Dr. Greer: Nov. 21, 2015 – National Security State (4 hours)

Exposé of the National Security State

4 hour webinar Nov 21, 2015: link to 4 hour webinar Washington, DC

Thank you Dr. Greer, for sharing this in a mass media format.

At the very end, Dr. Greer calls for more disclosure witnesses to come forward, particularly if they have worked in secret govt bases, and for specified corporations.  In April 2009, Dr. Greer forwarded a briefing paper to six high level members of the Obama Administration, attached was a secret document that listed the facilities where covert programs were happening.  This webinar is the first time Dr. Greer has gone public with the list of secret facilities.  He recreates the document here and presents at the 1 hour 41 minute mark.  Here are some screen shots:






I have been to eleven CSETI trainings. This 4 hour YouTube delivers the same content that is delivered in 5 days of afternoon lectures in a typical training, and so you are all lucky to see this — as the vast majority of people cannot attend a workshop.  During a training, Dr. Greer waits to respond questions from the audience but in this YouTube he has given a very efficient delivery of the same material … not having to wait for people to ask questions. As you can tell, you now probably need to spend weeks and months studying further to fully understand all that he has to say … welcome to the club!

Furthermore, I have attended ET Contact workshops sponsored by other people. My best ET experiences have always been with Dr. Greer. Do the CE5 contact protocols on your own and you can have similar experiences as well–just meditate, invite the ETs in, find others who will join you.

I have been attending Dr. Greer lectures since 1999, and what he has had to say has been impeccable …. in this YouTube, he has been absolutely consistent with all his comments since 1999. I cannot say this about any other person who claims to speak on this topic.

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