June 16, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC

Due to heavy rain during the day, we located inside the yurt.  Seven people attended (6 women and 1 man).  We started at 9:00 pm
Lois and Vicki are the hosts at this site.  Both live on the property.  At about 8:00 pm Lois was walking back to her cabin from Vicki’s house.  On the path, she saw three short Asian-women, 5 feet tall, bobbed black hair, all three looking exactly the same — clones.  Lois recognized them immediately as three “healers” who had appeared to her (and others) in a healing in 2003.  They “blipped’ in momentarily, then faded, sending the message that they would be interacting with our group for the duration of the evening.  On June 27th, Lois sent me this message and gave permission to include in this report:
“At the CE-5 contact night in June [June16th] I asked the healers who were there to help me with my lower back, and to focus on the secondary effects my injury has created, with the goal being I could do more exercise activities like hiking.  I felt them put a gadget like I described on each side of my mid to lower back, then it was like they charged them up for the rest of the night.
      I didn’t tell anyone what they did to my back during the meditation because I was waiting to see if there was going to be a result.   Last night I slept through the night for the first time in over 6 years.  No getting up to go pee 5 times, no need to rearrange my position because of pain.  What dream did I wake up remembering?  I was hiking all night in my dreams and lucidly thinking “wow I am doing so good – no pain and I can breath!”.
     Yes of course this is just one night and there are other things I have changed too – but I am hopeful that it means I can get this to happen more often.  :o)”
We began the CE5 at 9:00 pm, Lois discussed the vision of the three “clones”, and the fact that they would provide healing to anyone who wished to receive it.  The yurt has no source of electricity and no electrical appliances.  The Tri-field meter detected at ET ship about 2 feet above our heads, the entire circumference of the yurt.  Also, there was a similar reading about 1 foot down for about half the circumference.  I had brought my Tibetan bell, dorje/varja http://tibetan-rituals.blogspot.ca/2007/01/varja-and-bell.html and rose quartz globe, as I wanted to discuss Dr. Greer’s use of his objects during a CSETI training.  Lois agreed to energetically charge my dorje.  She reported that it was functioning like a chalice and source energies were flowing into the infinite space of the ‘chalice’.
To begin creating coherency in the group, Vicki then provided a grounding meditation.
One week previous, another member of the group had gotten a message in meditation that we were to begin with a Prayer for Peace for Earth… as Dr. Greer usually starts the skywatch with a Puja ceremony, I agreed this was entirely appropriate.  I guided the meditation with a few brief statements of my vision of peace for Earth and then invited everyone present to make their own comments.  All but one person, made a brief statement.  The general theme of the comments was that this prayer was about universal peace not just for our planet alone.
During this prayer, one woman, P, began to experience severe muscle spasms in her upper left arm.  She was so agitated that she rose and stood outside the circle intending to “ground” herself as a way of reducing the pain.  When we finished the prayer, she sat down and almost immediately was in tears due to the pain.  Over the next 30 minutes, she explained the following:
“She was interacting with an ET that was attempting to provide healing to her arm but the energies were going through her arm too quickly.  She needed this healing because of the work she needed to do the next day (replacing stock in a retail setting).  This species was blue in color and 8 feet tall.  They had a fearsome look with two horns and many teeth.  They transfer healing energy through their claws (like the claws of a bear).  She had interacted with these beings before and recognized them.  There was no gender apparent.  With a desire to procreate they would intend to become a certain gender, and then partner with another who chose the complementary gender.  Once the child was born, the adults returned to an androgynous state.  This species did not frequently visit the Galactic Command centre (near the constellation of Orion).  They had a marginalized status for some reason.”
Everyone in the group immediately focused on communicating with the ET being asking them to slow the healing energies down for P.  The severe pain began to decline by the end of the 30 minutes had reduced to almost nothing.  We also focused on getting P, to communicate telepathically with these beings.  She initially reported that she was not able to do this.  We asked her to focus, and soon we were asking many questions and she was able to provide answers.  She reported that she was merging with the ET.  The Tri-field meter was sitting on a table in the middle of the group and it was very active and noisy as P was answering questions.  We asked for a convenient name to call them.  P stated the name “Chuwans”.  Myself and the one fellow present, D, confirmed the pronunciation.  We agreed at the time the name was “Chuwans” and not “Chuwands”.  (A few days later I realized that the ET being was trying to be humorous and was suggesting the name “Chew-ons”, because humans are instinctively afraid at the first sight of their fearsome-looking teeth.  I later reported this change in spelling to the group.)   When P stopped answering questions the Tri-field meter went silent.  By the end of the evening P was calm and no longer in pain.
Once P had settled in after her initial spasms, three other people reported muscle spasms at their spine: Lois, Vicki and S.  Vicki said it was like energy was being released from her spine.  The only man present, D, reported a healing occurring at his 3rd eye chakra.  His partner, L, reported feeling giddy and having a need to move her arms about flamboyantly, as if signalling a ‘ta-da’ in some kind of dance.
We had a break, then did my “Quick and Dirty” meditation (15 minutes).  S met some ETs in a lego-ship and invited them back.  Lois did not come with group, but instead entered the ship that was immediately above our heads inside the yurt.  She said the ETs beings were occupying themselves there with their version of “playing cards”.  She did however watch our group as we went off planet to meet other ET species.
We finished around 11:15 pm.  That’s all for now,
Cheers, Deb Warren

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