Conspiracy Rap – Juice News Rap, Nov. 30 2014

I remain highly suspicious of RT YouTube (i.e. RT = Russian Television), it is basically a vehicle of propaganda from Russian president, Vlad Putin.  Remember though that all disinfo contains some true information.  This YouTube lets us know that hip people are finally understanding the meaning of ‘false flag’, NWO, Bilderberg group, etc.  I also enjoyed the parody of Russell Brand.

Dr. Greer (and others) often refer to this covert global planning effort as “The Cabal”, Catherine Austin Fitts calls it “The Alternate Civilization”… because the elites have access to and knowledge of extraordinary technology that has been withheld from the rest of us.

btw ….

Canadian broadcast TV has a CBC news show, Fifth Estate, and they just did a documentary on Putin (Jan. 2015).  Did you know that the median income in Russia is $870 per per person year whereas in India it is $1000 per year.  Astonishing. You probably need to be in Canada to view this link:


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