Solitary Practice of ET Contact: Doug’s report from New Zealand

Many people here locally in the Okanagan are doing solitary practice of ET Contact, especially in the winter.  Doug from New Zealand just sent me this report — a great description of the subtleties you need to watch for when you are alone.  Here is Doug’s report:
I had a solo CE V the other day, with really great contact. Here’s the report I sent to others:
As you know I have the amazing privilege of a small, isolated beach place [which my wife & I share with another couple]. I sometimes go down there when I need alone-time, and I have had many opportunities to do meditation/CE V there. Other than stuff that I experienced with CSETI field events, the most intense experiences I have had in the past few years have been there when on my own.
So, all four of us were there after Christmas and when that happens, the TV is always on and there’s lots of eating and talking etc….so on Sunday 29th December it wasn’t really conducive to quietly meditate into the right state of mind. Nevermind, during the day I had been reading articles about stress management and the two magazines had a common theme of “letting go”, and it seemed obvious to me that this is an area I could sure improve upon. About 10:15pm I decided to go outside and see if the weather had improved, as we had wind and a lot of cloud during the day. I was stunned – the sky was crisp, black velvet and the stars were sparkling. Orion was at about 50 deg in the east, and I could also see Taurus and the Pleiades. It seemed “special” [which probably means I could sense a presence], so I decided to go back inside and grab my laser and come back to connect. When I came back out I said a hello [triangles in the zenith, etc]. Then I started to relax and try and get into a better, peaceful state of mind. I recalled the magazine articles and formed the question: Is this what I need to work on? Immediately there was a flashbulb under Orion. That produced a sort of feedback loop where I became more joyful and focused, and I rearranged the question with some gratitude thrown in to my contacts. More flashbulbs. Then there were two “shooting stars” just left of the flashbulb position, one of which went UP…..[note that I saw no other activity of any sort, anywhere else the whole time while out].
At some point which I don’t remember clearly now, there was also a large [basketball sized?], soft white orb which I caught in my peripheral vision [I am much better at catching these things now…]. I replayed it in my mind and looked in that direction, and worked out that it was close range, in front of the trees [If Emery had been there, I am sure he would have photographed it!]. There is a forest at the back of the section [and NO NEIGHBORS]. The grass was a bit wet and I didn’t follow up, but looking back I think I should have walked up there and gone [mentally] deeper. Even so I felt really good and thankful for such an off-the-cuff connection for which I didn’t even prepare.
One other small thing, on January 2nd Julia and I went to visit a friend’s beach place on the opposite coast, about a 1 hr drive form our place. We went there for lunch, and while we were sitting under the shade cloth at the outdoor table under a blue sky, I saw a small “almost triangular” cloud out on its own. It wasn’t the cookie-cutter obvious sort of thing I have been lucky to see before, but it caught my attention and I started thinking about ET’s and connections. Straight away, three small holes developed inside this cloud….in a perfect isosceles/triangle formation! I smiled and acknowledged this but of course didn’t attempt to mention it to the others.
I sometimes wonder if such things are self-created, since I am certain we all have such abilities. Though with past cloud events, I am also certain they were externally created.
I think there’s a definite personal message [may not apply to other people] that I have to have a “genuine” reason or there is likely to be nothing obvious happening. It’s sort of like being “in tune” with the right type of intent. Sometimes if I have prepared properly, there is an exchange of greetings immediately – I start with a laser hello, and there’s an instant response [mostly a flashbulb but sometimes a zooming craft right from the laser triangle, so not some random meteor thing]. If I just go out and look at the stars, any visible stuff is rare – but say if I am driving home late and thinking about the right sort of consciousness-raising stuff, when I take a few minutes standing on the drive there is a connection.
To be really frank, I get more when I am on my own and I haven’t figured out why. For episodes when negative people are present, the ET’s gave me very obvious lessons by turning up moments after those people left the event. But part of letting go, is not worrying about such things. 
Cheers, here’s to a great 2014

2 comments on “Solitary Practice of ET Contact: Doug’s report from New Zealand

  1. jay says:

    Doug, I have an interest in this phenomena and wondered if we could discuss things further. It would be a pleasure to hear from you as we are both Auckland residents. I look foward to your reply. thanks Jay.

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