Who Built the Moon?

Great book:

Who built the Moon? by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler (Kindle edition $1.99)

If you want to read about ALL the anomalies related to the moon…it is hollow, it rang for three hours when struck by a vehicle,  it has heavy metals on the surface  (i.e. uranium 236 and neptunium) when these metals do not occur in nature but are the result of nuclear reactions, plus all the craters are of equal depth, as though meteors hit the surface but reach a barrier about 20 miles down … rocks and dust on the surface of the moon are 5.3 billion years old, older than the 4 billion years of earth.

But this documentary is fascinating: Moon Rising…all the photos of structures on the moon, that NASA has tried to hide.  These images include the far side of the moon. This documentary takes the view that the artifacts are ruins from an ancient extraterrestrial civilization.  Artificial structures on hte moon — hidden in plain sight.


It is intriguing that the Apollo 17 patch that took all the photos (1.8 million photos), had a Mission patch from 1994 that linked Stonehenge, the Sun and The Moon … ancient ruins.  The narrator suggests links to Egyptian culture.

Apollo 17 Mission Patch

Ordinarily, I would be loath to present ANYTHING by David Icke but I have to admit he did a pretty good job of presenting moon anomalies between the  1 hour mark and 1:29 mark.  The rest of the Youtube is the usual David Icke nonsense.


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