July 21, 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC

Hi Kosta:
I was at the eceti ranch in Trout Lake, WA on July 21st, after attending a work-related conference in Portland, OR.  The local group here in Vernon, B.C. Canada had a great event without me.  Here is their report.
Cheers, Deb
Hello Everyone:On July 21st Deb was in the U.S. and not able to join in with our group.  We started at 9 pm and had five people who attended.  L who hosted the group, D, L – D’s friend, and two new people Mr. C and Ms. C.L (host) started out by telling the group about [ET related events in her home] the week prior to the 21st.  L had been in contact with a very high spirited and curious group of smaller ET’s.  Although L did not see them visually – they were very noisy.  It reminded her of the movie “batteries included”.  Many things around the cabin were being moved, and played with.  At night you could hear their foot steps and for several days in a row they let the cats out by opening the cat door or the patio door.  Both L and her husband were experiencing interesting and detailed dreams during this time – but there are too many details to describe in this report.  At one point L asked, “Why were they here?” and got back the answer that they were repairing the ship.L was hopeful that during our CE-5 night on July 21st we would experience their presence again.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen.  L is not sure but it would appear that the repairs are finished and they moved on.

L started with a meditation but it was apparent that we needed to wait for it to get darker before activity would start.  As we were a smaller group we had some really interesting conversations while we waited – the result was actually an intense burst of activity near the end of the evening.  L reminded everyone that when Deb is running the circle she would bring us back on track.  L would also like to add that we should have started closer to 10 pm.

Some of the things we experienced were:  just before it got dark there was (fairy?) lights appearing around us; sightings of many craft – moving fast across the sky; several meteors; strobe like light effects; a sense of ET’s being present; pulsating stars; and what Mr. C described as lights in the sky playing with us (this lasted several minutes).

The evening concluded with a bang.  We all witnessed an amazing sight in the western sky.  D being the person facing that direction caught the entire event, and as it progressed, his reaction and the light that it gave off got the rest of us to see it too.  What happened is something we have seen previously on video from the Ambassador trainings [i.e. DVD-Countdown to Transformation] and heard about from Deb.  A star suddenly grew in size and intensity so that it caught all of our attention.  It appeared at that point to rotate – like a spot light so there was this flash of light.  Then it began to move horizontally, as it moved the light dimmed and eventually it disappeared.  It took about 6 or 7 seconds but was undeniable a intelligence communicating with us.  D said “It was saying pay attention!” because at the time we were just talking and not really looking around.  All of us said “Thank YOU” when it was over.
We wrapped up at 11:20 shortly after that OMG event.  :o)


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