William Henry on Stargate Mythology & The Blue Pearl

In 2007, at the first ever CE5 that I did in my home town, one of the people present saw, with the naked eye, two blue orbs circle our small group.  I didn’t think much of it until I heard William Henry speak about the significance of blue orbs at the Transformation Conference at http://www.eceti.org.  He suggests that these orbs are in fact stargates that one can step through.  Locally, we have one young person who has been seeing “blue beings” on a regular basis since they were a teen-ager.

I then got William Henry’s DVD Starwalkers  http://www.williamhenry.net/store.html#dvds (reference disc 2 at the 48 minute mark), which goes into a more detail about blue orbs, often called The Blue Pearl (or even mer-kah-ba vehicles) …art throughout human history showing blue halos around spiritual masters, and blue beings, etc. He himself had a first experience of his light body, when two “blue eyes of bliss” appeared before him while he was in the King’s Chamber of the Pyramid at Giza, (in Cairo, Egypt).  (see photos from the DVD…below and here for “blue beings”).  The goal of meditation is to see the Blue pearl, go within and merge with it.

Here he is is speaking about Stargates and Egyptian Mythology:


Enjoy! Cheers, Deb Warren











2 comments on “William Henry on Stargate Mythology & The Blue Pearl

  1. […] Here are more photos from the DVD.  See also my post on The Blue Pearl […]

  2. I’ve experienced the blue pearl since I began meditating, within a week in, it appeared and it would float around in my visual feild, I didn’t know the significance of it then, but felt that it was a profound moment. At times it would be a dark blue, the darkest blue I’ve seen, and sometimes a pretty purple. After opening my eyes I would still see it floating any where I looked. Sometimes it would look like a eye shaped figure that seemed to wink at me. In one deep meditation it actually showed me different scenes of what looked like ancient events, I feel very blessed to have reached this, in a book on lucid dreaming, Robert waggoner said he asked for all the dream imagery to dissapear so that he experienced the pure awareness in which the dream was made. He reported that awareness to be a blue dot (blue pearl). So I plan to keep going deeper into consciousness and devoloping it. Thanks for listening. Blue light and positivity to all.

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