Dr. Sharon Forrest: ET ‘beams’ in physically into the middle of her group in Sedona, AZ (2006?)

My first Dr. Sharon Forrest workshop was in April 2013 at the Naramata Spring Festival of Awareness.  I then went to her Sacred Journey workshop in Sedona, Arizona during the last week of June.

Some day Dr. Sharon will finish writing her book and she will get this information out.  For now, you need to know the following, while living in Sedona, AZ in 2006, Dr. Sharon was offering events for groups.  At one event, an ET ‘beamed’ in and was physically apparent to everyone present.  The being stayed for about 11 minutes and telepathically connected with everyone present, then faded out.  At the beginning however, one woman was so startled, she declared, “I am outa here.  I’m not even gonna pack, I’ll send for my luggage.”  And then she left.

Dr. Sharon has stated that much of her International success happened after she started interacting with the ETs.  She credits them for the acceptance she has received around he world.

She has some amazing photos of light ships against the red rocks of Sedona, AZ, taken from her living room window when she lived there.  We hope to see them in a book soon.

She now lives in White Rock, BC Canada.

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