Dr. Steven Greer: The Crossing Point of Light – Nov 2014 (5 hours)

ET craft going trans-dimensional …

Here is another 5 hour webinar from Dr. Steven Greer – Nov 9, 2014 in Washington, DC “The Crossing Point of Light – A Workshop with Dr Steven M Greer”  These webinars are the exact information that is covered in his one week CSETI training.

https://youtu.be/uWvSf3PqZ2k?list=PLZMlVnbbPsKRnKj8hz2V9g3pYJETfIAEl     or


Trans-dimensionality: science & consciousness, or at the very least weird science and friggin magic (WSFM).


ET in a cat’s ear from RW in Calgary

When teaching ET Contact, many people arrive for the event with reports that push the boundaries of credulity.  If you are sincerely interested in ET contact then you must be willing to listen to all reports and honor the subjective views of these people.  Remember that ETs will test you.  What is your limit? When do you start to get cranky listening to someone?

I met a woman in Calgary in 2013.  She was the first to see the bouncing light craft that was alternately purple, green and red, as it zoomed around. This craft was witnessed by all four of us for about two minutes.

She has amazing stories of her physical body (and her light body) being taken to Venus in the 1970s where she interacted with ET light beings under the surface of the planet.  A few years ago on a winter night while driving home on dangerous roads, she had 90 minutes of missing time…a drive that normally would take only ten minutes.  She was seriously worried that she had Alzheimer’s because she had no memory of what happened during the lost time.  But as she calmed herself the memories came back to her: of her entire car being beamed on board an ET ship, once on-board she interacted with ET beings and a much-loved cat that had recently passed.  The cat was being honored  and treated reverentially by the ETs, who showed her telepathic symbols of how much they respected her treatment of the cat.  When the cat was alive, she took the photo below of the cat sleeping and noted the uncanny shape of an ET skull in the interior of the cat’s ear [I have added an outline of the cat’s ear and the ET eye socket and mouth].  The image of the ET skull resonated with significance for her.  Someday she will write a book on all this, and offer to do a speaking tour.

In my experience everyone who comes to an ET contact event has some ‘tall’ tale to tell.  It is incumbent on everyone present to honor everything that is being said.  You do not have to agree with it.  You do not have to like it, but you had better check your crankiness at the door.  When you think of all the human suffering on the planet, it usually comes down to one single thing — a failure to honor the subjective realities of other people.  You can expect that an ET contact event will push your buttons in this respect. It is like a boot camp in developing spiritual maturity.   The bottom line?  Objective events of ET contact, observed by many witnesses will not happen until everyone is ready to honor the subjective realities of everyone present.


ET in Cat ear_ in Calgary - cat ears  ET in Cat ear_RW in Calgary - ET skull in ear ET in Cat ear_RW in Calgary - ET skull in ear_02


CSETI Joshua Tree, CA: August 2014, “jewel-like” ET Craft, Deb’s photos

During the Aug 2014 CSETI Training in Joshua Tree, CA, I took the photos below just as the meditation was beginning.  We had been directed by Dr. Greer to take photos during the meditation only if something important happened.  Just as the meditation began, he indicated a bright golden object just above the horizon about 15 degrees in the east. Daniel D. stepped outside the circle and began recording with the night vision video camera.  I checked internally and asked if I should take photos. The answer?  Yes!

I took 9 photos with the shutter open for 4 seconds for each one.  After each exposure, the camera takes a few seconds to process the image.  After processing I immediately took another photo.  The golden ball moved to the south and I saw navigation lights, and so I decided it was a plane and there was no need to take further photos.  When the meditation ended, I checked the photos and discovered this object on three of the photos.  I did not see this object while taking the photos.  I immediately reported the images to Dr. Greer and he invited everyone to come take a look.  The group was on a snack/comfort break and so about half the people saw these images about 3 minutes after I saw them.

There was a period of time of 15 seconds between photo 2 and 3, then a time difference of 18 seconds between slide 3 and 4.  The final slide shows a 4 second exposure of a conventional plane with red and green navigational lights.  Which begs the question: why does the military plane not have obvious navigation lights?  Why are the lights on this military plane so tiny (in photo #5)?

In my original high resolution images, if you look closely at the star positions between photo 3 and 4, you see that in 18 seconds the plane traveled to the right a certain distance, and in the same period, the object traveled to left 4 times the distance of the plane.  The “thinning” of the object and dispersal of the ‘jewels’ of light may be some kind of preparation for a hyper-jump into a trans-dimensional form.

The star is indicated as a reference point (it may be one of the stars in Pegasus).   You can compare how fast and far the military plane is moving versus the object.   Dr. Greer later explained that he remote viewed the plane and knew that it was a military craft surveilling the area for some reason — that is why he brought the plane to our attention.

It may be one object (i.e. a single ‘jewel’) that is hyper-jumping 4 to 6 times while the shutter is open, that is the reason for the translucent red line.  Or it could be one object (i.e. a string of ‘jewels’ on the exterior of the craft?) which appears in a circular arrangement in Photo 2 and then is demonstrating the hyper-jump configuration in Photo 3.  All week, many people in the group were sighting red objects hovering briefly in the area.  On the final evening (Aug 16th), just as Dr. Greer was beginning the Puja ceremony, I saw an object with this same appearance pop in briefly, it was about one inch at arm’s length at 20 degrees in the southeast sky.

