May 11, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby, BC

We did a meditation, travelling to the ET space station positioned near Saturn.  Four out of five of us experienced ET beings on that station.  While debriefing on the meditation, Lois observed the pet cat staring intently in the field west of our group.  Lois grabbed the tri-field meter, went there and began getting signals.  Later during a debriefing, Lois reported that the ETs had created a “chamber”, she and Doug were standing inside it.  Lois reported that she experienced intense activity inside the chamber and has never felt that level of intensity before.

Here are the photos of small craft, and devices zipping thru the field from last night… see attached.

No photos of the beings however, though lots of interaction with beings who very near (both Lois and Doug saw the beings and the ET craft, one  8 foot celestial light being (with a round knob of a head, on top of rounded shoulders), several small ETs on the ground at Lois’ feet (same species as the Atacama humanoid), and three small ET beings floating in the air in the middle of the tree (different than those on the ground) , also a large ET craft floating to the right of the tree).

photos? ,… a small disc zipped behind Lois, energy was arcing from her right hand, the photo shows a CSETI tri-circle near her right handy, Doug took the picture of Lois inside the energy vortex (with two probes zipping thru?) … eventually Lois got the message from the ETs, “We have to go now, before our [ET] presence here is traced.”  i.e. detected by humans and  conventional satellites overhead.

The camera was a Pentax Optio (a cheap point-and-shoot camera)
in “Night” mode – ISO 800 with flash on
It was pitch dark and I had to hold the camera still while the shutter was open for about 10 seconds.
Doug and Victoria saw a variety of light phenomena around “Camel’s Hump”  – an unusual  local hill/geological formation known for ET craft sightings.
Cheers, Deb Warren
Lois was reporting energy arcing from her hand at this moment.  The camera is on the highest ISO (800) and a flash was used in the pitch dark environment.  It is interesting that the ‘energy’ shape is another version of the CSETI logo.
LoisRightHandFeelsArcEnergy_CSETI_tri-circle_light-All   LoisRightHandFeelsArcEnergy_CSETI_tri-circle_light (2)   CSETILogo_500
This orb picture happened when Lois and Doug sensed beings near by:
TwoBigOrbsNearLois (2)
PHOTOS: sample problems when the shutter is held open for  a few seconds
Looks like a UFO disc flitting behind Lois?  On closer inspection she has moved the Tri-field meter while the shutter is open.  Very hard to control all the conditions when doing this sort of thing.  Nice orbs though.
SmallDiscZipsBehindLois_DougPoints (2)
Very cool pic taken by Doug — Lois in an energy vortex?  Although the light streams at the bottom of the pic are intriguing, we have to discount this photo because he moved the camera while shutter was open.  He was learning how to use the camera.
Lois_in_EnergyVortex_twoProbesZippingThru_pic_taken_by_Doug (2)

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