Conspiracy ‘fact’ with Michael C. Ruppert (1951-2014)

The film documentary “Collapse” (2013) about Michael C. Ruppert:

My favourite quote from Ruppert (about himself) in this movie, “Come down off the cross asshole, we need the lumber.”  Somehow I failed to be aware of his death in April 2014:

Ruppert was fundamental to my particular ‘crossing of the Rubicon’ in the early 1990s.  I first heard about him through John Stockwell (a former whistle-blower CIA officer and author of “The Praetorian Guard” (1991)).  In 1991, Stockwell attended an Earth Day demonstration in Vancouver, BC, then gave a workshop post-demonstration which was recorded and broadcast on the local community TV show, Global Justice (now defunct).  Ruppert’s name was mentioned by Stockwell as the police detective in Los Angeles who refused to cooperate with a CIA program who were deliberately selling drugs into local black communities–THAT got my attention.  Ruppert was a graduate of political science (at UCLA) before becoming a police officer.

Many of the statements made by Ruppert in this documentary have been stated by Dr. Greer during CSETI trainings as well: the criticism of our society’s dependence on oil; the instability of the $700 trillion derivatives market; own enough land and make sure that you know how to grow your own food–without the use of oil; if the collapse happens, you will fail as a ‘rugged-individual’, but you will survive as a member of a tribe or a community; our society needs to grow up and mature or die; the President of the U.S. is an imprisoned as the rest of us.


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