It is also interesting that in photo 2, there must have been some camera movement (I may have bumped the camera) because the stars, etc. are a little blurred but the object still appears very sharp.  The sharpness of the image usually means that the object appears so quickly it cannot be perceived by the human eye.  Also it may mean that ETs are interacting directly with the CCD of the camera (i.e. the electronic sensor that receives the image), and creating the image directly on the sensor.

My camera?  A Canon 5D Mark II with 200 mm lens.  ISO set to 6400.  Shutter open for 4 seconds.

All week I had been asking the ETs for the opportunity to take pictures of “jewel-like” craft, just like the photos taken by Emery Smith (who appeared in the Sirius film documentary).  Well?…. They look like jewels to me.  A BIG thank you  to the ETs for permitting this to happen!  Many thanks to Dr. Greer for remote viewing the military craft.  You are awesome sir!  This experience was truly astonishing!

Photo 1 – no object

High Res - ET Object 1a No Object

Photo 2 – first view of object

High Res - ET Object 2

Photo 2 – first view of object CLOSE UP (my favorite photo … it makes me feel happy every time I look at it !)

High Res - ET Object 2 Object Closeup

Photo 3 – second view of object (15 seconds after first)

High Res - ET Object 3

Photo 3 – second view of object CLOSE UP

High Res - ET Object 3 Close up

Photo 4 – third view of object (18 seconds after second)

High Res - ET Object 4

Photo 4 – third view of object CLOSE UP


High Res - ET Object 4 Closeup

Photo 5 Compare images of object  to conventional plane with red and green Navigation lights  Time 21: 58: 30

Small bumps can also be seen on the military plane below, indicating the presence of navigation lights which turn on and off

High Res - ET Object5 - compare to conventional planePhoto 5: Compare above images of object to a conventional plane with red and green navigation lights

CLOSE UP.  The “blobs” in the middle of the lines, are lights that turn on and off.

High Res - ET Object5 - compare to conventional plane CLOSE UP

My second favorite photo … Moonrise over Joshua Tree

Moonrise over Joshua Tree Aug 2014




Valemont, B.C. (Canada) June 6, 2014 CE5 video of Light Ship by Chris Harder

The Sirius Disclosure ET Contact Network is definitely working ( http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/free-etcontactnetwork-app/ ).  Chris Harder of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) is listed on the network and he got the following video on June 6, 2014 between 12:15 and 12:45 a.m. while engaged in a CE5 (inviting contact with ETs) in Valemont, British Columbia (a small town on the western edge of the Canadian Rockies).  He said there was no sound and the craft was 150-200 feet above him.  It is an oblong disc shape, goes past the rooftop very quickly and then in front of a cloud, then it dips down in front of a mountain.  As you can tell from the video there was no sound, and Chris reports that he did not hear any sound at all.  Chris has only done CE5 with groups in his area.  He has never attended a Dr. Greer training.  Astonishing !!!

Chris Harder video of ET Light Ship June 6, 2014


One person on my local team is critical.  Her husband has just bought a Parrot drone kit and says that this effect could be hoaxed by a drone.  She sent this video as an example of the drone kit that he owns:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXLOgiHwTiY

Here is what Chris had to say about the possibility of a drone:

Thanks Deb …. In response to the theory that perhaps it may have been a drone, drones don’t fly around silently throughout the mountains at midnight. The cost is too high to replace them for any average joe and secondly, unless this “prankster” had one big 10,000,000 watt spotlight taped to this thing that illuminates in all directions….you know what I mean. I’m not trying to knock the gentleman that thought that it may be a drone, I just know what I seen. It’s one of those classic “I wish you were there” scenarios but anyhow…they were there and so was I. That’s one more thing off the bucket list lol. Thanks again. Chris

You be the judge.  As always “tune in” and ask “to know” the truth.  Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been around and in use by the military for almost a decade, but for me, this video “tests” as true information about an ET craft.



