Nov 10, 2012 Global CE 5 – Lumby BC

Earlier in the afternoon, I conducted my first Skype presentation/ET Contact experience with a new group of four people located in Fort Nelson, BC. (about 1500 km from my location)  The presentation and online meditation went well.  Everyone entered an altered state and found themselves in orbit around Earth, but not much contact with ETs was experienced.  They are an experienced group of meditators who meet regularly, and so they will continue ET contact on their own.  As it was minus 17 degrees centigrade outside in Fort Nelson, they wanted to save the skywatch experience for another date.  As I meditated with them, I felt myself sitting in their circle.  If I had mentioned this during the med then they may have been able to detect the presence of my astral body.  Next time I do this, I will make a point of mentioning it.
In the evening, the “Vernon, BC Canada” group on Nov 10th was just Lois and I for one hour, then Doug joined us at 7:30 pm … I am always grateful when only a few of us ‘hard core’ types attend because I believe the ‘hard core’ people will generate a more intense experience…Lois and I worked hard at being ready for a physical manifestation of ETs, who would appear very near to us in physical form.  Almost immediately at the start of our first meditation, when her eyes closed, Lois saw a flash of light and then felt her eardrum being physically moved with tones and clicks, like a kind of Morse code (she has been a psychic and medium for most of her life, and had never experienced anything like this).  She was able to see the energy signature, and get visuals through her inner-sight, of the upper torso of one large 15ft tall female standing inside the yurt. Name? Serette! (a Nefertiti-like being with an elongated skull vault, and a torso longer in proportion when compared to her legs, also long slender arms with a noticeably longer wrist section on the hands, and an elaborate decoration covering her neck and shoulders) … Serette is a specialist in diplomatic skills, currently mediating some border difficulty for humans between Chinese military in the Pradesh region.  Lois thought that this link might be relevant:   Serette was invited to Earth by the Galactic Command Centre near Sirius.

Lois stepped outside for more wood to put in the stove, then upon her return commented on the ‘density’ inside the yurt … many, many layers of ET beings were with us.  As soon as she identified the being named Serrette, the Tri-field meter began signalling, as if to say “correct” each time Lois made a point, just like the meters do when Dr. Greer is speaking (the meter continued to signal right up to the end at 8:30 pm).  Throughout the evening Lois reported seeing a quantum flux light all around us.  I saw only one stream of light come down in a streak between us.
I then began describing the CSETI protocol for having a ‘gift’ ready to give the ETs as a diplomatic exchange should they arrive in the physical.  The gift (that I always have with me) is a new green silk scarf: made by an animal (a silkworm), in conjunction with a plant (mulberry tree), woven by the hand of humans, and the color green, representing the color of ‘growth’ when light from our star, the sun, interacts with chlorophyll on this planet … I think it is a nice representation of all life on our planet.  In any case, at one point I brought out the scarf to show Lois and Doug, then draped it over an empty chair that was in the circle with us.  The scarf was draped as though it were around the neck of an ET being sitting in the chair.  Both Doug and Lois said they felt a major energy shift when I did this …. more calm, more beauty?
The three of us went into individual meditations. Doug was grooving on the energy but did not have anything to report–he just loved getting his monthly CE5 tune-up.  Lois had had a very lucid dream about 6 weeks previously, about being attended to by a ‘gray’ ET being at her bedside who was ready to take her on a trip.  At the time, she felt it was ‘very real’.  This ET being came to visit her again during our Global CE5.  Lois reported the following as a communication from the ‘gray’ ET being … the feeling of ‘density’ that she reported earlier is preparation for ET beings to go into the physical, this preparation is especially necessary for ETs like Serette, the gray ETs however are more adapted to going into the physical and do not need to prepare the ‘density’ as much.  Lois agreed that this gray being did not look like the typical ‘gray’ that populates most of the negative ET propaganda.  While she was reporting this I kept getting images of the “Skinny-Bob” ET allegedly reported in archival footage and now on Youtube:
We finished by holding hands at the end, and Doug reported that there was a golden energy inside the area of the green silk scarf that was still draped on the chair, an ET being had arrived to receive the ‘gift’ trans-dimensionally.  We were done for the evening ending at 8:30 pm.
The next morning I had an intense lucid experience, I was still in bed but awake, my eyes closed, I found myself staring at a blue tulip in garden dirt, then a golden flash of light lit up my field of view, at the same time my right ear drum buzzed, then I began to get a scanning feeling go up and down my body for maybe 10 seconds.  I felt completely recharged and refreshed.  I got up and got on with my day.  I have had the ‘scanning’ experience many times since 1993 (when I first became interested in UFOs), but this was the first time I was fully conscious while it was going on.
Cheers, Deb

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