Feb 11/18, 2012 … Global CE5 – Vernon, BC

To: Kosta….
As several members of our group were traveling on Sat Feb 18th, we held our CE-5 contact event on Sat Feb 11th….

 At 7:00 pm, four people were in my living room: VW, LW LG and myself.  All three people reported having continuing contact since the Jan 21st event.   The Tri-field meter was circulated around the room, and there were no signals except when the meter was held up high near the ceiling.  It was then placed on an ottoman in the middle of the group.

We agreed to meditate individually in the dark, reporting on events as they occurred for each of us, just allowing the contact to unfold.  VW led us through an initial grounding exercise, throughout this exercise the Tri-field meter in the middle was silent.  As soon as VW finished the grounding exercise the meter began to chatter away.  VW reported being extremely cold just as she was on Jan21st.  Prior to starting she had wrapped herself in warm blankets but still did not warm up, and reported that the feeling of cold was due to the energetic influences not the physical temperature in the room.    I continued my usual “circulating the golden ball of energy” through the heart chakras of everyone in a counter-clockwise direction.   The significant events that occurred in this first meditation were as follows:

  • LG, an experienced psychic and medium, observed a light ship come in and hover below the ceiling, the Tri-field meter then chattered in ‘excitement’.
  •  LG observed the energy field of an ET being beside LW, she then lifted the Tri-field meter and located it inside the ET energy, the Tri-field signal became very loud and intense.  LG gave us the name of “Kite” for this being and said that it was specifically working with LW, and would continue to work with him in the future.   LW’s wife, VW, was able to see the ET being in her mind’s eye, and reported the following (in response to some of my questions).  “Kite” was four feet tall, female, large round head, no hair, almond eyes, pink opalescent skin (the skin was also iridescent in the dark), no clothes, small undeveloped breasts and a very slim body.  As VW confirmed the appearance of the ET, I was also able to ‘see’ the image in my mind’s eye. LW was silent for most of the time, when I finally prompted him, he stated that he had been holding hands with the ET being for some time, and did not want to talk because the ability to connect with her began to fade as he focused on being verbal.  “Kite” was healing a chronic shoulder pain, which was now at Level 2.  His wife, VW, reported that LW’s pain had been at level 10 just two hours prior.   He then stopped talking to continue contact with “Kite”.    We all felt the presence of a very loving energy during this contact.  The Tri-field meter continued to chatter away in the middle of the group.  At one point, I got the message, “Kites fly high.” We all laughed.  This is what LW reported about his experience:

“Med(1) … Started my med with the intent to lift the group’s vibration to make it easier to communicate
with and be visual, and gain a clearer understanding. So, I started into prana yama breathing.
(I have had the gift of vision this life).  As I eased into my med I found vision to be my link. The picture
was like a water-color painting with greens and blues, very pale, was of landscapes in fast forward [through time] and this city blew away, gone, then, a street scene, this changed and grew into a map of sorts, with a main continent and a cluster of smaller islands, in a flash the islands were gone and small red arrows with numbers were there [where the islands had previously been located].  At this point I felt a feminine presence.  My left hand felt warm and I had a feeling of relaxation and peace, the pain in my shoulder was diminished greatly. (LG at this time said she felt the Being and also VW said her name to be Kite and she [Kite] would be with me for some time). I had to concentrate on the vision and the connection to maintain it, when I tried to talk the connection would diminish.  At this point my vision changed into a full royal blue then with swirls of purple, very vivid, I felt the connection with Kite to be very strong with a healing and some downloads en masse. I was to “remember this connection and frequency for later times” …. ( as I write this I find a lot of emotion in me, ya!).

Med (2) … As I begin to relax in my mind’s eye I see a grey smokey Being cross my vision and then nothing!
I lost time-1-1.5 hrs. After this meditation a felt the smokey Being was me, my soul self.
Thanks  L.”

