May 2012 – Global CE5 – at Naramata, Lumby and Nelson BC

East of Vernon BC – May 19th 8:00 -11:00 pm (19 people – 8 men, 11 women)
About half the people were attending their first skywatch.  Two young women arrived with the intent to meet their star families, two young men sat beside them.  As soon as we started, each pair began seeing anomalous lights in the sky directly across from them (behind my position.  Each pair seemed be seeing a different view of lights, but within their pair they were seeing the same lights.  At the break the two women took the Tri-field meter and walked out a distance from the circle.  These women later reported success in meeting their star families.
One woman, L. who had had a profound healing experience last August, reported that she got the message to walk outside the circle to meet ETs on her own.  I permitted this but directed her to stay within site of the group.  When she returned she reported that she had communed with the ETs and received an information download.
One man, E, brought his fiddle and played for us at the beginning and during the break.  I had previously invited him to do so, and this was the first time he was able to do it.  As we started the event, he reported being in an altered state of consciousness, a first time experience for him.
Three other women reported receiving messages, light touches on the face, a healing and similar ET contact previously experienced.
When asked if there was anyone who felt they were not ‘connected’ to the ET activity happening, there was no response.  About six people did not see any anomalous lights or experience any other ET activity.
During my “Quick and Dirty” meditation, several of the new people reported meeting ETs and inviting them back to our location.
At the very end, I looked up and saw a ‘satellite’ crossing directly overhead.  I directed everyone to watch it.  I had an inner ‘knowingness’ that it would get bright then announced to the group that it was going to get very bright, it did so.  Some people commented on the fact that I had pre-announced occurrence of the satellite getting bright.
We ended around 11:15 pm, as some people had a 1.5 hour drive to return home.
April 28th – Spring Festival of Awreness at Naramata, BC (30 people out on the dock at Okanagan Lake during an ET Contact skywatch – Friday and Saturday night)
Description of a merging with an ET…. several people reported similar mergings on both nights
I was at the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata, BC on the weekend [Apr 27-29] and spent time with you on the dock on Saturday night. Here is just a quick summary of what my experience was that day.
During the day on April 28, 2012 I participated in some meditation classes and I experienced an odd breathing pattern. If felt like random gasps. My belly would jump up and down in an unpredictable way. I attended three different sessions that all had a time of meditation and had the same type of breathing occurred. Lying on the dock with your group we did a guided meditation and the same breathing was occurring. Afterwards I sat up talked with my friends about it. I then laid down and put my friends hand on my belly so that she could feel the breathing as well. At this time the gasps seemed to get stronger, then my body started to have large ripple movements travelling from my head to my feet. This rippling probably lasted about 5-8 seconds. My thoughts were completely clear throughout the entire experience. I tried to say something to my friends and I remember that the words were difficult to get out. At this time I became still and just began to laugh and laugh. I thought that the laughter only lasted for about 3 minutes but my friends said that it was at least 10. The laughter did not feel like my normal laughter more like it was squeezing my chest.
I heard Deb say that one could merge with the visitor so through my laughter I held that intention. At this time I felt like huge black slanted eyes were placed over mine. Also when I was laughing my mouth felt smaller, like my smile was only 5 cm across. Then suddenly it was over. I sat up and was shaking, great big shakes. I took my friends hand and put it on me to feel the big shakes but when I did the shakes stopped. When I let go of her hand the shaking continued then lessened and stopped over a few minutes. I was left feeling quite joyous. Not in a “universal loving”, peaceful type way, but more like I just went sky diving and was giving high fives to a bunch of friends. I feel like my alien buddy is out there somewhere and that we have a heart connection.When I think of my experience I feel that I have a friend out there in the universe. We would recognize each other if we saw one another. Looking back it seemed that the whole day was preparing my body for this encounter.
Thanks Deb,
Karen Fjestad
May 26th, 2012 – Nelson, BC  CSETI presentation (14 people)  followed by Skywatch (8 people – 2 men, 6 women)
Six people came out for their first skywatch (the other two of us were experienced).   We were on the city soccer fields and it was surrounded by street lighting.  The people present wanted the wide open view of the skies but would have preferred it to be darker.  We saw some anomalous satellites … the fellow beside me saw a light shoot out behind one satellite. I saw the satellite get bright at the same moment  Towards the end, one woman G. detected a large flotilla above us, about 100 miles.  I encouraged her to be the ‘telepathic’ contact for the group as she directed them to come in closer, within minutes she felt they were surrounding us.  We felt the usual peaceful/joy/bliss that comes when this happens.  Right at the end, I saw a meteor directly overhead, leaving a coppery gold trail (similar to an ET ship at Mt Shasta in 2009), just at the moment I was telling the group to watch for a final flourish from the ETs as we left the site.  Two separate groups of people may invite us to come back for more ET contact events during the summer.
That’s all for now.
Cheers, Deb Warren

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