March 24, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC

Eleven people met at a new site east of Vernon (two men and nine women–7:30-10:30 pm).  We were located in a yurt which had no source of electricity…no wiring, electrical outlets or electrical appliances.  No cell phone service in this region and so all mobiles were all turned off.   LG scanned the room prior to everyone arriving.  There was no signal.

I showed new people how to use the Tri-field meter.  Several people picked it up and walked around the room.  Two different people got a very strong signal at the north end of the room.  Several people were seeing flashes of lights in a variety of places inside the yurt but there were no meter signals at these other locations.

In general, everyone felt a very loving connection to the ETs, a feeling that seemed to amplify greatly as the evening progressed.  To start, LG felt the entire building “lift” as a trans-dimensional ship moved into position to surround the yurt.  About half the group began reporting a feeling that we were surrounded by many, many ETs “It was like being in a shopping mall”.  Many beings were approaching individuals, very curious, they were reaching out their tiny hands and touching the person.  LG reminded the group that it was possible for the ship to be vast in size, but in our dimension it was roughly the same size as the yurt (i.e. a null entropy field? as it has been called on Star Trek).   Later in the evening, one of the men was pondering all the reports of ‘tiny hands’, when the energy of a very large hand (as big as his own body) seemed to sweep through him, with the message; “Not all of us have small hands.”

A woman, L, who had had a profound healing experience at the event last August described the feeling of profound love that she has felt for the ETs ever since.  Later she went on to describe to the whole group the message of transformation of humanity and how quick it will be.  (As an aside, L, told me personally about reading Dr. Greer’s book Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge, when she got to the part of Shari Adamiak’s death she began sobbing uncontrollably and had to have her husband read it aloud in order to get through that part of the book).  Both she and her husband have seen a lot of anomalous lights in the night sky on many occasions… a light buzzing chaotically around a specific star.  One one occasion her husband, D, pointed it out to a friend who was standing right beside him but the friend did not see anything.  I reviewed with the group that this is a very common experience.  The ETs can interact with the consciousness of a specific person. We honor this as an initiation for the person and are careful not to be resentful that we are not having the same experience.  We try to celebrate the fact that an initiation is happening.  D reported that if he became afraid for any reason, the anomalous light activity stopped immediately.

Later in the evening LG reported hearing ET vocalizations just outside the yurt– they were from ET beings waiting to be invited in.  We eagerly invited them in, and once again about half the group reported the feeling of being surrounded by many beings.  One woman, S, got the message that LG was special because she was good at listening [for ET communication].

This woman, S, was the only person new to meditation.  During the first part of the evening, I was guided to ask if everyone was in contact with the ETs, asking “Is there anyone not having an experience?”  S reported that nothing was happening for her. She was the only one.   I told her that I would focus on her and almost immediately she began to experience contact.  As the evening unfolded she reported some of the richest experiences: images, touches (a tiny hand holding her finger], messages and overwhelming sense of loving connection.

As most of the people were experienced at meditation, we simply connected as individuals at the start of the evening, and reported experiences as they happened.  One of the new people reported the a feeling ‘a great unity’ among the group.  At about 8:45 pm, LG reported that we needed to break, drink water and replenish electrolytes and that this would enhance our ability to communicate.  When we reconvened, I did my usual ‘quick and dirty’ meditation, to meet ETs and invite them in.  Several people reported that as I guided the meditation, that they were arriving at the locations before I spoke of them (i.e. they found themselves above the Hawaiian Islands, with the sun at their back before I said these words).  Most people were invited on board a ship and met ETs.  About three people seemed to enter a samadhi state, a state that felt great but did not offer any specific visualizations. This meditation takes about 15 minutes, and I always ask if it is too fast.  Everyone reported it was just the right amount of time.

I had warned people that the evening would end when there was a sudden drop in energy, that this was the signal that we were done.  As soon as they began their journey home, they would regain their energy and would probably be quite hyper once they got home, thus not able to get to sleep for a few hours.  The sudden lethargy happened around 10:30, everyone acknowledged it and so we wrapped it up.

That’s all for now.
Cheers, Deb Warren

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