ET in a cat’s ear from RW in Calgary

When teaching ET Contact, many people arrive for the event with reports that push the boundaries of credulity.  If you are sincerely interested in ET contact then you must be willing to listen to all reports and honor the subjective views of these people.  Remember that ETs will test you.  What is your limit? When do you start to get cranky listening to someone?

I met a woman in Calgary in 2013.  She was the first to see the bouncing light craft that was alternately purple, green and red, as it zoomed around. This craft was witnessed by all four of us for about two minutes.

She has amazing stories of her physical body (and her light body) being taken to Venus in the 1970s where she interacted with ET light beings under the surface of the planet.  A few years ago on a winter night while driving home on dangerous roads, she had 90 minutes of missing time…a drive that normally would take only ten minutes.  She was seriously worried that she had Alzheimer’s because she had no memory of what happened during the lost time.  But as she calmed herself the memories came back to her: of her entire car being beamed on board an ET ship, once on-board she interacted with ET beings and a much-loved cat that had recently passed.  The cat was being honored  and treated reverentially by the ETs, who showed her telepathic symbols of how much they respected her treatment of the cat.  When the cat was alive, she took the photo below of the cat sleeping and noted the uncanny shape of an ET skull in the interior of the cat’s ear [I have added an outline of the cat’s ear and the ET eye socket and mouth].  The image of the ET skull resonated with significance for her.  Someday she will write a book on all this, and offer to do a speaking tour.

In my experience everyone who comes to an ET contact event has some ‘tall’ tale to tell.  It is incumbent on everyone present to honor everything that is being said.  You do not have to agree with it.  You do not have to like it, but you had better check your crankiness at the door.  When you think of all the human suffering on the planet, it usually comes down to one single thing — a failure to honor the subjective realities of other people.  You can expect that an ET contact event will push your buttons in this respect. It is like a boot camp in developing spiritual maturity.   The bottom line?  Objective events of ET contact, observed by many witnesses will not happen until everyone is ready to honor the subjective realities of everyone present.


ET in Cat ear_ in Calgary - cat ears  ET in Cat ear_RW in Calgary - ET skull in ear ET in Cat ear_RW in Calgary - ET skull in ear_02



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