Atacama Desert (Chile) – Huge array of radio telescopes … looking for planets

PBS Newshour Nov. 8, 2014:

60 Minutes: March 9, 2014:

As reported in the Sirius documentary the ‘Atacama’ humanoid was found in the Atacama Desert of Chile (one of the driest deserts in the world), hence the name for the little body.  During CSETI training, Dr. Greer has given two different reports as to how the humanoid was found.  Watch this video to see the huge installation of brand-new radio astronomy telescopes.  At 16,000 feet in altitude people need to have oxygen bottles nearby to work there.   When I ‘tune-in’, I keep seeing the body being discovered as this site was being excavated to build this particular facility.  Try tuning in, and then tell me what you get.  How is that for ‘cosmic’ irony, humans find the body of a small ET being, while building a huge contraption to see far interstellar space for the purpose of finding … another planet with life on it.




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