  • Before starting, LG had stated that she had some questions that she wanted answered from the ETs about Tibet and China, and this was part of her intent for the meditation.   A dog-headed being appeared and she designated the name “Anubis” to make it more convenient to refer to him (she had previous contact with him during the Jan 21st CE-5).   Initially, he answered her questions with one word: “Yes” or “No”.   Then he gave her a more detailed download of images: the ‘bigger’ picture … each of us must be aware of our own consciousness, future circumstances will be like a centrifuge, we will be flung out to various destinations based on the quality of our consciousness, best to concern ourselves with our own development rather than the political/economic situation of nation states.   LG accepted this message with good humor.  She appreciated “Anubis” cutting to the chase.
  • There were two definite stages to this first meditation:  the first stage was one of excitement with the meter chattering away. Once we had finished discussing the presence of “Kite”, the energies became very calm and the meter signaled only intermittently.

We then had a break.  During the break, I spoke with LG about an arrival of ETs that she observed at a Quester’s Conference in the town of Salmon Arm on Sept 24, I had not been able to get the full details from her until now.   During the conference, I had been sitting at the front of the room and had requested that ET beings arrive and intervene in one of the presentations.  LG was at the back of the room. She ‘felt’ the arrival of 8 or 9 ETs, and then turned around to see them at the very back of the room.  They were all about 4 feet tall.  She laughed and asked (telepathically), “What are you guys doing here?”   They had arrived to intervene in the presentation.  The intervention occurred and then after about five minutes they “faded” away, just as they had “faded” in when they arrived.  LG felt that they had entered the hotel ballroom from the direction of the adjacent lake but had no other explanation for their arrival.   LG and I did not meet each other until the next day, when she asked me about the ETs.  I was amazed that she was able to confirm seeing them, as I had ‘felt’ a confirmation but had not seen anything visual.  I told her about my request for an intervention, and that as soon as it happened I had bragged to my two friends about ETs responding to my request.  It is interesting to note that I did not want to go to this conference, but during the Mt Shasta CSETI training in August, I got the message from the ETs that I was supposed to attend, and thus did so.  During the second meditation (as described below), I made a point of connecting with these ETs and thanking them for responding to my Sept 24th request.

In the dark again, I guided the group through a quick-and-dirty-meditation.   It usually takes between 15-20 minutes: a spiral of energy lifts us off the planet, we contemplate the beauty of Earth as we hover above the Pacific Ocean, ET craft ‘pop’ into view,  we ask to be invited on board and then we return.  It works well for people who are experienced at meditation.  The significant events that occurred during this second meditation were as follows:

  •  I thanked the specific ET beings for their Sept 24th intervention (as described above).
  • LW reported being “filled to the top” from the previous med and was satisfied to be low-key during this second med.
  • VW reported being cold again until she merged with an ET.  Just after she merged, I stated, “You may wish to merge with the ET.”  VW confirmed that she had just done this, and that she had finally become warm as a result.  She received the name “Chryssa” for this particular ET.  When the being un-merged she went back to being cold.  And when it merged again, she became warm again.  The being was demonstrating the effects of merging.  VW also reported that since the August 29th CE-5, she has observed a steady improvement in her ability to experience celestial vision.
  • LG asked if CSETI ever connected with hive-mind collectives.  I said, “Yes.”  Then I began to describe the celestial, god-conscious beings.  LG confirmed that she was making contact with the celestials at that very moment.   Their arrival had been presaged by colored lights dancing on the ceiling, accompanied by a drumming sound.   LG was also detecting “an industrial smell” that was akin to something one would smell during a dental procedure.  LG reported that this smell was associated with the use of trans-dimensional technology (creating a portal?), the result of an artifact that had been erected to facilitate communication with our group.  Everyone felt the presence of the celestial beings … calm, almost impersonal.

[PS: the next day LG offered an advanced workshop about contacting spirit guides, and the celestial beings returned, then provided an intense channeling experience for her…the most intense she has ever experienced.  A number of synchronicities had happened to ensure that this workshop was scheduled the next day after this Feb 11th contact.]

