Astronaut Edgar Mitchell (M.I.T. PhD in Science) on FOX News (2013)

Some nice testimony from Dr. Steven Greer to the Citizen Hearings on Disclosure (in Washington, D.C. 2013) , also more testimony from the former Canadian Minister of Defense, Hon. Paul Hellyer.  But the first five minutes of this link are interesting because of the testimony of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former NASA Apollo astronaut who went to the moon.  Dr. Mitchell has a PhD in Science from M.I.T.   I did not know that Mitchell grew up near Roswell, New Mexico.  It is also interesting that FOX News interviewed him.

Dr. Mitchell has long been a witness on UFO disclosure and has cooperated with Dr. Steven Greer to achieve full disclosure.  Dr. Greer maintains that disclosure of ET realities happened in the 1990s when he gave testimony to a committee of the US Congress, what is needed now is full disclosure of the “free energy” technologies that have been suppressed for 60 years.


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