Dr. Steven Greer: The Crossing Point of Light – Nov 2014 (5 hours)

ET craft going trans-dimensional …

Here is another 5 hour webinar from Dr. Steven Greer – Nov 9, 2014 in Washington, DC “The Crossing Point of Light – A Workshop with Dr Steven M Greer”  These webinars are the exact information that is covered in his one week CSETI training.

https://youtu.be/uWvSf3PqZ2k?list=PLZMlVnbbPsKRnKj8hz2V9g3pYJETfIAEl     or


Trans-dimensionality: science & consciousness, or at the very least weird science and friggin magic (WSFM).

West Vancouver & NYC – photo of ET craft in 2013

Recently, a woman in West Vancouver, B.C. Canada  reported taking this photo December 4, 2013 around 10 a.m.  You can see the outline of Stanley Park on the horizon. She was walking the seawall and said, “I saw the shimmer of the object first” (the blue dot between the building and the sun). She took the photo then noted the two aircaft approaching in the photo.

She is aware that jet fighters are often scrambled when ET craft are close to materializing.


Then a friend’s brother-in-law was in New York City, on a harbour cruise and took the following three photos in quick succession. These photos were from June 8, 2013. They did not see the craft until they looked at the photos.





Dr. Steven Greer: 2010 France- Pres. Sarkozy

I WAS THERE in France – July 2010!  Dr. Greer has finally gone public with background info on 2010 CSETI training in France.  He saw five ET beings in close quarters.

Dr. Greer: Speaks about 2010 in France

This 2015 Youtube was recorded at an event in London, UK.  Look  who is sending this YouTube…celebrated actor and comedian, Russell Brand … yeah celebrities!  But be aware that this Brand YouTube is his ‘mashup’ of conspiracy stuff.  (btw … watch out for looking for more info on Sarkozy security issue… I picked up a nasty virus warning… lucky for me I have ‘Deep Freeze’ on my computer).  Enjoy!

Vernon, BC CE5 – Nov 7,2015

Nov 7, 2015 Vernon, BC Canada … in meditation, our group of three met a group of beings who were meeting humans for the first time, the name they chose for themselves was simply “The Light”, we also traveled to the lights observed in the crater at Ceres  … the energy there was very gentle. Each of us received some healing energies from the ET beings. Our group has agreed to meet the first Saturday of every month and follow Dr. Greer’s new schedule (rather than the Kosta Mackrease schedule of ETLetsTalk.org).

This images was referred to by Paul LaViolette at the 2015 Secret Space Program Conference, held in Austin Texas.  These are anomalous lights that in close up look like the lights of a city.

Paul Laviolette images from Secret Space Program Conference 2015

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015_2

Link to Ceres photos: Ceres Dwarf Planet – Lights in Crater


New Zealand – Diamond Blue ET Craft, Transdimensional (Aug. 9, 2015)

Jeremy was at the CSETI April 2015 training in Joshua Tree, CA [USA]. Dr. Greer invited Jeremy to lead the entire group through a meditation … an amazing fellow!  This was the first time I have ever seen Dr. Greer extend such an invitation.

My response to Sandi’s photo from Aug. 9, 2015:

Holy Cow Jeremy!  How utterly beautiful!  As Dr. Greer says, the photo is carrying the actual ‘darshan’ of the object,  you feel the loving light-energy just by looking at the image. It is like a Tibetan mandala — only more beautiful than any I have ever seen.  Wow!  You, Sandi and the being are really connected. I will absolutely pass this on to Emily and Dr. Greer.   Consider it done.  Cheers, Deb Warren


From Jeremy and Sandi:

I want to share this pic with you, taken by Sandi  in New Zealand. I have included the original pic in the highest resolution we have, together with a slightly enhanced version (just adjusting the light curves in Photoshop) and the settings of the video camera Sandi took this still shot with. Zoom in and take a close look at the geometry in this image, interested to know your thoughts and feelings?

Sandi has told me she was photographing the Kahu (harrier) and did not see anything like this in the image until later. The gift I gave to Steven and Emily [at the CSETI training – Joshua Tree, CA, USA – April 2015] is carved with this bird, a Kahu/Hakuwai, a type of harrier. The night before she took this image, I remote viewed a similar shaped object in the same area, only a bit more violet/purple in colour but similar in shape and texture.

