April 21, 2012 – Global CE 5 – Lumby BC

On this day I was travelling back from the CSETI Marco Island training in Florida.  A group of five people met east of Vernon, B.C. Canada.  It’s a real treat to see that they don’t depend on me being there! Here is their report:

CE 5 – 4/21/2012

We gathered at the Yurt, I [Vicki] brought a EMF digital recorder. We tested it before we began and the readings were .00 to .01 on the Tesla scale. As we began Doug sensed something behind him and to the right, we checked with the meter and the number bounced up to .05 indicating to us that there was some activity in that area.

We then did an opening/ grounding meditation to invite any ET’s in that wished to come in. Lois sent a golden ball of light around the circle at the heart level, creating a golden curtain, serving as the connection to ET’s and protection for them and us. Connecting with our hearts, opening to the being and encouraging communication.  Lois, Vicki, & Doug felt a strong third eye connection; LaRee was getting lots of colors; Vicki got a flash of an entrance to a temple when she ask the meaning of this she was given the word “Energy”;

A feeling of something hovering over all of us, with a tingling and numbness above the nose/ear level. There was a sensation of the whole Yurt moving. Lois noted that there was a change in beings from the small and large to a ball of energy, which was confirmed by Doug. Lois sensed an offer of healing for anyone who wanted. Healing energy was felt by each; Lois got a message “If you only know how wonderful you actually are, if you understood the grace of being able to have this experience that you are all having, being on the earth at this time” A lot of love coming through with the communication. Lois continued with the communication that we are no different than they are, in the true essence we are the same. A private message was given to L & J. June experience an itching on the right side of her head. Shortly after, we moved the group up the hill to an outside location.

When we settled we noticed a bright star?? In west at 2 o’clock, which seemed to get brighter, dance & twinkle. Doug saw a tendril like filament come off of the star (the star is known as Naf the second brightest star in the Taurus constellation, according to the star chart on her phone). A bright object moving east was noted by Lois; After a quick contact meditation, LaRee noted an expansion of her heart area, which she has noted before during the presence of ET’s.

Towards the end of the evening, Lois saw a flash of light half way up the trees and behind them. The light was the size of a motorcycle light but there was no reason to be seeing a light at that level and in that direction. As I was transcribing the audio recording I noted during the time in the Yurt there was a pop every one to two minutes. This is not normal for this recording device and has not happened on previous recordings.

Lois added the following:  “That light that LaRee and I saw was amazing and will probably hold me over for a year of experiences… lol.”

Cheers, Deb Warren

One comment on “April 21, 2012 – Global CE 5 – Lumby BC

  1. ocseti says:

    Followup comment from Lois:
    On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 8:20 AM, Lois Gueret wrote:
    We had a good night last night. A few hiccups because I was tired from teaching all day and didn’t want to do the set up and meditations – Victoria didn’t feel prepared. But after that we had a good sessions. Victoria’s meter was working well. We recorded it so she can email it to you. I had some amazing experiences when we moved outside of very visible lights. One was high up in the tree line as bright as a motorcycle on high beams and LaRee say it too! Was only 5 seconds before it was out of our view but my highlight of the night!

    For the Strange sounds – I am of the same opinion and have been all along. Now I have several people on my facebook page who have experienced the sounds directly. I promised them i would ask around again and see if I would change my mind. I didn’t – I still see it as being bible fanatics running around with simple equipment to broadcast noises from movie sound tracks.

    I hope you are having a great time!

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