drone kit and says that this effect could be hoaxed by a drone.  She sent this video as an example of the drone kit that he owns:

Here is what Chris had to say about the possibility of a drone:

Thanks Deb …. In response to the theory that perhaps it may have been a drone, drones don’t fly around silently throughout the mountains at midnight. The cost is too high to replace them for any average joe and secondly, unless this “prankster” had one big 10,000,000 watt spotlight taped to this thing that illuminates in all directions….you know what I mean. I’m not trying to knock the gentleman that thought that it may be a drone, I just know what I seen. It’s one of those classic “I wish you were there” scenarios but anyhow…they were there and so was I. That’s one more thing off the bucket list lol. Thanks again. Chris

You be the judge.  As always “tune in” and ask “to know” the truth.  Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been around and in use by the military for almost a decade, but for me, this video “tests” as true information about an ET craft.



Followup Sept 5th, 2014:
A local person in Valemont admitted to having their hobby drone out that same night.  From the editor of The Rocky Mountain Goat News:
“A local resident, John Salt, had contacted me and said the lights come from his remote controlled helicopter, pictured on his website –
He lives just north of the Village (maybe a kilometer north of the Petro Canada) and he says the machine he built is flown using video goggles and has a range of about 2 kilometers. I’m hoping to see him actually fly it!
Here’s what he said:
Just wanted to let you know the object in the sky seen flying over our fine little town is a multi rotor RC helicopter. I know, because I’m the person who built it, programmed it, and is flying it. I honestly didn’t think in this day and age when RC aircraft are so prevalent, that people would actually consider it an “unidentified flying object”, but I thought I better clear up any misunderstandings and give it some “identity”. And no these things are not drones as the media loves to call them. A drone implies fully autonomous flight, all RC multi rotors and quad rotors are piloted by a person on the ground (unless they have waypoint flight algorithm systems). They are just regular RC aircraft, but the technology available these days can get quite sophisticated and no question high output Cree LED’s do give it a pretty big visual foot print up in the night sky, but it’s actually only about half a meter or so in size.
The aircraft is a DJI F550 Hex rotor RC helicopter. It’s quite sophisticated using DJI’s Naza M V2 GPS autopilot and stabilization augmented flight system. Flight range is about 2 km from my location, it will fly up to 75 KPH, and I pilot it using video goggles and an on board camera. This in the hobby is know as FPV RC (first person view radio control), and is just like being inside the aircraft as the video goggles give a very immersive flight experience. There are multiple redundancy systems on board and it will even come back home and land if for what ever reason I lost radio communication with it. The technology is very cool and it’s super fun to pilot.
I have a full section on my web site explaining FPV RC and this particular aircraft if you wanted more info on it:
Korie Marshall, Editor
The Rocky Mountain Goat News

(w) 250-566-4606
(c) 250-566-3762

Box 21, 1070 5th Ave, Valemount BC V0E 2Z0

Govt. working with aliens? Not a scintilla of evidence!

Here is Dr. Steven Greer responding to the disinfo about humans working with aliens. “Not a scintilla of evidence…. it is a human disinfo* program.”  “No such thing as ‘alien’ abductions … they are being done by MiLabs … humans working for military labs”.

HOAX ALIEN ATTACK COMING! looks like another YouTube Channel that is worth checking out.  It tends to have relevant snippets rather than whole interviews.  Great name for an ET Contact channel… refers to the possibility of a false flag operation (i.e. just  google “false flag”).

I have done ten CSETI trainings, and personally led through about 850 people through their first ET contact experience …. universally positive, no negative experiences EVER!  In every presentation I make to any group I have to dedicate about 15-20 minutes of my time dealing with this negative propaganda…. it is such a waste of time, but it has to be done.  I usually finish by re-stating Lois Gueret’s August 2011 dictum: “Only come to the ET contact group if you believe that ALL ETs are benevolent, don’t come if you believe in bad ET’s because you will ruin it for the rest of us.”

Since, 2011 there has been a steady increase in the disinfo program “aliens are using mind control to run the the Obama administration.”  Dr. Greer is the ONLY one to say, it ain’t so.  All other commentators in the field will say there are at least a few ET species that worrisome… Dr. Greer says in this interview, “It ain’t so.”

*disinformation – lies told by authorities in the service of some hidden agenda

Youtube channel EroSeninka … recommended!

Nothing on TV?

Looking for a great source of ET Contact YouTubes?

Try the channel on this Youtube account: EroSeninka.

Here is a Dr. Greer interview from April 19, 2014 on EroSeninka:  Go to this YouTube, click on EroSeninka to get the entire channel listing.

A nice complilation of CSETI stuff: Dr. Steven Greer, Nassim Haramein as well as other stuff like JCETI, James Gilliland, etc.


Catherine Austin Fitts… a third report of ET Space Station near Saturn

Catherine Austin Fitts is well known in many circles, especially for coining the term “break away” civilization … referring to the elites who are reserving very advanced technology for themselves and refusing to disclose it so that the rest of us can transform the way we live on the earth.

