Sept 16, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC – photos of 12 ft Arcturan at Mt. Shasta, and Lois’ floating strawberry

see four attached photos … I hope Kosta will be able to send them.
  • Mt. Shasta CSETI training 2012 – 12 ft Arcturan
  • Mt. Shasta CSETI training 2012 – 12 ft Arcturan-white outline of being
  • Lumby, B.C. CE5 Sept 2012 – Lois and floating strawberry
  • Lumby, B.C. CE5 Sept 2012 – Lois and floating strawberry-outline of strawberry
At the August CSETI training at Mt Shasta, I took a photograph that had an anomalous image.  At that moment Dr. Greer and Emery Smith reported being merged with an ET, a 12ft Arcturan.   I stood on a chair and was pointing the camera downward from the tripod.  Dr. Greer and Emery are in the foreground.  The shutter was open for 30 seconds. I took a few hundred photos during the week and this is the only one with an anomalous image.  I believe that CSETI will not be able to formally recognize this image because it was not a controlled environment.  People were moving around, trying to look at the Tri-field meters in the middle of the circle and they were moving the meters around as well.  And so the image is open to much justified criticism.  And yet, my “inner knowingness” confirms that it is an image of a trans dimensional version of the 12ft Arcturan.   When I returned home in late August, I showed this image to everyone in the Lumby group.  When showing the image, some people were unable to identify the ET image and so I have copied the image and drawn a white outline of the being.   My camera is a Canon Mark IV 5D … it is able to take photos at an ISO of 25,500 … meaning in pitch dark, I can get photos that look like they were taken in twilight.  I am sharing this image now because we had relevant followup activity during Sept 15th global CE5.
On Sept 15th, four of us met at the usual location (east of Lumby, BC): Lois, Victoria, Doug and myself.  It was a clear warm night and so Lois and Doug decided to lay flat on the ground and watch the sky.
Lois and Victoria reported that their recent use of the CSETI mantra has advanced their meditation practice significantly.  Essentially, they are entering deep meditation almost the instant they begin using the mantra.  Victoria in particular, says that she has to be careful not to think of the mantra while driving.  I decided to play the  2 minute version of mantra and put it on continuous replay.  And so we were listening to it for the duration of the CE5 event.  It was lovely.
About 10 minutes after we began the group meditation, Lois reported that the 12ft Arcturan was behind me.  I held up the Tri-field meter and got a reading whenever I held the meter at a location inside the field, it stopped signalling every time I moved it out of the field.  Lois and Victoria were very connected to the being and able to receive the following information: the name he designated for himself is “Trush”, we used this name to refer to him, he was a healer and he was performing a healing on me, the purpose for the healing was to refine my abilities to be able to see ETs in the same manner that Lois and Victoria do.
Doug was able to detect beings and felt he was in contact, but most of the rest of the evening was spent with Lois interacting with three 3 foot tall ETs.  She was able to see the energy of the first one, as it sat on top of her.  She grabbed the Tri-field meter and it signalled with the typical ET chatter every time she placed the meter inside the ET’s field.  No one else saw the energies of the ET but we all heard the Tri-field meter signals.  The ET then wanted to us to cooperate to see if we could get a photo.  A few minutes later another two ETs of the same species showed up to assist Lois with this task and she was able to detect their presence, with both her intuitive inner sight and with the Tri-field meter.  Again, she was the only one able to ‘see’ the ETs.
Ordinarily I do not take pictures of the local group because I am too focused on creating coherency in the group during the CE5 but I always bring my camera just in case.  In this moment Lois directed me to get my camera and set it up, and I did so.  I took about 12 photos of Lois laying flat on the ground.  Eventually we realized we had to use the following protocol:  while the entire group entered a meditative state, we asked permission to have an image of the being, Lois would connect with the ET, and wait for the ET to signal then I would take the photo.  When Lois received the signal from the ET, she would tell me and I would use the remote control device to open the shutter, so that there was not any touching of the camera that would cause a ‘shaky’ image.  The shutter was always open for 30 seconds, and while it was open the Tri-field meter signalled very loudly with the usual ET-type chatter (i.e. not the monotone droning when it gets a signal from a machine).  I have never seen the meter signal like this before when taking a photo, and I have had the camera for one year.  Lois was very careful to be completely still while the shutter was open.  Of the 12 photos, only one had an anomaly (see attached images) …the image looks like a floating strawberry on the right side of the photo.  In all the other photos the red light of the Tri-field meter could be easily traced to its source, whereas the floating ‘strawberry’ seems to be completely on its own.  The Tri-field meter was the only source of light, and Lois had it positioned in such a manner that it should not have shone in that direction at all.
For me the most astonishing thing was the way in which we (and the ETs) cooperated as a group to get a photo of an anomalous ‘floating strawberry’.
We started at 7: 30 pm and finished around 10:00 pm.
Cheers, Deb Warren
_MG_1024_Shasta2012_Arcturan_web (2) _MG_1024_Shasta2012_Arcturan_webWithOutline3 (2)  _MG_1101_Lumby2012_Lois-&-FloatingStrawberry_webOutline (2) _MG_1101_Lumby2012_Lois-&-FloatingStrawberry_web (2)

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