Oct 13, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC

We were three people inside the yurt starting at 7:00 pm.  The tri-field meter was turned on and silent in the middle of the group.  There had been no discernible signals inside the yurt.  As soon as Victoria mentioned her meditation, and her vision of beings accompanied by blue lights, the meter began signalling in the usual “ET voice” chatter and continued for most of the evening.

Doug, Victoria and I are all experienced meditators, and so we just went into trance and reported what was happening.  Doug was immediately transported to a platform with a clear dome, he was viewing stars and planets from a position in space (that he did not recognize).  On this platform he was interacting with beings but had difficulty summarizing the content of their communication.   As soon as Victoria or myself began reporting what was happening, he was “pulled back” each time to our location, where he could see what was being described by us.  When V. spoke of a light blue being, he saw a blue crystal hanging overtop the group, hung inside a kind of web.  When I spoke about a golden spinning disc surrounding our group, he was able to see this as well.

Victoria and I seemed to be receiving a third eye chakra procedure for most of the evening.  We both felt definite pressure in this area for an extended period.  I felt like a transdimensional apparatus was attached to my forehead.

Towards the end, the tri-field meter seemed to drone continuously like it was picking up a machine signal.  At 9:00 pm we ended the event and went home.

Lois (who lives very near to Victoria) was not able to attend the Oct 15th event, but a few days later she sent a question by email asking if anyone was having contact with blue light beings, as she was experiencing contact with them at that point…I told her about Victoria’s meditation vision and CE-5 experience.  Lois felt it was a confirmation of the ongoing contact that is happening in their neighbourhood.

Cheers, Deb

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