Photos daylight discs-April 22, 2016

Daylight discs-April 22, 2016 (on Earth Day!) …. many ET craft in Vernon, BC, Canada.

Hi Deb,
Last night I was out for a drive with my oldest daughter G. at 7pm. The sky over Vernon was really stormy so we stopped to take some pictures. G. saw a few crafts popping in and out of the clouds as though they were playing tag as she described it after. I was able to see them as well. So I looked closely at the pictures that we took and there’s lots of objects that appear to be crafts and this picture is one that you can see quite clearly that it is. The other 3 pictures are zoomed in at different resolutions of that one picture.
So needless to say I have a pretty excited kid! Haha


Deb’s comments:

Finally had a chance to talk to Ms. T. … she and her 13 year old daughter watched 4 or 5 discs dip in and out of a cloud that looked like a UFO against a very stormy sky. Her daughter was the first to see them and made comments that indicated she was very ‘connected’ to them.  Initially, when the daughter pointed out one to her mother, it disappeared.  The daughter said, “It disappeared because they don’t want you to see them.”  Then  Ms.T. saw them too and they watched them for about 10 minutes before the show ended.  It was her daughter who saw the disc crossing the sky so that Ms. T. was able to take a picture of it.
I suggested to her that the ‘cloud’ may have been a trans-dimensional ‘mother ship’… and the discs were associated with the larger craft.

Very interesting photos … great job editing the sections to show close ups of each of the four ET craft (in the one picture)…  Very odd shapes, difficult to call them drones, birds, etc. The rest of the photo is crisp but some blurriness of the craft.  I am wondering if they were transitioning between trans-dimensional shapes? A definite halo around each…usually means the the trans-dimensional field is affecting the water vapour that surrounds the craft.

The area on the ground below is very active for ET craft.  Our CE5 member, Jane L., reports every month on lot of ET activity in the area, and Lois Gueret  (   has told us about her 2008 experience of ET craft being ‘parked’ in the area.  I have had one meditation where a very large craft was parked in a field and was just on the verge of going physical.
Our CE5 group met on May 7th and remote-viewed this time and place… the large ET ‘cloud’ ship was effecting repairs on the small scout ships, which were then tested in the sky above Vernon, a lot like what happens with you car when the mechanic drive tests it before returning it back to the customer.
Photos: the full resolution of photos is not available on WordPress …
so download and zoom into the center of the main photo, there are two other objects just above the hills (dots)…no change in resolution this link:

Download then zoom in to the center and find the craft?


Download original photo below:


Ms. T. zoomed in and found the craft.


Download original photo below (note the halo around two objects): 

4_zoom_odd shape

Two odd shapes, but if you zoom in you will see it surrounded by halo.


6_odd shape

Note the halo around the object.


Download original photo below (a halo around two objects):

7_two shapes with halos

Zoom on the two small shapes?  You will also see a halo around each.

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