April 14-20, 2012 – Deb goes to Marco Island, Florida … CSETI Training

Hi Lois:
Great to hear about your ET Contact event last Saturday for the Global-CE5….. would you like me to send in the report to Kosta?  It doesn’t have to be detailed … how many people?   and the details below will be fine.

For me, CSETI trainings are now a matter of “a few seconds of amazing” and the rest of the time I wonder if it is worth going.  The good news is that my events with you and others locally are far more intense, while the formal training now feels like “CSETI-lite”.  But those few seconds were amazing.  The second night out, 22 people were sitting or standing on the sand, while “fairy” lights flashed in the grass 3-4 feet from us.  From start to finish the entire event was about one half hour.  These were assorted small lightening flashes in the grass or up higher around the outline of short beings (3-4 feet tall).  In one instant a ribbon of light, five inches wide, traversed the length of the group and then dived towards one woman who wanted to hug the beings.  Dr. Greer and others could see the full form of the beings, I may of gotten one photograph of this.  The explanation?  ETs were beaming in trans-dimensionally.

I spent the entire time, sitting on the sand, readying myself for the beings becoming fully physical.  Then I realized that this was not going to happen and so just put out the message, “whatever you are willing to give us will be perfect.”  A pregnant woman was hyperventilating, other newbies were overwhelmed.  The next day when we debriefed, the overall understanding was that the ETs were gauging the response of the newbies versus those more experienced…it was like a test run.

As for the debunkers who will insist it was fire flies…many of the people who were present had grown up in the South and spent their childhoods catching ‘lightening bugs’ … and there were no bugs on this occasion. There was an eerie silence to the whole thing though.  Also, the lights were mostly pure blue light with some of the outlines being a gold-reddish hue, while the bugs give off a yellowish-green light.

On Thursday night we had military craft overhead and the ETs protecting us with ‘lightening-like” weather, no thunder, no thunder clouds, in fact the starry sky surrounded the weather.  The storm tracker device was not giving any signals for the lightening that we were watching.  Then on Friday night we had a real lightening storm, with thunder, clouds and the Storm Tracker device signalling each bolt of lightening.  We were meant to compare both experiences.

Other news?  Greer reported that ET bases on Earth are being destroyed.  ETs are being killed “like vermin”.  I have heard other authors report similar things (Richard Boylan) but this is the first time I have heard Greer speak of it.  The problem is that the ETs protect earth from asteroids, earthquakes, etc.  On March 4th. Greer was in meditation and heard the following phrase “We will give you one year.”  meaning one year to release the ET tech and begin the transformation away form oil, coal and gas…otherwise there will be dire consequences.  Greer kept mentioning “tilt”, meaning pole shift

Cheers, Deb

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