Followup Sept 5th, 2014:
A local person in Valemont admitted to having their hobby drone out that same night.  From the editor of The Rocky Mountain Goat News:
“A local resident, John Salt, had contacted me and said the lights come from his remote controlled helicopter, pictured on his website – http://www.rchelicopterfun.com/fpv-rc.html.
He lives just north of the Village (maybe a kilometer north of the Petro Canada) and he says the machine he built is flown using video goggles and has a range of about 2 kilometers. I’m hoping to see him actually fly it!
Here’s what he said:
Just wanted to let you know the object in the sky seen flying over our fine little town is a multi rotor RC helicopter. I know, because I’m the person who built it, programmed it, and is flying it. I honestly didn’t think in this day and age when RC aircraft are so prevalent, that people would actually consider it an “unidentified flying object”, but I thought I better clear up any misunderstandings and give it some “identity”. And no these things are not drones as the media loves to call them. A drone implies fully autonomous flight, all RC multi rotors and quad rotors are piloted by a person on the ground (unless they have waypoint flight algorithm systems). They are just regular RC aircraft, but the technology available these days can get quite sophisticated and no question high output Cree LED’s do give it a pretty big visual foot print up in the night sky, but it’s actually only about half a meter or so in size.
The aircraft is a DJI F550 Hex rotor RC helicopter. It’s quite sophisticated using DJI’s Naza M V2 GPS autopilot and stabilization augmented flight system. Flight range is about 2 km from my location, it will fly up to 75 KPH, and I pilot it using video goggles and an on board camera. This in the hobby is know as FPV RC (first person view radio control), and is just like being inside the aircraft as the video goggles give a very immersive flight experience. There are multiple redundancy systems on board and it will even come back home and land if for what ever reason I lost radio communication with it. The technology is very cool and it’s super fun to pilot.
I have a full section on my web site explaining FPV RC and this particular aircraft if you wanted more info on it:
Korie Marshall, Editor
The Rocky Mountain Goat News

(w) 250-566-4606
(c) 250-566-3762

Box 21, 1070 5th Ave, Valemount BC V0E 2Z0

Solitary Practice of ET Contact: Doug’s report from New Zealand

Many people here locally in the Okanagan are doing solitary practice of ET Contact, especially in the winter.  Doug from New Zealand just sent me this report — a great description of the subtleties you need to watch for when you are alone.  Here is Doug’s report:
I had a solo CE V the other day, with really great contact. Here’s the report I sent to others:
As you know I have the amazing privilege of a small, isolated beach place [which my wife & I share with another couple]. I sometimes go down there when I need alone-time, and I have had many opportunities to do meditation/CE V there. Other than stuff that I experienced with CSETI field events, the most intense experiences I have had in the past few years have been there when on my own.
So, all four of us were there after Christmas and when that happens, the TV is always on and there’s lots of eating and talking etc….so on Sunday 29th December it wasn’t really conducive to quietly meditate into the right state of mind. Nevermind, during the day I had been reading articles about stress management and the two magazines had a common theme of “letting go”, and it seemed obvious to me that this is an area I could sure improve upon. About 10:15pm I decided to go outside and see if the weather had improved, as we had wind and a lot of cloud during the day. I was stunned – the sky was crisp, black velvet and the stars were sparkling. Orion was at about 50 deg in the east, and I could also see Taurus and the Pleiades. It seemed “special” [which probably means I could sense a presence], so I decided to go back inside and grab my laser and come back to connect. When I came back out I said a hello [triangles in the zenith, etc]. Then I started to relax and try and get into a better, peaceful state of mind. I recalled the magazine articles and formed the question: Is this what I need to work on? Immediately there was a flashbulb under Orion. That produced a sort of feedback loop where I became more joyful and focused, and I rearranged the question with some gratitude thrown in to my contacts. More flashbulbs. Then there were two “shooting stars” just left of the flashbulb position, one of which went UP…..[note that I saw no other activity of any sort, anywhere else the whole time while out].
At some point which I don’t remember clearly now, there was also a large [basketball sized?], soft white orb which I caught in my peripheral vision [I am much better at catching these things now…]. I replayed it in my mind and looked in that direction, and worked out that it was close range, in front of the trees [If Emery had been there, I am sure he would have photographed it!]. There is a forest at the back of the section [and NO NEIGHBORS]. The grass was a bit wet and I didn’t follow up, but looking back I think I should have walked up there and gone [mentally] deeper. Even so I felt really good and thankful for such an off-the-cuff connection for which I didn’t even prepare.
One other small thing, on January 2nd Julia and I went to visit a friend’s beach place on the opposite coast, about a 1 hr drive form our place. We went there for lunch, and while we were sitting under the shade cloth at the outdoor table under a blue sky, I saw a small “almost triangular” cloud out on its own. It wasn’t the cookie-cutter obvious sort of thing I have been lucky to see before, but it caught my attention and I started thinking about ET’s and connections. Straight away, three small holes developed inside this cloud….in a perfect isosceles/triangle formation! I smiled and acknowledged this but of course didn’t attempt to mention it to the others.
I sometimes wonder if such things are self-created, since I am certain we all have such abilities. Though with past cloud events, I am also certain they were externally created.
I think there’s a definite personal message [may not apply to other people] that I have to have a “genuine” reason or there is likely to be nothing obvious happening. It’s sort of like being “in tune” with the right type of intent. Sometimes if I have prepared properly, there is an exchange of greetings immediately – I start with a laser hello, and there’s an instant response [mostly a flashbulb but sometimes a zooming craft right from the laser triangle, so not some random meteor thing]. If I just go out and look at the stars, any visible stuff is rare – but say if I am driving home late and thinking about the right sort of consciousness-raising stuff, when I take a few minutes standing on the drive there is a connection.
To be really frank, I get more when I am on my own and I haven’t figured out why. For episodes when negative people are present, the ET’s gave me very obvious lessons by turning up moments after those people left the event. But part of letting go, is not worrying about such things. 
Cheers, here’s to a great 2014