CSETI Report of Merging With ETs: Doug Parker sits in empty chair that is giving Trifield meter signals at chakra positions (Crestone, Colorado 2011)

     At the Crestone, CO training in June 2011, the Trifield meters  (aka magnetometer) were going off and giving signals from individuals sitting around the circle, especially from the heart chakra.  When I got up from my chair, people were still getting signals from my heart chakra position of the empty chair.  I got a message from the ETs that everyone in the group was to take a turn sitting in the chair and merge with the trans-dimensional ET that was sitting there.  Dr. Greer stated that we did not have time for this, but Doug Parker actually did do it during the snack/pee break, and reports on his experience below.
     These devices ( http://www.trifield.com/content/trifield-meter/ ) detect electro-magnetic signals, and are intended to detect excess EM radiation from microwave ovens and other home appliances.  At the Crestone site we were about 100 feet from the electricity wires, and all people are directed to turn off their cell phones, etc.
     On the first night, the signals came from heart chakra positions of three women on one side of the circle.  The woman in the middle of the group was undergoing a kundalini awakening, reporting that she was experiencing celestial vision for the first time in her life (i.e. she would close her eyes but was still able to see everything).  The next night the signals came from three men on the opposite side of the circle.  Doug and Warren were two of the men.  In the email below, Doug is asking Warren to report any experience that he had.  Emery Smith apparently got an amazing photo of an energy form hovering above Warren while this was happening.
     These meter signals were the first objective confirmation I had of being merged with an ET.  Previously, I had thought it was “just my imagination”.  After this training, I began to actively invite ETs to merge with me and it was at that first extraordinary meeting with the group in Lumby (August 2011), when I got the message that people could walk into the center of the group and merge with an ET.  Six people did so, and the entire group felt the energy when they successfully merged.  When people began meeting for ET contact in my living room in Jan 2012, we understood that anyone experiencing extreme shivering coldness, likely had an ET close to them who was ready to merge.  Several people got warm when they agreed to merge.  In Marco island (Florida) I asked Dr. Greer about this and he stated that the reason for the coldness was that when the trans-dimensional technology is very near to your body it is sucking energy out of the quantum vacuum.  Once you agree to merge you are now ‘surrounded’ by the technology and so you no longer feel the cold.  Doug Parker himself was on the beach later that night when the temperature was approximately 75 degrees F.  he approached me and said he was shivering with cold.  I told him that an Et was ready to merge him and if he did so he would warm up.  He merged and gave me the thumbs up that it had worked.
     For ET contact groups this is not a trivial point.  Some people actually preach that merging is dangerous to do.  In August 2012, I was at ECETI ranch in Trout Lake Washington, attending a Neil Kramer workshop with about 50 of his followers in attendance.  Kramer is articulate, entertaining and a joy to listen to but there was not a lot of new information for me. At the end of it, during the Q&A, I asked about merging with ETs.  Kramer interrupted my question, became obviously frightened and immediately warned people against doing it, because it was difficult to know ‘what’ you were merging with.  My only thought to his response was, “Oh brother, here I am am again … with beginners.”  I have been merging with ETs for several years now and have never experienced a problem.  One person in my photo of the 12 foot Arcturan reported being merged with 10 ET beings at that moment.
     My first introduction to having another person’s consciousness inside one’s own mind were the shamanistic writings of anthropologist Hank Wesselman (i.e. Spiritwalker, Medicinemaker and Visionseeker).  I highly recommend these books if you want to understand more.
Here is Doug’s original report:
Hi Warren,
     Doug Parker from New Zealand here. I have been keen to contact you since we were at Crestone, and Deb sent me your email.
     I realise you have been to more of these events than I have, but for me, Crestone was the most amazing week of my life!
     I will start by describing to you from my perspective a couple of things. When Trudy saw an energy ball in front of LeeAnn & Deb, Dr Greer took over a magnetometer, which as you know started to respond with a series of 3 squeals [or pulsing beeps]. I was so drawn to that, that as soon as there was a break I went over and asked Deb if I could sit in her chair. Funnily, she said to me that was what she had been ASKED to arrange, by the ET’s. So I sat down and proceeded to get some “lessons”. Bill [the Stanford Dr] brought over his magnetometer, and it beeped when placed in front of my chest, 3 times. Then it sqauwked oddly, then produced 5 beeps. For some reason I was then strongly attracted to the idea of interacting with it.
