Seeing Orbs with Mićeal Ledwith…also applies to ET Craft & beings

At 17 minutes Mićeal Ledwith talks about what YOU can do to see orbs with the naked eye…the same principle applies to seeing ET craft and beings… takes years of practice, just tell your brain that is important to you.

Mićeal has an amazing documentary and book on orbs.  It is the only resource I recommend for understanding orbs.  See my reading list on for his website.

He was the science and spirituality advisor to Pope John Paul, and also a President of a Catholic College in Ireland for 25 years.  When he joined the Ramtha community [channeled by JZ Knight] in Yelm, Washington State, I believe he was excommunicated by the Catholic church.

He is a great speaker and funny too, especially on a Sunday morning.  I have seen him twice at the Transformation Conference at

Cheers, Deb Warren


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