At around 10:00 pm, a sense of tiredness seemed to pervade the group and we understood it was time to wind it up.  Everyone was delighted with the events of the evening and we immediately began planning for the next meeting in March.

In the middle of the night I had a somewhat disturbing dream (unusual for me).  The dream was definitely connected to the CE-5.  I was in a small car driving around a cityscape.  There were machines everywhere tearing up the pavement and it was quite a chore to navigate around them, difficult but do-able.  Then I found myself in an area of large concrete buildings, monolithic skyscrapers–windowless.   All the buildings were being lowered down, very slowly but at a steady pace.  It was as if they had been lifted off their foundations (by electro-gravitic devices?), and were slowly being disposed of.  As I was driving around, it was important for me to be aware that it was happening, and to make an effort to get out of the way–otherwise I would be squashed like a bug.  At the end of the dream, there was a celebration of some kind with a manifesto being delivered. I do not remember the details but I felt a definite sense of relief.

Addendum: Feb 18th … VW was in Hawaii for a workshop … upon her return she reported the following:

I wanted to let you know that on Feb 18, 2012, which was the date for the Global CE5.  EG from Sweden,(whom I was rooming with in Maui) and I did your quick and dirty method of contact. She was very interested to know if I knew anything about UFO’s and so I explained what CSETI was doing. We began the meditation at 8 pm with a grounding meditation and then moved on to going up the spiral into the outer regions of earth. Many ships became visible, as I held space and circled the golden light through our hearts, she became aware of being just outside a very large vehicle, shaped like a disc with many many colored lights all around the base of it. I told her she could ask to enter if she felt comfortable in doing so. I then held space for her and accompanied her as an observer. She became aware of the intense love and compassion that filled the whole ship, she felt that it was very busy and she may be intruding. At that time I connected with a large light being who seemed to just be observing everything that was going on. I could see little ones, possibly children, running to and fro having a wonderful time. We communicated telepathically that we appreciated all their help and thanked them for allowing us to visit. They replied “Anytime.”  We then returned to our space. I did not feel comfortable in calling the ET’s in as we were in a very public area of Kihei, Maui, USA. We then evaluated some of what had happened. EG felt she had not seen any beings, until I mentioned the Light Being and she then said “I saw that!’  The interesting thing was when we had finished she showed me her note book, she had written in English “I want to go onboard a UFO and meet an ET”.  She had written this 4 days before even meeting me! How the universe works!!!
Thanks again for teaching us how to make this contact with such loving, compassionate beings. … VW.
That’s all for now Kosta … looking forward to next month.
Cheers, Deb Warren

One comment on “Feb 11/18, 2012 … Global CE5 – Vernon, BC

  1. Deborah Warren says:

    ———- Forwarded message ———- a followup comment from Feb 11, 2012 CE5
    From: Doug Parker ( a CSETI member in New Zealand)
    Date: Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 10:31 PM
    Subject: Re: Global CE-5 Feb 11/18th — final report submitted

    As usual, you have left me smiling, inspired, and feeling way behind the 8 ball!

    I am waiting for my people to OK the report. Here’s something very cute from mine to share with you after reading yours:

    We had a clear sky, which is good as I was not feeling anything indoors. Valera was switched on though and more than made up for me, as he detected a couple of taller beings associated with me, and also a female right next to him he described as pink [?], quite short and stocky with a very round head.

    That sounds so familiar – Kite??? Especially as Valera is only just beginning to discuss these things. This is the first ET he has had details for! I was surprised by the pink…but not now!

    How strange it seems, but right now I feel that outsiders see what we are doing as “nuts”, but I feel more that I would be nuts to not do it.

    It is a huge bonus that we can share the insights you and your people are receiving – such as the one about worry & nation states……terrific advice. Each of us is one heartbeat away from leaving this body.
    😉 Doug

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