     I did a chakra opening sequence, from the base to the crown and drew in “Earth energy” in a way I had learned years ago from a book on healing, spiralling this anti-clockwise upwards through my body. As I did this the trifield meter went crazy and Bill asked me what I was doing. I told him but I was trying to go deeper and speaking was not easy. Then I drew Cosmic light energy down through my crown chakra, spiralling clockwise – so a kind of “energy Merkaba”, a concept I had only learned about during that week. The meter went even wilder!
     As you know very well, the following night, Trudy saw an energy vortex over your head, you were sitting next to me with Deb to your left and Ricky to my right. So, for the only time that week our car team was seated right in a row, and Deb had been involved the previous night – no coincidence we were either side of you. Emery took an AMAZING photo of the energy over you and we could all see a being inside the vortex. If you have not seen this photo, you really should!
     My involvement from this point is as follows. The meter responded in front of you, very strongly, with three beeps. In front of me and Deb, it did so very weakly, almost silent. My lessons from the previous night came to me instantly and I felt I needed to be involved, so I shut my eyes and quickly went back into the same state as the previous night. The next time Dr Greer put the meter in front of me – it pulsed much more strongly, so I immediately knew I was making progress. I gave myself over to this as completely as I could, and started to feel a vibration and a deeply emotional state develop. I felt I should be enhancing this energy/event, and passing it to the group, so I attempted to do that, counter-clockwise. Dr Greer became slightly strange – his voice changed and he said “Vector open. Open vector strongly” He said this in a very insistent way and did not sound his normal self. Later he told us that this was in part, the ET’s speaking through him – and I really feel that is correct. So I felt confirmation that they knew what I was trying to do [strengthen the efforts they were making, whatever those were or were for].
     So, that was my part of the experience, and it was incredibly intense for me. I was really trying to emotionally connect, and offer myself in the deepest service. I have tried some experiments with my own meter back home. It does not simply do these things on it’s own, but I have managed to get a small response when I was in a very joyful energetic state and I want to learn more.
     I will totally understand if you do not wish to share your perspective of that night, but I know if was focused on you and I am certainly curious about how it felt for you or what messages you may have taken from this.
     One other event that I did not share with the group, as it seemed entirely personal. Late in the week, at the morning meditation, my Great Aunt came through to me. She died in 1982 and I do not encounter her very often. She was as clear as day, and she handed to me a very pointy crystal! I had no idea what this was about, so said nothing to the group. That evening, we arrived early as usual at the site, and I went directly to Shari’s tree. Emery arrived early too, and came over. We were the only people at the tree. He seemed a little “shy”, and he proceeded to open a pocket and tell me that he had something for me. He drew out a small, pointy quartz crystal – and told me it was very special. It had travellled with him to lots of CSETI events and would connect me with those when I took it home. He said to me that he was asked to give it to me, and also that he did not do this sort of thing lightly, or very often.
     Boom! Right there I had absolute confirmation that the meditation was a real event, a connection! I told Emery, and he was also stunned. Of course, he has this type of experience quite often so it is nothing new, but it is amazing and really capped off a terrific week of growth for me.
     I plan to go to other events, meanwhile I am trying to build up my small group here in NZ doing CE V’s. I have had some contact since I returned home, but what I want to do and to learn about is all connected with the events of those two nights that I described above, That is where the rubber hits the road.
     I hope you are well Warren, and I may see you again!
     Bless you and bless Gaia and the work we are doing.
Doug Parker
Auckland, New Zealand

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  1. […] A signal from the Trifield meter also happened to my empty chair at the Crestone, Colorado (2011).  I told Dr. Greer that people needed to take turns sitting in the chair and merging with the ET being that was there.  He stated that this was not possible, as there was not enough time for everyone to do this.  During the break however, others were using their meters and still getting a reading from the ‘heart chakra’ position of the empty chair, and then I invited Doug Parker (from New Zealand) to sit in the chair, and he reported that it was one of the more powerful experiences he has had on a CSETI training, lots of energy going through him (read Doug’s report). […]

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