Vernon, BC CE5 – Nov 7, 2015

Nov 7, 2015 Vernon, BC Canada … in meditation, our group of three met a group of beings who were meeting humans for the first time, the name they chose for themselves was simply “The Light”, we also traveled to the lights observed in the crater at Ceres  … the energy there was very gentle. Each of us received some healing energies from the ET beings. Our group has agreed to meet the first Saturday of every month and follow Dr. Greer’s new schedule (rather than the Kosta Mackrease schedule of

This images was referred to by Paul LaViolette at the 2015 Secret Space Program Conference, held in Austin Texas.  These are anomalous lights that in close up look like the lights of a city.

Paul Laviolette images from Secret Space Program Conference 2015

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015

CeresLights_Paul Laviolette_SSP2015_2

Link to Ceres photos: Ceres Dwarf Planet – Lights in Crater


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