April 2013 – Global CE5 – ET Craft Hyperjumping around the Okanagan Valley?

Wed April 10 (Winfield): Corina and I observe an ET craft stationary above the hill for 40 minutes.  Two large lights flashed continuously.  Through the binoculars, these lights were orange in color and were diamond/trapezoid shaped, with vertical and horizontal striations, like banks of fluorescent tubes stuck together.  There were no red/green navigation lights, and no engine noise coming from the craft.   From her peripheral vision, Corina had observed a tall light being walking behind the car earlier, she stated that she received a message that the being was from the craft we were observing.

Friday April 12 (Lumby):  Victoria experiences a small three foot ET right beside her, holding her hand. The being is repeating over and over again, “I am so excited to be here.”  We all felt the love.
Sat. April 13 (Mara, BC)   Lois and I are on her porch, she is using my laser to point to an area on the eastern hillside that she is often drawn to look at.  She starts seeing blobs of white light and then a red light.  I get the message that it is a portal thru which ET craft are entering.  Then Lois gets a message to look at the ridge directly south, that something is going to happen, we do this.  About 30 seconds later we see a bright ET craft shoot out of the ‘portal’, travelling East to West, directly above where we were looking.  It arced upward and did not disintegrate like a meteor.  At the head of the arc, was a thin bright line about the width of your little finger nail at arm’s length.  The residue of the craft’s path looked like someone took a large paintbrush, and swooshed it across the sky (the atmosphere burning up?).  If you held your arms out at 45 degrees, that is how large the ‘swoosh’ was.  Lois saw the color green in this swoosh mark.  I have seen similar craft on CSETI trainings but this was my first on local trainings.  Todd  has taken video of such a ship at Shasta, leaving the middle of the mountain.  Emery has still photos of craft making a dashed line arc across the sky … all of these images are likely to be in the Sirius documentary to be released April 22nd.
Furthermore, we were not the only ones to see this.  Lois is doing a great job of maintaining facebook contact with like-minded people and she got the report below, the very next day. (see below for the facebook posts)
Enjoy!  Deb Warren www.ocseti.org
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Lois Gueret <
Date: Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 9:45 AM
Subject: Someone else saw the ship too.

From Susan Athena Kerek Seel (on my facebook page)

WOW! THAT was WILD!! I saw something in the night sky I have NEVER seen before! I was out for a walk about 9:15 this eve and something the likes of which I haven’t seen shot across the sky – kind of like a shooting star – but if you put your hand up to the sky and measure about how long a shooting star would be – it would be about 3 or 4 or 5 inches – well this was about 10 or so inches. And shooting stars are thin – if you held your fingers up stars would be about 1 or 2 mm this had a head about 4 or 5 mm and the 10 inch tail almost as thick! It was bright like a firework – but it seemed too high up and no sound whatsoever, plus it shot across the sky-not up. It traveled across the sky for about twice its length before the tail faded, like a shooting star, as the head went behind a cloud. It was bright yellow and orange. It was beautiful, and VERY cool.

Selena mentioned your name so she could get a hold of you if she wanted.

Lois G.
Follow up messages
    • Susan Athena Kerek Seel Not being great with direction Deb– I’ll describe where I was and where I was looking. I was about 2 blocks below Quails’ Gate Winery – in West Kelowna – FACING Kelowna (probably half way between Boucherie Road and the lake). It moved from the left to the right. So I think that means it moved from North to South and I was facing East ?? I was not gazing up but looking pretty much straight ahead – slight head tilt.
  • Deb Warren If you were facing Kelowna from that location, then you were facing North by North East, and the craft was going west to east. Lois and I were facing directly South, and it went from left to right for us as well in the opposite direction (East to West), and so that suggests that the ET craft was hyper jumping at a low altitude, and thus a smaller craft. Lois felt that it happened sooner for us as well, before 9:15, as her husband leaves for work at this time, and it was about 5-10 minutes later that he went to work, and so the time for us was about 9:05 pm. Otherwise our description of the craft matches yours exactly. Ver-r-r-y cool!
  • Lois received a third Facebook report from Edgewood, BC, of the sky behind them lighting up around the same time.  In the early hours the next morning, the observer saw three luminous beings walking in a field, the first time he has ever had that experience.
The CSETI logo is an equilateral triangle.  It is interesting that we got three reports from areas that roughly form the vertices of an equilateral triangle.  Each of the red lines represents about 100 km.
Triangle-Hyperjump ET Craft        CSETI_Logo_600

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