911 Conspiracy … how much evidence do you need?

I am often surprised by how often I have to explain the term “false flag” operation when giving a CSETI presentation.  Accepting that the news media are not giving us the truth is the first step you take down this particular rabbit hole.
This is the best presentation of naming names that I have ever seen (and the most dense information-wise).  This is not the usual nut-bar conspiracy rant.  It has a list of source citations as long as your arm.  If you have already seen this, let me know. I hate sending links that people have already seen.  The following was new information for me:
  • Billions of bonds invested in Russia came due Sept 12, 2011 … because of 911 the SEC and the federal Reserve automatically certified these, on Sept 11, for the first time in US history they used legislation to avoid the usual vetting process of bond owners.  The planes hit the precise location of the office where these bonds were being tracked.
  • The Bush family members involved included cousins, and spouses of cousins, business associates, etc
  • Gold in the vaults under the towers was stolen the day the towers came down
  • Sept 10 Rumsfeld announced $2.3 Trillion missing from Pentagon budget, the ‘missile’ that hit the Pentagon the next day destroyed the exact location of Office Naval intelligence that was investigating these losses.
  • Many references to nano-thermite companies that researched, worked on or had office in the towers … i.e. the explosive paint chemical probably used to melt the steel girders.
  • Paul Bremer has a long history of ties to CIA etc, was CEO of one of the companies that had their office destroyed by the planes, but he happened to be interviewed that day on a TV show and so wasn’t at work.  Went on to head up the Iraq War and is mostly responsible for creating the quagmire there.
  • Raytheon, SAIC, Council on Foreign Relations, etc are some of the “bad guy” companies/agencies that CSETI trainings refer to, they get brief mentions here
If you believe that conspiracies are not possible, this 45 minute Youtube will disabuse you of that notion.  On every CSETI training, Dr. Greer always dedicates a meditation to these types of people and organizations sending energy to get them to change their ways.  He even lists many of the’ bad-guy’ companies. This Youtube adds a lot of the names to that list–a veritable Who’s Who of ‘bad guy’ companies.
One of the very few Youtube videos that I will download and archive. I at least need to play this many more times, just to get a handle on all the players.  I do recognize many of them though.
Cheers,  Deborah Warren   www.ocseti.org

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