Sunday,Sept 25, 2011 …. ET Contact Event near Gardom Lake, BC

Vernon, B.C. Canada: a group of 8 people two groups each in different locations: one a group of 5 people and at the other location 3 people.
Group 1: 5 people ….7:00 – 9:20 pm The air had been very still, then as soon as we opened the circle by honoring the earth and the elementals with an offering of tobacco, this great gale of wind started up bending the trees, the wind continued for the rest of the night whistling thru the trees but our group felt only a slight breeze while a trans-dimensional ship protected us, occasionally it moved off so that we experienced the full force of the wind, but it always came back in response to our requests.
One woman experienced all of the following for the first time:

  • She saw an ET craft appear by ‘blinking in’ briefly right near our group in the SW sky
  • As one member of our group had a sore throat and laryngitis, she viewed this as a sign to offer her own throat for channeling.  She then connected with an ET group, and channeled a brief message about “The Christos Light” from a communal group of ETs who showed her rainbow light showering down on their eggs.   The word YES came through very loud, I felt the full force of her voice when she spoke.  These ETs eventually directed us to put our crystals in the center of the circle, they would have preferred pointy quartz crystals.  Their energy then spiraled down toward the crystals.  She invited us to ask questions and we only received answers when the answer was YES, otherwise there was silence, afterward she reported that she was not able to form questions herself but could only respond to questions that we asked.
  • She saw a bright vertical shaft of light (about the width of one inch at arm’s length) in the south, then a few seconds later a very bright light shoot downward from the sky in the south south west….tuning in, she confirmed that both lights were ET related.  She was extremely excited about seeing this.
  • During the meditation, she was on an ET craft but went through a crystal hallway, where she felt her body being cleansed and cleared, this took some time, and when it was over she found herself was waiting beside a pulsating light, then she heard me ending the mediation and she followed the return to Earth.

Throughout the evening everyone in the group observed several instances of subtle light flashing briefly, lighting up the surrounding area. Toward the end of the evening, one flash revealed a dome of light that was over-top of us.
Another woman took numerous orb pictures (with a flash), the very first picture was 3 orbs forming a CSETI equilateral triangle.  One orb with a “Happy Panda Face” was recorded, also the outline of a cat face was apparent in the background outlines near the orb.
I saw brief flashes of lights between us and the surrounding trees.  When I finished leading the meditation, I opened my eyes and saw three pinpoints of red lights in a vertical line between the trees about 100 feet away.
After the mediation, two woman reported feeling extra-ordinary love for the planet and the diversity of life on the planet, one woman saw all the enlightened humans a sparkles of hearts rising up off the planet.
In general, everyone felt peace and calm, just enjoying the being outside on a windy night.
Cheers, Deb Warren

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