Aug 18 , 2012 – Global CE5 – Lumby BC … Deb sees ‘celestial’ light pop in front of Dr. Greer during Mt. Shasta training

Report #1 for Lumby (east of Vernon), BC Canada by Lois:
Due to last minute changes in plans we “did not” cancel the August 18th contact night in Lumby – but instead threw it together at the last minute.  There was five people in attendance – Lois (host), Lou, Janet, Wendy, and Doug.  We had a very quiet night which was surprising for all the activity we have had in the Vernon,Lumby and Cherryville area in the last two weeks.

We gathered at 9:15 and had our main event as we were setting up the chairs, and air mattresses.  Traveling from South west to North East in the sky was a bright light.  All four of us watched it.  It was too high to be a plane and too low to be a satellite.  We watched it go right to the horizon in the North East where it stopped for a few minutes before going on.  All of us commented on how there was no sound to indicate it was a plane.  It was also traveling faster than a satellite.  

Doug and Lois saw a similar light on the night of August 12 when watching the meteor shower.  Lois’ friend also reported seeing a light just like that on the same night.

We started a meditation and grounding at 9:15, and by the time we were done the clouds were clearing away.  The connection was not as deep as it usually is at the Lumby location, and I speculate that one of the new members was a little bit frightened by the idea of ET contact.  However it was very enjoyable to just be gathered on our air mattresses looking at the sky.

After our break (about 10:15 pm) we did a meditation to go on board the ships.  Lois was the one doing the meditation – as as she was watching the sky there was several meteors over head and some dancing star activity.  By the time the meditation was concluded the sky had clouded over and we all felt it was concluded at that time.

Deb referred Lois to two sites on satellites and Iridium flares so we can get some tracking and maybe charts.  Some of the events we are experiencing are close to Iridium flare activity and we want to make certain of what they are.

Also:  On August 17 I (Lois) had a interesting event take place on the Lumby property.  After waking up around dawn – a little before 5 am, I spotted a being through the window of our loft bedroom.  It suddenly appeared in the middle of the main drive way to the cabin, about 4 feet tall , dressed in white from head to toe.  I have not seen a ET before that was dressed as such (most of the time clothing is not involved).  I moved to get my glasses  but by that time the being was out of site in the trees to the west.  This was the first night Robert – my husband was on night shift.  In hindsight the purpose of the event seemed to be an attempt of initial contact – it was over too quickly.  Most of my experiences happen on a psychic or spiritual level.  This was a fully formed physical being.

Report #2: Deb Warren was at Mt Shasta CSETI training on Aug 17th.  Dr. Greer has given permission to add this to the Aug 18th Global-CE5 report.  He also reported this event on the August 24th World Puja broadcast.
     On Friday Aug 17th at 11:30 pm, the whole group at the Mt Shasta location was on a break.  Most people were inside the circle talking to each other when Dr. Greer went to take a bio-break.  He first noticed a soft white light in the area, he then turned to return to the group, as he stepped forward with his right foot, a large white light exploded in front of him, like a very bright camera flash.  He said stepping with his right foot symbolized “stepping into the future” (the left foot symbolizing the past).  He reported that a celestial ET being was the source of the light.   So the event was a positive indicator for the future .. stepping into the celestial light? 
     While several people saw the light in their peripheral vision, I happened to be looking in the exact direction when it happened.  I saw a brilliant golden light, roughly 4 feet in diameter, shaped concentrically or like a large spiral galaxy.  That location of the field site is normally too dark to see anything, but the flash lit up Dr. Greer from just above his knees to the top of his head, and I knew there was no way he would be using a camera flash (as these are not permitted on CSETI trainings).  The light had shape and was definitely in front of him, obscuring a 4 foot area of his body.  I was very excited to see such a large and obvious manifestation of physical light, and immediately ran over to him to see what had happened, soon joined by Dr. Jan Bravo and others.  I couldn’t help yelling out loud, “OMG, what was that?”  It was also cool that from my perspective, the color of the light was gold.   Dr. Greer reported that this sort of thing happens to him all the time, but rarely is it witnessed by anyone else.  For me, a CSETI training always boil down to “a few seconds of amazing”– this was it, this trip. I’ll be back next year!
Cheers, Deb Warren 

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