She is best known for being the Secretary of Housing in the Bush (41) Administration (1989-1992), the discovery that large swaths of her dept. budget were being taken away and directed toward covert “black” unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs).  She became a whistle-blower, was sent into the “wilderness”, suffered murder attempts, etc.  These are the best interviews I have seen her give.  She is particularly good at talking about the so-called imminent economic collapse … not a collapse but “a slow burn, never-the-less we need to be ready to rock-n-roll”.  Plus, this online guy Dark Journalist is a great interviewer.

These two YouTubes are worth watching in the entirety.

From 2014: The UFO Economy

From 2013: Dancing with the Breakaway Civilization

During the 2013 Youtube, at the 49 minute mark she talks about ET ships 70,000 miles long getting power from the rings of Saturn … from one of her military witnesses.  Planet sized ET craft travelling through our solar system?  Nice! This is the third report I have seen about a large ET presence around Saturn.  See my blog for the other two reports:

I am not happy about her reference to the sci-fi schlock film “They Live” seems to be an under handed reference to “aliens are mind controlling the elites and thus, us”.  But officially, she seems to be on the fence, admitting early and often, “I just don’t know”.  I can respect that.



Nov 2, 2013 – Global CE5 using Skype in the Okanagan Region of BC, Canada

I (Deb Warren) went away for the weekend to attend a workshop.  Lois Gueret decided to conduct the local CE5 using a SKYPE session.  She lives about a one hour drive north of Vernon, BC, while Pat and Dolores live about a one hour drive south of Vernon.  As winter draws near, we are inside anyways and it’s a good thing to avoid driving at night.  Great report of connecting through SKYPE.  I did this for the first time one year ago.  Demonstrates nicely that consciousness is indeed non-local.  Dolores gave a report of a “UFO flap” in 1972 in the Howe Sound region of BC.  Lois remarked that  she remembers two other reports from the same year.  One goal of the CSETI protocols is to respond to a ‘flap’ by going to the location and inviting contact.  It is important to note that Dolores’ report of an experience of going on-board an ET craft is in no way an abduction.  Dr. John Mack, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University (up until his untimely death), coined the term “experiencer” to describe these kinds of interactions.

Great report Lois, Pat and Dolores. Thank you for sending it.  Cheers Deb

Intro from Lois Gueret:

I made contact before the Skype call and was aware of a slim four foot tall group of beings that joined me in my loft area where I was.  Pat initiated the call after that and we started out by talking of Dolores’ experience.  It was close to 9 when we actually got the meditation started on Skype.  I had them listen to the first part of the Steven Greer meditation (and the mantra “Im Na Ma”), then I added in my own meditation at the end of that.  We decided after that to go aboard a ship and I used a meditation similar to the one you use [i.e. Deb Warren’s] — with an invitation for the ET’s to be welcome joining us.  We concluded shortly after that because of how late we started after we observed that the energy had dropped.

Here is Pat’s experience of the Skype CE5.

Hi Lois,
Here was my experience from the CE night meditation on Nov 2. I hope I haven’t missed anything but if I did let me know and I will jog my memory. Before the meditation started, Lois (on skype), Dolores and I heard a distinct thump in the right corner of the living room, there were no pets or people responsible for that noise. Shortly after that I became aware of 2 visitors in the living room with us, one on my right standing next to me and one sitting on the couch in between Dolores and me. Both visitors were small no more that 2-3 feet in height. The visitor on the right touched my right forearm as I asked them to indicate they were present. It felt as though it was an energy touch with some pressure but not enough to hurt at all. Right after that, the visitor on the left touched my left arm in almost the same position and it felt the same. I also felt one of the two work on my lower back injury again for which I was very grateful. Additionally, the nagging anger I had had all day was wiped away, once again I was very grateful for that. I was brought to a different ship with a different species. The species resembled a simian race if I remember correctly. I was immediately shown items as opposed to being toured around the ship. The first object shown to me was a metallic sphere that “morphed”, similar to an amoeba that would expand and contract in various spherical shapes. It propelled itself away from my view and then returned as though it had gone in a circle but I couldn’t see how far it went or if it was another spherical shape or the original. It was a grey/dull brown colour. I mentioned I didn’t understand what I was being shown. The second object I was shown was very unusual. It looked like a lumpy rock with long tendrils. The tendrils were translucent yellowish colour or maybe a better description would be they were golden energy appendages that floated. Once again I said I didn’t understand what they were showing me. The next thing I was shown was equivalent to a grand central station with large conveyor like vehicles with many travelers sitting in rows of “seats” more than 5 across. There appeared to be no end of the conveyor vehicle used. I can’t tell you if the travelers were human like (from behind many of them looked similar to humans). After that I noticed a golden pin point of light that never really got bigger in my field of view. It felt as though that information or some adjustment was being made to my brain which took about 30 seconds or so. After that, the golden light went away and was replaced with what started out as a white dot of light that quickly morphed into an eye. All of sudden there were many animals surrounding me and were leading me back to a central exit area. I believe animals were presented to me since I am very much and animal lover and defender. At that point Lois began the process of bring me back. Pat
Dolores report of ET Contact in the Howe Sound region of BC, Canada in 1972:
Intro from Lois Gueret:
This is not an account of being scared or hurt.  It is an account of being on board a ship and what happened.

