Gary MacKinnon – the non-terrestrial officers of Earth’s space fleet

In 2002, Gary MacKinnon a Scottish systems administrator and hacker, got access to US DoD computers.  He was looking for evidence of free energy suppression and then he found documents that discussed ‘non-terrestrial’ officers serving in a ‘space fleet’, with a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet’ transfers.  The US tried to extradite him but in 2012 the UK dropped the extradition order.  This story is now part of mainstream UFO lore and everyone should know about it.  Dr. Greer often relates the same comments of Ben Rich from Lockheed skunkworks.  It is also import to note that the proper name for the facility in the Nevada desert is ‘S4’, no one but those in the UFO subculture ever refers to it as ‘Area 51’.

The report below is excerpted from George Filer’s Files Filer’s Files #24 – 2014 June 11, 2015

Hacker Claims There Are Military Spaceships

Gary McKennon

Paul Christian reports, “UFO hacker Gary McKinnon claims he has been seeing data on Non-Terrestrial Officers and spaceships conducting a military computer hack around Fort Meade and other facilities. At the Johnson Space Centre Gary spied on photographs of cigar-shaped objects that might have been UFOs but – he says – they were probably satellites. “You end up lusting after more and more complex security measures,” he says. “It was like a game a computer games. It was hugely addictive.” There were hackers from many nations snooping around every night for the entire five to seven years I was doing this.

He claims, “I found a list of officers’ names under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’ and a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’, and a list of ship names.

I looked them up. They weren’t US Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceships, off-planet.”Apparently there is a secret military astronaut corps, and the U.S. operates a fleet of antigravity space capable aerospace vehicles, although “I was smoking a lot of dope at the time. Not good for the intellect.” Allegedly the names of two of the ships are the General Curtis LeMay and Vice- Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter.

Editor’s Note: If Gary McKinnon’s statements are correct, Obama’s decision to cancel the Shuttle program is probably a good decision if there is a more efficient military shuttle program in operation. The thirty year old shuttles cost the government allegedly a billion dollars per flight.
Bob Lazar claims that during his employment at S-4 facility in Nevada, he briefly witnessed an Aurora flight while aboard a bus near Groom Lake. He claimed that there was a “tremendous roar” as he saw a very large aircraft having “two huge, square exhausts with vanes in them.” Upon speaking with his supervisor, Lazar claims he was informed that the aircraft was indeed an “Aurora, a high altitude research plane powered by liquid methane.


Photo of alleged UFO near S-4 ufosightingsdaily

In 2000, Aberdeen Press and Journal writer Nic Outterside wrote a piece on US stealth technology in Scotland. Citing confidential ‘sources’ he alleged RAF/USAF Machrihanish two-mile-long long runway in Kintyre, Argyll to be a base for Aurora aircraft.

‘Oceanic Air Traffic Control at Prestwick’ Outterside says, ‘also tracked fast-moving radar blips. It was claimed by staff that a “hypersonic jet was the only rational conclusion” for the readings.

In 2006, aviation writer Bill Sweetman put together 20 years of examining the black budget concluded: “This evidence helps establish the program’s initial existence. My investigations continue to turn up evidence that suggests current activity. For example, having spent years sifting through military budgets, tracking untraceable dollars and code names, I learned how to sort out where money was going. This year, when I looked at the Air Force operations budget in detail, I found a $9-billion black hole that seems a perfect fit for a project like Aurora.”[4]

Former President Ronald Reagan who alluded to a highly classified space fleet in a June 11, 1985, entry in his diaries where he revealed that “Our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people.”



Ben Rich

William Hamilton wrote, “Rich Andrews was a close personal friend of Lockheed’s Skunk Works CEO Ben Rich. Before Rich died of cancer, Andrews took my questions to him. Rich confirmed: 1. There are two types of UFOs — the ones we build, and ones THEY build. We learned from both crash retrievals and actual “Hand-me-downs.” The Government knew, and until 1969 took an active hand in the administration of that information. After a 1969 Nixon “Purge”, administration was handled by an international board of directors in the private sector. 2. “‘An’ item” — as opposed to “‘The’ item” — was recovered near the world’s only combat operational atom bomb base (Roswell AAF) in 1947. Hull design, aerodynamic measurements and propulsion info was passed directly to Jack Northrop and Kelly Johnson, beginning in 1950, with a major block of data being passed on from “The Working Group” at Wright Patterson AFB’s Foreign Technologies Division in 1952. “We can take ET home.



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