Heart shaped orbs following Sept 25th CE5 (at Gardom Lake) … from Karen (in Salmon Arm)

Hi everyone:
Karen  took these pictures a few days after our Sept 25th CSETI ET Contact at Gardom Lake … one heart shaped orb … the first I have ever seen as well.  Somehow it feels good just to look at it … like Dr. Greer says, “… the image is holding the ‘darshan’ of love.”  Thank you Karen.

I was out on my balcony talking to the trees and taking photos tonight.  It’s hard to mistake the shape of the bright little orb in this photo.  Enjoy!
🙂  Karen
Hi Deb,
 I didn’t tell the whole story regarding the heart orb.  I was on my balcony talking to the trees and telling them how much I loved and appreciated them.  I began pleading with the tree spirits to help the trees prepare for what was coming…. as a developer has bought the property right in front of my balcony and is beginning a strata development there.  I became very emotional, with tears streaming, as I told the trees how sad I was to know that they might be taken away.  I also asked Spirit to help the developer to spare as many of the trees as possible.  After my emotional chat with the trees and spirits is when I began to take photos.  To me the Heart Orb told me that the trees and Mother Earth had heard me and sent me love back.  The Heart also told me that everything was and would be okay.  I thanked the trees and spirits and mother earth and told them how grateful I was for such a wonderous, beautiful present.  I was beaming from ear to ear.
So I had a chance a few days later to speak to the developer and asked him if he would be starting first with the building furthest from ours.  He said that he had planned to do the building closest to ours first but that he’d think it over.  (There are five 6-Plexes going in but he’s only building 2 buildings to start with.) 
So a couple of days later the big machinery and chain saws arrived.  Although I was saddened to see many trees fall, they were all on the other side of the property and my little grove is safe for now.  The developer is starting on the other side of the property…yahoo.
It may be another year or two before they start work on this side of the property… or if the units they build don’t sell because of the market… my dear trees could be safe for a long long time. 
So that’s the story of my heart orb… and how it helped save the trees in front of my balcony.
IMG_9095-3 (2)Karen2IMG_9095-2 Heart towards Mt Ida -contrast (2)_Karen1IMG_9095-2 Heart towards Mt Ida (2)Karen3

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