She actually got it off to me today and I am including it because it is not what you think it is (i.e. not an ET “abduction”). I know of two other events that took place that year on the west coast.

Dolores ‘experiencer’ report of “UFO flap” in 1972:

Hi Lois:
This is my recall of my visitation with extraterrestrials. Also as a bit of background, I was very interested in space exploration – so basically felt I was open for any information. Prior to the visitation that took place in Gibsons, BC in the spring of 1972 – a small group of us would compare thoughts and information about sitings – power drops at Port Mellon Pulp mill – and just general chats in the prior year and after the visitation. We used to watch a silent flying disk shaped object in the early evening, drop behind the hillside of Mount Elphinstone. It would drop almost out of sight, raise again just to be completely visible above the hill line, then would drop completely out of eyesight and this repeated itself for the summer months . My husband and children all witnessed this occurrence and on one occasion the UFO went south toward Vancouver and the following day the News reported several hundred reports of the sighting in the West end of Vancouver. My elderly neighbor reported seeing a flying disk go past her bedroom which was on the north side of their house – all windowed on the north side and stated it tipped sideways as it went past as if to miss the trees along the roadway. On the day of my visitation, I kept getting mental messages that company was coming. After having gone to sleep. I was suddenly wakened and asked to follow this entity, I think it would be a grey. I stated, I will but I’m afraid my children might waken and be frightened. I was assured a watch guard would be stationed outside the children’s rooms and they would sleep soundly. This watch guard was a bit of a lizard type, I didn’t see any tail, but larger, green-grey in colour and chubbier. To the best of my knowledge, my husband remained asleep, and he never once mentioned anything strange and I did not discuss it with him. However, my daughter did awaken during the interlude and she also described the creature but said she just went back to sleep after being assured all was well. To the best of my knowledge, all of the communication was telepathic. It seemed like they were talking but it came from inside my head. Once on board the spacecraft, I was led into a room with an examining table. There were other beings there – One very tall (comparing size with the being that brought me to the craft) one just a bit shorter, and 3 or more sentinels out in the hall standing guard as it were near closed doors. A conversation began, explaining to me that I could be part of an experiment to improve our species. One of my questions was, “Why are you doing this?” “Is it your intention to help our race become healthier” or are you planning to use the information against humanity? I was reassured emphatically, ” We have been visiting Earth almost since the beginning of time, and if we had meant harm or even might do harm now, that certainly is not our intention.” We use our experiments to improve medicine – trying to eliminate things like cancer and we impart our knowledge where it can be made use of – like medical science – when there is a new cure – like the polio vaccine. I was asked if I was still of an age to bare children and I stated I thought so. Then they proceeded to take me over to the table where I laid down – beside the table was a round glass table with instruments on it – similar to the dentist table back then. They used these instruments to take skin samples, and other procedures, then they brought this long thin flexible tube and stated they would insert it in my navel and it would not hurt – but if it did – I would be put to sleep – I could feel the beginning of the insertion and it was very painful – I yelped in pain and was immediately put to sleep – just a flick near my neck, by the being that was standing at my head – When this procedure was complete and I was again awake, I asked them where they were from. I was told it really didn’t matter at this time as their galaxy hadn’t been found by our scientists yet. But I asked again and so they took me to a wall and showed me the star formation which was the same as the one Betty Hill showed on her TV movie-government documentary. UFO Incident Betty & Barney Hill – 1975 – which actually took place in 1962 and I had no idea about this – till it aired on TV and I relived Betty’s recall – and I can remember getting excited with the idea a map would be shown, just like waiting for a surprise. And there it was in its fullest. Only to actually be found years later. Also attacked by naysayers. I tried many times to contact Betty Hill but didn’t have any success. Thanks now to internet, I did contact her niece Kathleen Marden, who has written The Alien Abduction Files with Denise Stoner. Before I was returned home, I was asked if there was anything they could do for me – I jokingly asked if they could help me win a lottery – and was told that was impossible, I then asked for a cure to the common cold. I was given a small white pill – similar to and looking just like a Bayer aspirin – to take home. I wanted to keep it safe and take it to UBC for testing – I put it way in the back of our medicine chest on the top shelf. It never got to UBC – I was very sick one day and needed an aspirin – saw this pill and took it by mistake – I was cold free for about 10 years. Before we left the spaceship I was told I wouldn’t remember anything and not to worry about it. Being a strong minded person, I reassured them I would definitely remember some of it, and I did. The next day when I went over to help my Mom care for my Dad, she mentioned being wakened by this bright light that made the house as bright as daylight..She quickly got up and pulled all the curtains so Dan would continue to sleep. She mentioned feeling scared. They had a burn area outside the back of the house and that area was much larger now. We lived on 5 acres on North Road in Gibsons – our house was on the east side of the property and Mom and Dad’s house was on the west side of the property. Hope someone else can relate to this incident.