Jan 21, 2012 – CSETI Global CE5 – Vernon BC

At 5:00 pm, eight of us gathered in my living room for a potluck dinner, followed by two indoor-meditations (i.e. meds).  The first meditation was from Dr. Greer’s CD (48 min), the second was my ‘quick and dirty’ meditation… up off the planet, meet ETs in the immediate space around earth and then return to our physical location (aprox. 10 minutes).  The Tri-field meter alternated between chattering away intermittently (for 1-2 minutes) for both meds and then going silent for long periods.  The radar detector did not respond in any way.  An adolescent young man, E, reported that the ET guide (a ‘gangly’ 12ft tall being), he has been working with for some time, was present and ready to interact with us.

Just as we were about to begin the first med, four of us heard a high pitched tone, and we agreed this was a signal from the ETs who were tuning into our group.  As soon as we started, one member LG (an experienced psychic and medium), reported that the room was “filling up with high vibrational energy, coming in from the top, and and gradually filling to the floor.”  She directed me to hold the Tri-field meter up high and indeed it started chattering away as soon as I did this. Her colleague, VW, reported seeing the energy of a small ET beside my left knee, and she told me the being was always with me.

We started the meditation in earnest.  LG later reported that an ET craft immediately entered the house and hovered below the ceiling.  It looked like a ball of light.  During the debriefing that followed, LG reported that she received some healing attention for the tail end of her cold…sinuses cleared, energies moved down to her throat, ETs laughing at her because she did not want to cough during the meditation but finally did so.

Another woman, LGF,  later reported that in her mind’s eye, she watched the lights of an ET vehicle approach the house while it flew over Lake Okanagan.  The colored light from this vehicle came through the front window but the vehicle did not enter.  It just hovered outside the front window. She also saw a grid-like pattern that was surrounding the house and serving a protective function.  Two weeks previous, LGF had slipped on an icy surface and broke her arm, during the med she reported alternating hot and cold energy, tingling and ‘poking’ sensations that continued throughout, as an ‘ET’ healing was being done on her arm.  During the second med, LGF had an intense emotional reaction when guided to place herself above the Pacific Ocean, look down at the Earth with the sun ot her back and then “to think about the love that ETs feel for Earth”.  As a mother of two children herself, she felt instantly that ETs love humanity with the same level of devotion for humanity and that ETs “… will never give up on humanity, they will always be here to support us”.  LGF shed a few tears as she described the overwhelming sense of love that she felt…she was not able complete the other tasks in the med…but just stayed with this energy, allowing herself to experience it.

A man, LW, was very curious about CSETI, and this event was scheduled primarily for his benefit, to answer his questions about ET contact.  On many occasions, he has witnessed anomalous lights in the skies, and actual lightships.  During the first med, he saw building structures in a city, unlike any he has ever seen on earth.  This was a new experience for him.  His wife, VW, felt him go ‘out-of-body’, and said she could see the city as her husband described it, and was getting the message that ETs are the giving info to her husband in response to his curiosity about free-energy technology.   While everyone was sharing their experiences, LW saw an “upside down mushroom shaped” craft above the hillside on the other side of the lake, it appeared only momentarily.  Seemed to be shining a green light down to the ground.  During the second med, he got a visual of an insectoid ant-like being, upper torso only–no communication or any other sensation.  He found this experience unsettling.  First time it has ever happened to him.

One woman, JF, has always had difficulty meditating.  At other events, she has stated flatly that nothing happened during meditation, and when she did the second 10 minute med during this Jan21st event, again nothing happened, but during the first med (i.e. the longer one), she saw the crop circle known as The Catherine Wheel, and then said she may have fallen asleep.  She did become unusually cold, and needed a wrap to warm up.   Others in the group advised that she probably did not go to sleep, rather she most likely went into trance, but had no recollection of what transpired because it was a multi-dimensional experience, and human consciousness cannot typically retain memory of these experiences. As it happened, I had a calendar of crop circles in one of the bedrooms, and I got the message to go get it and show the group so that everyone could see The Catherine Wheel.  I showed it to JF, and she identified the design. I then got a message to give the calendar to her, because she can use the image  as a portal to travel thru to support her meditation practice.  I then announced that I would give her the calendar, anmd she accepted it, asking  where I got the calendar.  At that moment I remembered, in 2010 I had attended the CSETI training in Wiltshire (UK) and then stayed for a few days afterward. One day I was approaching the Roundaway Hill crop circle, and the children of the farmer were selling the calendars at the gate, and so I bought one.  This detail seemed like a special connection.  In any case, we may need to consider longer meds in the future for the benefit of JF and others.

FYI….Crop Circle: The Catherine Wheel

The woman VW, also experienced extreme cold after the first med, and needed a wrap as well. It took a while for her to warm up. Everyone else seemed comfortable with the room temp (70 degrees).  VW reported hearing a “womp womp” like sound (a rotating ET craft?) at one point in the first med.   During the second med, she went onboard a ship, met with some ETs and reported that it was very difficult to leave the group of ETs.  She just wanted to be with them, but feels she can return to them at any point in the future.

The young man, E, got a message in the first med about the importance of humans doing this kind of contact.  During the second med, he went on board a ship and met another group of very tall humanoids.

During the meditations, I mostly just held the energy and circulated a ball of golden light thru the group in a counter-clockwise fashion, supporting group coherency.  At one point during the first med, I was very hot from the knees up, but my feet were still very cold … this is unusual for me.  As people described their experiences, I often got a very clear visual.

By 10:00 pm, everyone felt it was time to leave.  I was my usual wired-self until 12:30 am.

Deb Warren

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