Last night, I had another lucid experience that was (in brief) the following:

“Last night before sleep, I said, “I am happy meeting as many ETs as would like to meet, in the lucid realm.” The one I met last night [in the dream] happened at a shallow and small lake, that had dried up. There were 2 chairs in the dry lake and the light was perfect for photography so I asked if anyone had a camera so I could take some photos. There was a team of us there and a member passed me a camera. I walked out into the lake bed that was pitted and raised slightly. I was about to take a picture when I heard a soft voice say ‘careful’, it was warning me of the possibility of quicksand, which seemed odd but then meant that it was watching out for me/us. I said, “Thanks and hi,” and introduced myself, it gave me a name (that I don’t remember exactly but started with B and was one syllable) and appeared as a humanoid with characteristics of a cat/possum, although human in form, fairly thin and around 3 feet tall, maybe slightly less, big round eyes that were full of colours and dimensions. It was very gentle and I asked what it was doing here and the being said,  “I am  here to help.” I confirmed I was on earth and not the planet of this being. The most memorable thing about the being is that it is blue. That was the strongest aspect to the experience. There were 2 other people there with me and the ET, we seemed to be standing in a small equilateral triangle formation, with the ET in the centre, as though inside a tetrahedron, that we had created — a vessel for it to get there through the geometry and vibration our bodies made when standing in this way… and this was the end of the dream.”



NewZealand_Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 11.45.15 AM

Photo Credit: Sandi of 4×4 Adventures New Zealand Limited

Recording of Puja Ceremony – Dr. Steven Greer

Puja is a Sanskrit word that means ‘ritual’. Paul Riedner attended the CSETI Joshua Tree, CA  training in April 2015.  He made a high quality audio recording of Dr. Greer performing the puja ceremony sung in the Sanskrit language of the ancient Vedic texts.  Paul’s other podcasts can be located at  CE5 in Minneapolis.  Many thanks to Paul for sharing this audio.

At the 5 minute 27 second mark, there is an odd clicking sound.  One of the people close by, saw a green pyramid coming near to the puja table;  Dr. Greer performing puja ceremony (audio only)

The ceremony is a universal prayer for peace.  There is a table with ritual offerings: fire, water, flowers, incense and an orange.  There is also an image of the major spiritual masters going back to the beginning of time.  When Dr. Greer was involved with the TM movement, he performed this ceremony as often as 8 times a day.

The Vedic texts were probably an oral tradition in India circa 3000 B.C.E.  However, the major implication for CE5 contact is that this prayer for peace began off-planet long before humanity even existed on Earth.  Often, just as the ceremony is beginning, ET craft (and beings) can be seen to enter the area, just to attend the ceremony with humans.  I myself have seen a large golden appear directly above the group (2 inches across at arms length).  In France 2010, I witnessed two separate physical physical manifestations of ET craft coming into the area just before the puja ceremony began (i.e. diamond points of light appearing against the trees 100 feet away, and a gray flag remnant of a metallic disc with white tail, both sailing quickly into the ground as they went trans-dimensional).  In addition, Emery Smith got a photo of a squarish purple shape, hovering above a field just before the ceremony was to begin ( Emery Smith Photo – France 2010 ).

Judge for yourself, how do YOU feel after listening to this?

Cheers, Deb Warren

ET in a cat’s ear from RW in Calgary

When teaching ET Contact, many people arrive for the event with reports that push the boundaries of credulity.  If you are sincerely interested in ET contact then you must be willing to listen to all reports and honor the subjective views of these people.  Remember that ETs will test you.  What is your limit? When do you start to get cranky listening to someone?

I met a woman in Calgary in 2013.  She was the first to see the bouncing light craft that was alternately purple, green and red, as it zoomed around. This craft was witnessed by all four of us for about two minutes.

She has amazing stories of her physical body (and her light body) being taken to Venus in the 1970s where she interacted with ET light beings under the surface of the planet.  A few years ago on a winter night while driving home on dangerous roads, she had 90 minutes of missing time…a drive that normally would take only ten minutes.  She was seriously worried that she had Alzheimer’s because she had no memory of what happened during the lost time.  But as she calmed herself the memories came back to her: of her entire car being beamed on board an ET ship, once on-board she interacted with ET beings and a much-loved cat that had recently passed.  The cat was being honored  and treated reverentially by the ETs, who showed her telepathic symbols of how much they respected her treatment of the cat.  When the cat was alive, she took the photo below of the cat sleeping and noted the uncanny shape of an ET skull in the interior of the cat’s ear [I have added an outline of the cat’s ear and the ET eye socket and mouth].  The image of the ET skull resonated with significance for her.  Someday she will write a book on all this, and offer to do a speaking tour.

In my experience everyone who comes to an ET contact event has some ‘tall’ tale to tell.  It is incumbent on everyone present to honor everything that is being said.  You do not have to agree with it.  You do not have to like it, but you had better check your crankiness at the door.  When you think of all the human suffering on the planet, it usually comes down to one single thing — a failure to honor the subjective realities of other people.  You can expect that an ET contact event will push your buttons in this respect. It is like a boot camp in developing spiritual maturity.   The bottom line?  Objective events of ET contact, observed by many witnesses will not happen until everyone is ready to honor the subjective realities of everyone present.


ET in Cat ear_ in Calgary - cat ears  ET in Cat ear_RW in Calgary - ET skull in ear ET in Cat ear_RW in Calgary - ET skull in ear_02